Microdosing and coffee

Is that a good idea?

I have coached well over 10,000 people in health/fitness nutrition and now microdosing with psilocybin and ayahuasca and here are my recommendations on coffee while microdosing with either psilocybin or aya.

While one might think that after a morning run, coffee might be just the thing you need to write the speech or design a project strategy, it really can cause havoc when microdosing.

Coffee by itself is very stimulating and, often, caffeinated.

It can attack the stomach lining of the gut and start to break that down, which doesn’t translate well in absorbing the medicine

The gut brain is KEY when absorbing the medicine and getting it to work with your other brains in your head and heart (ayahuasca is also very heart opening, so you want all the medicines to work FOR you and eliminate anything that works AGAINST)

99% of the time you’ve got to give caffeine and coffee up 2-3 days or even 2-3 weeks prior to a deep dive with these sacred plants….and the same is advised when working with even the microdosing of these potent medicines

These two substances are potent and effective and to be used with care. For those that are prone to anxiety and look to psilocybin as a potential remedy, it is then advisable to remove coffee from your life. Drinking coffee is likely to exacerbate the feeling of anxiety which can be quite distracting and unpleasant.

Last consideration for you to ponder; because caffeine and psilocybin are psychoactives that means they are both impacting the brain significantly. 

I personally felt anxiety come up when I started microdosing and still drinking coffee

Heck, I even felt anxiety and irritability come up with microdosing AND giving up coffee

Part of the medicines job is to make the unconscious, conscious.

I found out that I was using coffee/caffeine/alcohol (we won’t discuss alcohol today) as a way to mask my anxiety or emotions, often looking for that dopamine hit or adrenaline rush to get me through the day

We do not medically know exactly how or why these two affect us when consumed together, but it is worth mentioning that we often hear from our microdosing community that psilocybin works better on their brains when not drinking coffee, which in itself is a separate metric than anxiety management. Again, experiment for yourself and see what works better for you and your body at this particular stage in your life to make sure

But what about decaf?

Same thing – the acidity of the coffee is an issue, not to mention it’s pH is usually quite low and not helpful with hydration.  Coffee can dehydrate you, which is a problem with medicine work.  Your body deserves to eat clean and stay hydrated

If your goals with microdosing are also to improve sleep (which is over 50% of my clientele), then coffee can inhibit the medicine’s ability to work through the coffee in order to help with the brain’s rewiring and body’s biological neurotransmitters to improve that sleep cycle

Microdosing often creates a natural detox in weeks 1 and 2 also, which coffee is NOT helping with

What about coffee alternatives?

This is an option, but be careful.  Microdosing is all about helping you heal first your relationship with yourself and then possibly anything you are addicted to or dependent upon. 

CLICK HERE for the only coffee replacement that I drink and recommend to clients that also is pH balanced, non acidic and includes an adaptogenic herb, called Reishi or ganoderma lucidum

Otherwise tea, Mud Wtr, chicory root, dandelion tea, etc., are all just fine

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