Having studied and lived addiction nearly my whole life, I have a huge heart and a load of compassion for this subject

I really wish I knew what I know now when I was a kid

They do NOT teach this stuff in schools

There are many, many layers to addiction

And I have been very vocal about my stance that the “just say no” model doesn’t work for many.

In fact, it backfires time and time again

I’ve coached well over 10,000 people in food, emotional eating patterns, self sabotage, sugar addiction, alcohol addiction AND I lived ALL of those myself

There are mental AND physical AND spiritual root causes to addiction

The mental piece is brain and Ego connected – our brain LOVES dopamine and often, if we get too much, we can feel “high” and want to keep getting HIT with that neurotransmitter “rush”.  

This is why sugar is 8x more addictive than cocaine

And in my experience, can be just as deadly. 

Mostly because society promotes sugar every single second, every hour, of every day through all the media channels, as well as in convenience stores

No wonder that most of us who coped with sugar as kids, often turn to alcohol, nicotine or food later in life as adults.

It is literally, and figuratively, on our minds

And our Ego, who is trying to protect us from feeling emotions, will often tempt us (like the infamous devil on the shoulder) to grab that quick fix.

Which leads us to the physical/emotional pain body. 

If we have pain of any kind mental/emotional/physical, it is so easy to want to placate that and avoid it.

Opioid addiction, alcoholism and substance abuse is at an all time high and not slowing down.

It is disturbing to say the least.

Having lost 12 friends to suicide and many to addiction related deaths, I have made this my mission to help people wake up to FEELING their pain and not just NUMBING it. 

If we get used to numbing out, it becomes unconscious habits/self sabotaging behaviors pretty much daily.  

Since 80-90% of our thoughts and actions from day to day are the same, it takes a LOT of conscious effort and habit changes in order to really be the change we want to see in the world.

Which leads me to the spiritual root causes of addiction/self sabotaging patterns.

From all of what I’ve seen, the spiritual roots are ancestral, as well as childhood trauma/disconnection from one’s higher Self or some semblance of God/Source/Universal connection.   You can pick any one of those and they are all spiritual.

Essentially, your true essence is that you are both fully human and fully divinely inspired.

We just aren’t taught much about that – and it leads us to looking outside ourselves for the answers/solutions to our problems

Which is definitely at the source of us wanting to numb out, forget, check out, etc.

So I hope that all of that above makes sense.

And why I am so darn passionate about the “Just say no” model won’t work….or at least won’t work long term.

We’ve got to rewire the brain, and connect to yourself fully mentally, physically/emotionally and spiritually at the deepest level

I’ve seen 3 things work really really well for me, and my clients, in order to do that.

I’ve helped many people get off of nicotine habits, alcohol addiction, vaping addiction, social media addiction, porn addiction, etc.

  1. Kambo frog medicine
  2. Chakra work
  3. Daily meditation

Today I just want to focus on Kambo frog medicine.

CLICK HERE to read what my website has to say about that.

Ultimately, Kambo sessions also include chakra work as well as meditation – so with Kambo (at least with me as your practitioner) you will have all 3 at once

For many who have heard of this practice, you know that it is spiritual as well as medicinal. Kambo treatment purges the mind and body of its toxins and toxic energy. The after effect for many is always one that is calmer, uplifting, and even clearer. Many have admitted to having a certain clarity of mind and calmness in their bodies after going through the kambo ritual.
Science meets spirituality and helps heal the gut brain, rewiring the head brain and shifting those deeply engrained addictive behaviors to sugar, alcohol, substances, as well as even social media/working, etc
Kambo is known as the “vaccine of the forest” in Portuguese, a name due to its use as a treatment for a spectrum of diseases including migraines, depression, blood circulation, organ diseases, fertility problems, and cancer. Most notably, though, it is used to treat pain. Research conducted since 1979 has shown that kambo’s powerful peptide content makes it a natural and holistic painkiller.
Of the nine peptides in kambo, some of the most notable include phyllomedusin, which contributes to deep purging and detoxification.
According to Amazonian practitioners of kambo, it is believed to drive out panema, which is negative energy from the body.
Here is a short list of these peptides:
is a hypotensive neuropeptids in Kambo that stimulates the adrenal cortex and pituitary gland. Present in kambo at around 32 micrograms per milligram, it has a role in the medicine’s analgesic and satiety effects.
interacts with tachykinin receptors—shown to regulate the functions of L-Dopa, serotonin, and other neurotransmitters—while phyllokinin targets the bradykinin receptors. Phyllomedusin contracts smooth muscles while phyllokinin relaxes them. Both are potent vasodilators, increasing the permeability of the blood-brain barrier.They are present in kambo at around 22 and 18 micrograms per milligram, respectively.
present at 3 micrograms per milligram, functions like a hormone. It interacts with the pituitary-adrenal axis and corti–cotropin-releasing receptors—involved in stress, anxiety, depression, and addictive behavior.
stimulates the binding of agonists to A1 adenosine receptors and is shown to cause behavioral depression in mice.
Deltorphins & Dermorphin
are both powerful opioid receptor agonists. Deltorphins in particular have among the highest binding affinity and selectivity to delta opioid receptors of any natural compoun Dermorphin is highly selective for mu opioid receptors. Present at 5.2 and 0.25-0.33 micrograms per milligram, respectively, these peptides are many times more potent than endogenous beta-endorphin.
In the state of calmness that the kambo ceremony brings about, many people are now able to explore their deep and hidden feelings, emotions, and thoughts. When this happens, many people find that they are actually able to work through their innermost feelings and thoughts without any blockages. These blockages are usually in the form of negative energy or emotions, and these are what kambo purges out of the body. With this new found sense of clarity, a person is now able to become more conscious, happy, and grounded.
Due to all of its clarifying effects, and the effect that kambo treatment is known to have on pain, it is also known to have a tremendous effect in helping to treat addiction. This is because addiction usually rises as a result of trying to dull out some form of emotional persistent pain. When this pain that leads to the addiction is alleviated, there is usually little or no need to seek out these addictive substances anymore.
Research has also shown that this is effective not only as a preventive measure for addiction but also as a form of treatment for addicts.
This is because the practice of kambo helps to provide one with an alternative to managing their pain even while they purge the addiction out of their bodies. In practicing this, people have found that many become less reliant on pain medication to help manage their pain and this, in turn, helps to wean them off the addictive substance and even helps them to work through the withdrawal process at a faster rate.
When it comes to dealing with addiction, kambo has actually been referred to as a practice that interrupts the addiction itself. This deduction is largely dependent on the spiritual and physical properties of kambo. These spiritual properties refer to the ability of self-reflect on a much deeper level than ordinarily would be possible. During this act of intense self-reflection, a person is said to be able to look inwards and unearth their deeply hidden negative characters and habits.
This revelation then helps them to deal with these habits and characters and even goes as far as helping to identify opportunities for personal healing, development, and growth. This spiritual property is said to actually be able to tackle the deep fundamental cause of pain in a person’s mind, and this is what makes it valid for the treatment of addiction as well.
If this resonates with you, and you’ve tried many things without improvement or LASTING change (without feeling like you are deprived and white knuckling it through life every day/week), then let’s talk.
Want to start healing with Kambo, but not sure it is right for you?
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