Stop sacrificing your health for sales success

The Koffi Sales Formula is a holistic approach to closing more sales in less time

Imagine a sales process so clear and efficient that you aren’t just seeing results, you’re achieving bigger financial goals every month.

You’re spending more time with family. You’re working less and enjoying more. Your time is abundant and you’re able to take as much as 12 weeks off a year.

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

Wealth is more than money, it’s a mindset.

Are you struggling with time management and can’t get enough done in a day?

Are you reading the latest sales books, but can’t seem to implement what you’re learning into your sales approach?

Are you leaving money on the table due to a poor lead generation and follow-up process?

My sales formula provides you with the coaching, knowledge, and tools you need to manifest a career where you can put your health, wellness, and family first. 

What is the Koffi Sales Formula?

The Koffi Sales Formula is for closers—a proven, holistic approach to mastering the virtual selling experience. 

Through one-on-one coaching, learning modules, and home study, the Koffi Sales Formula helps you and your sales team:

  • Gain clarity and build vision that aligns your goals.
  • Understand the connection between health and sales success.
  • Build meaningful and authentic relationships with prospects and clients.
  • Build, onboard, and recruit successful sales teams.
  • Manage your time and prioritize high-level tasks with highly effective CRM tools.
  • Achieve work life harmony (it really does exist!).

Whether you are an entrepreneur, sales professional, or managing a team of 1000 people, the Koffi Sales Formula provides you with a sales approach that helps you achieve your career goals.

Let’s see if we’re the right fit for each other in starting your journey to sales success.

Coach Lois Koffi, Creator of the Koffi Sales Formula

A leader of one is a leader of many.

My passion is living life to the fullest, putting health, wellness, and family first.

But the road to success isn’t always smooth.

From making six figures in my 20s, to broke at 30, to a full bounce back as a mom and sales guru in my 40s, committing to my sales formula is how I was able to live life on my own terms.

How I’ve helped my community master a Sales Champion Mindset

"Within the first 60 days I was able to double my results, was able to double my income!"

– Misty Cogdill, Handwriting Soul Academy

"If you are serious about growing your business, hire Lois!"

-Eric & Amber Beels, DifMix

"I saw immediate results!"

-Nicole Majik, Empowerment Alchemist

"I'm forever grateful!"

-Jeanette Horne

"Lois helped me find the life!"

-Catherine Barrow, Concert Violinist

"Reach out to (Lois), it will be the best thing that you have done for yourself and your business."

“Working with Lois has opened my eyes to so much – before working with her I never really had a focused plan with income producing activities that I executed daily. Now I do and I LOVE how productive and clear I feel in my day to day success. I also have inspired my sales team to do the same which has increased my numbers.”
Katherine Olson, Sales Manager, Minneapolis, MN

The journey of a thousand miles begins with that proverbial first step

Start mastering your sales approach with a complimentary coaching experience.

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