Today is testimonial Tuesday and we have a POWERFUL one with an amazing woman who spent 30 days working with me and microdosing with ayahuasca (the legal vine version of aya)

In just 30 days she had a HUGE mind/body/spirit shift

Her body mind has been through a lot in this life – she had an unhealthy food obsession and also had recovered from cancer….but it all kept haunting her (even fearing she would get cancer again)

She was coachable and did the prep work and the post work (which one really can’t succeed without, even with microdosing!)

She also did a lot of shadow work, meditation, and really accessed my tools online almost every day

Here is what she had to say:


“My experience with Magdalena and microdosing with ayahuasca was grounded, safe and remarkably expansive.

Before I found Magdalena I had been on a healing journey for 17+ years.

I was still “managing” my health; doing all the right things yet losing muscle mass, having my uterus prolapse, and still bound to a restrictive diet & supplement routine.

Even after all I had done, I was still crumbling and needed a depth of wisdom my mind & heart had been incapable of accessing.

I felt fearful and fragile, I stopped exercising and was hesitant to travel.

Now after working with 30 days with aya and Magdalena, I feel strong, connected, relaxed and excited about who I am and what I am capable of manifesting.

Working with her and Aya was intimate- in-to-me see. I saw myself with much more clarity. I saw how my mind overrode my body time and time again.

Magdalena helped me see my ancestral lineage and the part they needed to play in my health journey.

The prep work and post work really helped me to get clear about where I actually was and open to dream big about what is possible. This work was critical, it got me in touch with unconscious thoughts and patterns. And the intentions shifted my energy to look and confront where I had not looked before.It has impacted how I approach life.

I see my thoughts and use discernment instead of identifying with thought or making up more stories in my head. Using my mind as a discernment tool better yokes me to my true feelings and heart space which is more playful and imaginative than mind. From the heart it is easier to fall into or sense the gut brain which to me is more instinctual and primal.

From there I am moved to action instead of from my head. It is going from head to heart to gut and back up and out. Experiencing this type of flow and being able to see and articulate this conscious process will being my body/life into alignment where health and abundance can flow. (with integration time of course)

Magdalena encourages you to work with all 3 brains- the head, heart and gut. This is the first time a coach has been able to help me integrate the 3.

The online vault was helpful because it has so many different modalities, different ways to help you open and see what has been there all along. They are short and yet very powerful keys that can unlock so much. You have lots to choose from. The modules were vital to keeping me on track and focused.

If you’re thinking of working with Magdalena I would say don’t miss that opportunity, especially if this is your first time microdosing. She embodies what she teaches and is able to navigate and integrate your intentions to live a healthier wealthier and happier life!

-Jennifer L, North Carolina

Please forward this to someone you know who is curious about microdosing with ayahuasca,or maybe struggling with their inner working shadows or wanting to go deeper in their spiritual path, whatever that is for them, but are terrified or depressed and unsure of where to go or who to turn to

Plant medicine can help with any/all of the following:

  • Depression
  • Feeling “stuck”
  • PTSD
  • Grief isn’t processing well
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Addiction issues
  • Gut health issues/IBS
  • Spiritual awakening is happening, but scared of the next steps
  • Or just generally wants a good detox/cleanse option for mind/body/Soul
  • And so much more!

PLEASE NOTE: You should always consult a physician or medical doctor/therapist before working with plant medicine and NEVER do this type of work on your own without a guide

Safety first is our number one goal with expanded consciousness work!

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