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Koffi Sales Formula coaching for Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, and Sales Teams

Are you constantly putting out small fires, not able to focus on the real work you need to do to reach your sales goals? 

Maybe you’re struggling to identify if the sales industry is where you want to be. You’ve seen a little success, but month after month you’re disappointed by the work you’re putting in for the minimal results you are getting out.

It’s time to start waking up everyday excited and motivated to manifest your vision of success.

The Koffi Sales Formula helps you build a Sales Champion mindset.

Get the clarity you need to close more sales in less time. Your journey to mastering the virtual selling experience is personalized and interactive, giving you the tools you need to implement what you’re learning into your sales approach.

So, what do you want to achieve this year?

Let’s get you started with a coaching package that makes this your best sales year yet.

Healthy N Wealthy N Wise Subscription



  • 8 LIVE webinar format classes every month to guide you in:
    • Choosing health and vitality
    • Choosing your true nature and purpose
    • Choosing to live the life you love
    • Choosing a life of abundance
    • Choosing to be the predominant creator in your life
  • Access to all previous Magnetic Mind classes to heal, transform, and magnetize your best life
  • Access to the Magnetic Mind Transformational Course (a value of $397!)

Mental health and suicide awareness/prevention are a worthy cause we have partnered with Mindology.
$10 per membership/subscription goes to this invaluable cause.

By joining our community, you just might save a life!

Fortune in the Followup Mastery Course



3 Payments of $397


  • Lifetime access to the List Build + Lead Gen Course Bonus pop-up training recordings to listen to over and over again. ($2500 value)
  • Access to my email copy/campaigns that created my $35K and new campaigns for the rest of 2021. ($11000 value)
  • Learn how to build your free offer and give value with webinars and close more sales in less time! (priceless)
  • Lifetime access to Coach Lois’ permission-based sales $20k month Facebook group
  • You also get 1 hour review/strategy of your landing page audits/funnels/offers ($2000 value)

Personal One-on-One Coaching

$18,000 for 12 months



Personal One-on-One Coaching Includes:

  • 3 hours of one-on-one coaching a month
  • 12 Week Year Planner
  • Koffi Sales Formula Online Training Course
  • Access to Coach Lois’ private global coaching Facebook group
  • Over 2 hours of live coaching and Q & A sessions every month
  • Exclusive access to online tools that help you hone a Sales Champion Mindset
  • Master the virtual selling sales process
  • Learn to effectively manage your time

Not Sure Which Coaching Option is Right for You?


*Not satisfied with the incredible results you’ll be seeing within 30 days? My full money-back guarantee makes it a little easier to jump in.

See what clients are saying about Lois…

The reason I decided to join Lois’ online coaching group was simply because I’ve known her to be an awesome person who happens to know a thing or two about sales, and the price was very reasonable. Now, I stay because I see she knows a TON about sales, and I get a TON of value every week on Monday to get the week off to a great start! I highly recommend joining Lois’ coaching group.

Chris Kocina

LivFree Bookkeeping, LLC (Hudson, Wisconsin)

Lois is such a joy to work with in her online program. Not only is she extremely authentic and easy to connect with, but she also does everything with incredible intention – you cannot help but want to learn from her. Every time I connect with Lois I learn something new.

Kelsey Joy Buell

Motivational Speaker & Talent Consultant (Fargo, ND)

Lois Koffi has been a friend, confidant, and mentor for 5 + years. From the onset of my business career, she has provided guidance based on her experience in role mentoring and emotional support. She has helped with complex contact development and to identify and work with all available resources. She is a master in organizational skills and time management. I recommend Lois Koffi for her ease of workability, friendly, and optimistic nature.

Ana Miletich

Vice President, Black Mountain Traders, PPE supplier

Lois, your coaching has added value to our sales career, definitely have noticed that our FOCUS and time management is more effective and the daily compass and guide is very powerful!

Tamara McDonald & Michael Jenkins

Business Owners, Identity Theft Protection (San Diego, CA)

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