Recently I picked up the ukelele and started to teach myself how to play (well, my 10 year old daughter who is a whiz did help me with my first official lesson 🙂

I had had 10 years of piano lessons as a kid and really missed using my hands simultaneously – both left and right – in a challenging way, that my drumming couldn’t quite fulfill.

I was reminded of how important using both sides of our body AND brain together can be. to help us get out of our autopilot ways and awaken us more to our intuition/creativity

We are born to be challenged in our bodies/brains to use both sides, and yet when we are right hand dominant or focusing more on analytical things like sales/numbers, etc as a business owner, it can be quite the shift into autopilot

I have written about the default mode network before and how plant medicines, breathwork, meditation, etc., have had a huge part in my getting OUT of the unconscious default knee jerk reactions of life (trauma responses, repeating same patterns over and over again, quieting the inner critic, etc)

After all that healing work, I wanted to integrate even deeper and realized I needed to mix things up in life and learn new things as I get older and do so with curiosity and joy versus drudgery (can we really teach older dogs new tricks??)

We were born to learn how to crawl and then walk – and we often stumbled a LOT, but that didn’t deter us.

We were SO motivated as little babes to be able to move like our parents

We never would give up, no matter how difficult it might have seemed.

We were up for the challenge!

It was in our nature to walk and use both sides – left, then right, right, then left, which helped us develop our brain

Once we learned how to walk, there was no way to unlearn it!  

And yet why did we, as we got older, not like it when challenges have come our way?

Or why do we stop challenging ourselves to learn new things?

I believe #1 reason is FEAR and the second reason is the default mode network

But thankfully, having done so much healing, I knew I couldn’t let those things get in my way

I was a bit scared to start with the ukelele, however, once I got into practicing more I realized what was missing

A coach!

So I hired my daughter’s music teacher for virtual lessons (you may have seen him on my podcast this year!)

And after just one lesson, right away, I started to excel FASTER

He had me focus on the basics (shocker) and the chords got easier within one week.

And just like walking or learning how to crawl, I found the more mistakes I made it helped me learn even faster because I learned by DOING the mistakes over and over again, so I didn’t make them as often or again.

And having a coach gave me permission to make those mistakes and not feel like giving up!

This is a great lesson for life

We just can’t do things on our own – we were built for support/encouragement/accountability

ESPECIALLY if we are trying to challenge our bodies and minds to learn a new skill OR be successful.

This is a note to encourage you to ask for help if you are wanting to excel at something in life

Whether it be business, health/healing, relationships, ANYTHING really

If I can be that person for you on your healing journey – especially in rebalancing your body/mind health, let me know

No one succeeds alone!

You deserve a guide or a teacher to help you see your blind spots

And yes, focus on the fundamentals.

AND to help you through the “mistakes”

Helping you learn how to crawl and then walk and then run, as you navigate the sometimes rough waters of life

And especially the rough waters of healing grief, trauma or addictive behaviors

No need to wait til New year’s resolutions to transform your body mind health

If you feel your time is now, email me at

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