In 2020, my husband and I were at rock bottom of our mental/physical/spiritual and emotional health

We knew something was OFF

What we didn’t realize was that through our healing, we would mostly find that our ancestors had been calling us to HEAL a LOT of their wounds

We were the ancestors in our blood line to deeply heal core wounds that they hadn’t been able to

These wounds manifested as addiction, health challenges (mental and physical) and honestly left us feeling “weird” or “different” and not really fitting into society

NOT ironically, those have been most of the clients we have attracted over the past 2 years as we became healers ourselves

For the past 18 months, whether it be through microdosing coaching and/or deep dive ancestral healing work, we have helped a LOT struggling with addiction and grief recovery

We’ve helped many people over the past year overcome and work through addictions

  • To Porn
  • To Alcohol
  • To Nicotine
  • To Vaping
  • To Emotional Eating
  • Social media or smart phone addiction numbing out patterns
  • To People Pleasing or Codependencies of all kinds

As well as helped several who have lost family members to suicide, years or decades ago, finally heal at the deepest level the guilt/shame/abandonment their bodies and spirits carried

What happened next, however, is not something we dreamed of

Many of these clients started telling us about their psychic or spiritual gifts

That they knew there was witchy or shamanic bloodlines in their family….but no one talked about it

Most of their families swept it under the rug….and were too afraid to talk about it

They were finding they were scared to develop these gifts (just as we had!)

So many of our clients have now come to us SPECIFICALLY to heal at the deepest levels their “witch wounds” – to find their gifts within the chaos, to heal the trauma and grief so they could become the healers they were born to be!

Do you struggle with feeling “different”?

Maybe felt like an outcast much of your life?

Like you don’t fit in?

OR maybe as a result of that you tried to hide and be perfect in order to fit in

Maybe you found “good girl” or “good boy” syndrome to be the path, to not make waves and just follow the herd

But it doesn’t work for you anymore

You know there is more out there

And I am here to tell you, there IS so much more

If you are struggling with finding your highest and best version of YOU, we are here for you

If you feel you have the witch wound in your background (male or female), we got your back

We wanna help you heal the deep traumas and grief, so you can come out of that cocoon of healing a beautiful butterfly and SHINE YOUR LIGHT

CLICK HERE to book a consultation for a FREE no strings attached conversation about the best path for you

Emmanuel and I have been in your shoes and both of us may not even be alive today to tell about it, if we hadn’t taken our healing, and then our spiritual gifts development, seriously

There is so much love, bliss and strength on the other side of that story!

Let us help you rewrite it this eclipse season

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