Now that I am 46, I finally understand the whole term, “mid-life crisis”

When I was younger, I really didn’t get it

And until I went through, what I would NOW understand as my own “mid-life crisis”, I need to share with you some very important information that may just help you understand better and NOT feel like you are losing your mind

First let’s talk about the definition

Webster defines this crisis as follows:

midlife crisis. noun. : a period of emotional turmoil in middle age caused by the realization that one is no longer young and characterized especially by a strong desire for change.

Others would say this

“A midlife crisis is often seen as a period of self-reflection, questioning, and emotional turmoil that can come in middle adulthood — usually happening for people in their 40s and 50s. The journey through a midlife crisis often unfolds in three stages: the trigger, the search for meaning, and acceptance.” defined it as this:

“The definition of a midlife crisis is a period of transition in life where someone struggles with their identity and self-confidence. It happens anywhere from 40 years old to 60 years old and affects men and women. A midlife crisis is not a disorder but is mainly psychological.”

I can definitely say in my early 40s is when I hit a period of self reflection, questioning my purpose and had a helluva lot of emotional turmoil

I had lost myself, lost my parents, my older brother, many friends….as people started dying, it also forced me to look at how much time I had left on this earth and wanted to course correct

I literally didn’t like the person I saw in the mirror.

While some people might go and buy a ferrari or buy a new home or new wardrobe at this point, I chose to have a spiritual awakening instead 🙂

But here’s the kicker

After I went through 2.5 years of healing and actually DID remember who I truly am and reconnected with my life purpose, I also found out some really important information about roughly WHY so many go through a huge shift or “crisis” between ages 40-60

I saw what I am about to share with you in myself, my husband (who is 7 years older than me), as well as in many of our clients (the average age of our clients is roughly 40-50 years old)

While the definitions above is mostly reflecting on the “physical realm” and “psychological” (although not a disorder or mental illness), I am here to tell you that this mid life crisis is anything BUT psychological in nature

There is so much more to the story

As I started seeing patterns in our clients (and myself first, of course) of childhood trauma, mostly around fear/abandonment, rejection, loss, shame, guilt and addictive behaviors, I knew it was more than body mind connection

If you read the book, The Body Keeps The Score, you learn about how our bodies/organs/cells, etc., hold on to trauma for decades, even lifetimes (not to mention our ancestral DNA)

But the system that ISN’T as often talked about with trauma is the chakra system, which is ancient and very much connected to our spine and central nervous system AND major organs.

The chakras run along our spine, which houses our central nervous system

The central nervous system (CNS) is made up of the brain and spinal cord. The CNS is the body’s processing centre. The brain controls most of the functions of the body, including awareness, movement, thinking, speech, and the 5 senses.

The chakras run from the base of our spine (root chakra) through our sexual organs (sacral) up through our digestive tract and sternum (solar plexus), then through our heart (heart chakra), our throat chakra/vocal chords, up through our facial muscles where between our eyes lies the 3rd eye chakra and finally the top of our skull opens us to the crown chakra.

Our spine and chakras and head brain are ALL connected to our major/vital organs that impact our daily life.

So literally EVERYTHING we do is connected to them (eating/breathing/sleeping/pooping/thinking/sexual activity/visualizing/seeing/hearing, etc)

So when someone says the “midlife crisis” is psychological, think again.

When I studied chakras as part of my continuing education as a medicine woman and healer, I learned that every one of our chakras was with us when we were born

HOWEVER, they all developed at their own timing and weren’t fully open or developed until into our 40s/50s

JUST in time for a midlife crisis

AND due to the fact that most of our emotional health is developed between birth and age 7, then our mental belief system and thought processes mostly get formed between 7-14 and then our physical health hits and develops from puberty through age 21 (when only our first 3 chakras are developed/opening), we still have a LOOOT of life/years to happen for us before all 7 are awakened/open

Chakra 1 – root chakra (which is often blocked by abandonment, lack of safety, fear) develops from 0-7 years of age
Chakra 2 – sacral chakra (whichi s often blocked by guilt) is developed between ages 7-14
Chakra 3 – solar plexus chakra (which is blocked by shame and giving our power away to people/places/addicitons, etc) is developed between 14-21
Chakra 4 – heart chakra (which is blocked by loss/grief/anger) is developed between 21-28
Chakra 5 – throat chakra (which is blocked by us shutting down our voice, speaking lies or mistruths) is developed between 28-35
Chakra 6 – third 3rd eye (which is blocked by illusion, lack of trust of self, emotional blockages) is developed between 35-42
Chakra 7 – crown chakra (blocked by attachments, self criticisms/judgments, limiting beliefs/depression) is developed between 42-49

So the TRUTH about the midlife crisis is NOT just mental – it is all of them. 

And when these chakras are all finally trying to open, but maybe can’t due to trauma/grief/addictions, etc., one will feel lost, dazed and confused.

This is also why talk therapy alone won’t work

AND why I also believe that even plant medicine by itself won’t work

Exercise/nutrition, by itself, isn’t enough

It takes/requires a holistic integrative mind/body/spirit approach through all 4 bodies (mental/emotional/physical/spiritual)

If you feel lost or lacking direction or simply are in a reflective mode but have no clue where to go from here, maybe we can help.

If you feel called to greater/bigger things – maybe a career change or starting fresh, but are terrified, we have been there

We are now on the other side and have worked with clearing all the chakras and having all parts of the body/mind/spirit working through it all

Email me at to set up a free consultation

We are here for you

You are not alone

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