Couples Love $ale

Are you struggling in  your relationship right now? Wondering, should I stay, or should I go? When will he/she/they “fix” themselves? That was me 3 years ago, heck even 2 years ago…..12 years in marriage at the time and not really knowing who I was...

Are you an empathic entrepreneur?

  Are you an empathic entrepreneur? Possibly one who feels you are meant for more and you are partaking in plant medicines to help you remember who you truly are AND live your best life, without carrying all the baggage of your past with you? I found out the hard...

This saved my marriage

In 2014, I hit a turning point in my marriage We were struggling with a LOT of financial stress, a lot of external variables from his ex-wife and were balancing two young kids under 5 I had just opened my personal training studio and had overhead that I never had...
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