Healing my grief and addiction led to my spiritual awakening in 2021/2022

I couldn’t see the forest for the trees with all the unprocessed grief and trauma stuck in my body

Which led to my dependency upon addictive behaviors

And here’s the thing

When people hear the word “addiction”, I can tell you where most people go

They think drugs, alcohol and tobacco 9 times out of 10

I had the alcohol one down pat for sure

But the root causes of that were trauma responses and blocked chakras/emotions that were STUCK in my body

I had a lot of people pleasing addictive behaviors, such as texting/social media/returning emails and phone calls PRONTO – being all things for all people.

Those are the addictions that hurt me the MOST

What I learned from the sacred plant medicine was, those were simply trauma responses that my brain had become addicted to due to my central nervous system and gut brain/stress/etc., to be all a jumbled mess

So drinking alcohol was just ONE of the things that calmed me down amidst all the other addictive dependencies
Ultimately, I was addicted to being “busy” and “distracted” and over-DOING everything in my life to numb the pain

Can you relate?

My body had kept the score of decades/lifetimes of grief that had not been processed

There was guilt and shame associated with that grief

Abandonment and fear

I didn’t want to face my grief, shame, guilt and abandonment – for it was too painful

So it made sense, honestly, to drink as much as I did

And, yet, beneath that also was anxiety and depression – of blocked spiritual gifts that just wanted to come out!

Past life gifts were wanting to come back and play and help me be and become the spiritual healer I was born to be (I found out later)

I knew I needed to do something different

Plant medicine helped me at first

But then I needed to cleanse/detox and do some much deeper clearing of my chakras
And the best/deepest warrior medicine that helped me cleanse/clear a LOT of that grief/trauma stuck in my body, was Kambo frog medicine

Tune in tomorrow as I share my story, alongside my powerhouse kambo sister @kambo_sombo in an online free class about #Kambo

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