Happy Women’s empowerment month!
Are you a mompreneur who has also been partnered but challenged by that relationship?
Maybe you’ve developed Hashimotos, an autoimmune disease in your throat, & aren’t speaking your truth as much?
Wanna quiet the inner critic?
Maybe you’ve tried everything else out there, but really not sure where to turn?
Tune into todays testimonial from my client Beautiful Meadow – after microdosing, sitting in deep ceremonial work & kambo sessions over a month time, she has dropped her health measures nearly 50% & is a different woman!!!!
Here is what she had to say!
“Before coming to the Lotus Throne, I was a Mom and Partner who felt lost and confused.
As a momepreneur, juggling “all the things”, I was overwhelmed and looking to find my true essence. I have struggled with worthiness issues, imposter syndrome, receiving help from others, and feeling supported for years.
I began searching for clarity, wanting to break negative relationship patterns and to free my inner child from the mother and father wounds. When I started working with Magdalena, I was open to healing and growing. I had tried some plant medicine and kambo before with other practitioners/shaman, however, I didn’t seem to have as many realizations and changes. I really feel that the integration support Magdalena provides makes all the difference.
I have gone through almost all of her programs and I feel each one is a building block or stepping stones to the next. Each journey/coaching session and relationship built with the medicine uncovered new layers of my authentic self. When we started, I was in an unbalanced relationship that had become stagnant. I was craving growth so I began working with Magdalena on myself and healing the trauma responses. I started daily practices of self-care and meditation while working on my boundaries and clearly communicating my needs.
Each journey or microdosing protocol took me deeper into myself. I let go of some of the critical judgments that came from myself, others and even ancestral connections. I have been able to embrace my divine feminine and step into embodying my goddess energy. I’ve been able to experience unconditional love for myself for the first time. Giving myself acknowledgment for my progress instead of just waiting for a finished masterpiece. I have embraced change and experiencing new, unfamiliar things, knowing that I am safe in each present moment.
I cut cords and had a conscious uncoupling ceremony, giving gratitude to my former partner for all the lessons we taught each other. I have been able to use the new ways of being to be a better mother and ask questions with curiosity instead of judgmental, critical tones.
I even saw a decrease of my TSH numbers in my lab work from 7.7 to 4.6 after focusing on that intention in my 3 in 30 kambo package. I continue to use the resources Magdelana shared daily and I’m always excited to see new things in the vault. I would definitely recommend this work to anyone who is ready to truly transform and get back to the amazing authentic human you were born as. The journey of life is hard alone and there’s no reason not to lean on the wisdom and experiences of others to guide you on your path. No one can do the work for you, however, it is a much better experience to have a guide who truly cares about you and your ascension. Magdalene and Emmanuel are both very gifted and I would highly recommend their experiences at the Lotus Throne. Thank you for all your tools, trainings and the transformation I’ve seen in myself. I am eternally grateful. Aho.”
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