Do you feel like Frodo?

Have you ever felt like Frodo? Or do you connect at all with his journey in The Lord Of The Rings? If you are captivated by this question, then i am guessing you answer is Yes, yes I have.  If this question intrigues you, but you are confused, let me say a bit more...

Can I get addicted to microdosing?

One of my favorite ALL TIME questions or, even objections, around microdosing are these: If I have an addiction past, will I become addicted to psilocybin? Or microdosing? OR Will I become addicted to these medicines (aka “drugs”)? Many people have that...

Microdosing & Nutrition Protocols

I am not usually asked this question, but wanted to write about it because it is a HUGE component of the success of whether or not microdosing with psilocybin or ayahuasca is going to work for you or not What does my nutrition look like when I am microdosing?  Is it...
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