Sugar, candida & addiction

When I was a kid, I could NOT live without sugar I would eat a whole bag of twizzlers in one setting I lived for coming home after school and downing a ton of kool-aid (yes, I was an 80s child!) while watching LIttle House on the Prairie Add to that, I had a lot of...

Codependency & The Masculine Wound

  Codependency I never understood this word, until I started studying it This was after I suffered with alcohol dependency….but then I realized alcohol was NOT was causing my codependency It was my masculine wound I shut myself down at a very very young age...

This saved my marriage

In 2014, I hit a turning point in my marriage We were struggling with a LOT of financial stress, a lot of external variables from his ex-wife and were balancing two young kids under 5 I had just opened my personal training studio and had overhead that I never had...


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