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What is the difference between microdosing ayahuasca and psilocybin?

as the time of this writing, I have been a microdosing coach for over 18 months and going strong

I also have been a medicine woman for over a year with macro dose clients of all kinds, including ancestral trauma, grief and addiction recovery, as well as spiritual awakening

If you haven’t noticed, the planet is waking up!   There is a mass consciousness shift and everyone is involved

Some are just more in tune than others

I hit rock bottom myself in 2020 – had been working toward that since 2013…..and finally threw in my surrender white flag and turned to sacred plant medicine to help

I say “sacred plants” because I only work with plants that come from the EARTH – not from the lab, nothing synthetic.

Psilocybin and ayahuasca (and a moment with San Pedro) have been my journey

And I built deep relationships with both psilocybin and ayahuasca over that time

And actually heard the call to serve them, both in microdosing and macro-dosing in 2022.

It was LOUD and clear

They actually forced my hand into it and I’ve never looked back

Working with these medicines is not for the faint of heart

It is not a hobby or a part time thing for me

And I have heard many divinely inspired messages from these plants and now I am sharing that wisdom with you and my clients

Here are some quick points on the differences between these plants (and I am NOT going into the science here because that is not what the plants have asked of me):

PSILOCYBIN – from my own experience, training, as well as working with many clients now over the past 2 years, here are the key focus points with microdosing with 500 mg or less (usually micro is 100 mg, give or take, depending on the person’s goals and overall health pictures)

  1. Psilocybin works a lot on the default mode network in the brain and helps bring about subtle changes to that autopilot network we have been developing since in utero.  It is meant to be slow and steady – however, if you work with this medicine intentionally and in a healthy way, you can see lasting shifts within 3-6 months in your autopilot behaviors
  2. It is GREAT for focus and mental clarity – not right away….in fact, it can unearth more brain fog in a detox way in your first week or two first and THEN most of my clients reported, especially after week 4, they felt the ability to focus was more natural
  3. It is great for mood and depression – so much research has proven this and I’ve seen it with my depression clients, as well as anxiety.
  4. It is great for helping memory recall (see focus above!) and the ability to have a quieter mind has a lot to do with that!
  5. It is great for someone who wants to really connect deeper with nature and more mystical experiences within the elements
  6. It can definitely help bring about more intuitive awarenesses – like you think of someone and they call you or you start to see synchronicities more often that you may have missed before.
  7. It helps quiet the mind, along with meditation, so that you can definitely go inward and listen to your Higher Divine Self
  8. It improves sleep for many!
  9. It can also help aid in digestive issues and cleansing of the gut brain

AYAHUASCA MICRODOSING – this is in tincture form and the form I work with is LEGAL.  It is the Caapi Vine and NOT the chacruna leaf or DMT portion.  Here are it’s main differences.  Dosing ranges from 5 drops to 15 drops.

1. A much more EMBODIED medicine – you will fill her working in your heart, your sacral/womb area, as well as other chakras (i felt solar plexus and 3rd eye)
2. She works more right away from the start with the emotional pain body – I have seen more tears in the first week myself and with my clients.
3.  She might make you dance!  Since she is more embodied, be ready for some movement and play (think sacral awakening)
4.   Spoke to me a lot through my dreams and did offer up a lot of wisdom through that subconscious dream state and helped me set easier/quicker daily intentions.
5.  The harmine and harmaline in the plant inhibit MAO-A, while tetrahydroharmine moderately inhibits serotonin reuptake. These two mechanisms reduce depression.
6.  Banisteriopsis caapi and other MAO-B inhibitors fight motor symptoms and problems found in Parkinson’s disease.
7.  The Piaroa people use Banisteriopsis caapi as a hunger suppressant and stimulant, which can reduce cravings AND can help with weight loss
8.  Promotes more feminine qualities in a person (and you can be a man to experience this) – more intuitive creative flow and abilities, more confidence in one’s sexuality, more self love, more compassion, more openness and receptive
9.  Personally she did deep healing on my religion wound and witch wounds.
10.  She opened me up more to the divine feminine and many of my clients said the same

Those are the key benefits and feedback I have seen with clients

PLEASE NOTE:  The medicine by itself does NOT do that.  You’ve got to ensure you meditate and work with the medicine in making lifestyle changes, as well as sleep hygiene and proper medicine habits/protocols (ie 5 days on, 2 days off or 4 days on, 3 days off)    You must consult with a professional in order to get results like this – results will vary and many people can’t work with psilocybin and most medications.   Please be responsible and work with these medicines in a sacred way – you can build a tolerance and in some cases, people could become dependent or addicted and NOT see lasting results if you are working with them in the same way you would a supplement or a pharmaceutical.

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