More and more, as I work on my own inner healing journey of trauma release and inner child healing, I have awoken to just how much I was playing BINGO with my coping mechanisms

I thought this image was pretty spot on…..

Oh how I hit BINGO too many times to count in the above

And it wasn’t an overnight awakening either

And, sadly, I see a lot of people avoiding these wake up calls and going deeper into their addictions (yes, even those of us in the spiritual healing community can spiritual bypass a LOT – which is another coping mechanism by the way)

Do you see yourself on this BINGO sheet anywhere?

How many of these boxes can you check off with an X or O?

Transparently, I see myself in 20 of those boxes

And here is the thing….I don’t believe in “thou shalt not” or total just abstinence of any of these things

It is also not healthy to do a 180 (all or nothing behavior, hello!) or cold turkey

You may disagree with me and that’s fine – that is a healthy act actually, to be true to your own thinking and not someone else’s dogma 🙂

If you see yourself on this sheet in daily activities or behaviors, then I invite you to do some deep work

And if you are scared to do so….that’s a good sign

That was where I started

I was terrified actually

That was two years ago….and counting

I had major issues in life (health/relationships/addictions galore) and just couldn’t take it anymore

That wasn’t living!

For if we don’t look at these, they will cause health issues or financial issues

It’s a given

What we resist will persist

I cleaned up my health and am now working on the financial ramifications of my coping mechanisms

It is always about the journey, not the destination

You’ve got to start small and start somewhere

And it takes courage

But it doesn’t have to break the bank!

Join me and my colleague, Katlin Aubrey, on May 23rd, next week Tuesday for an inner child healing masterclass

For ALL of our coping mechanisms were designed and fostered by us, for us, when we were children

Some may even be ancestral

Some of them have masculine qualities – some are feminine

Some of them were embodied by our mom

Some by our dad

Or by other grandparents or male/female caregivers as kids

Yes, even from school, the church, our friend’s homes we may have played in, aunts/uncles, etc.

However, all of these apply to men and women as having them, no matter what gender may have been our role model

Not one of us is exempt from carrying these – because we had two parents, who had two parents, who had two parents, so on and so forth

Your DNA even carries and embodies these

And if you don’t address them, they will hinder relationships, goals and dreams of health and wealth and freedom.

These, my friends, are what keep us hostage to the victim story that was created by the time we were 25, when our brain stopped developing

And are deeply rooted in our default mode network of our brains – which is the autopilot nature that gets us home in our cars after the bar or when we’ve had a stressful day after work and are overthinking about what the day had in it that was crazy OR we are daydreaming about the weekend ahead…..

No matter what, we are on autopilot

In fact, if you see this sheet and say, “I’m good!  I don’t need any help here Lois!”

I would say you missed the box that speaks of “denial”

And I want you to know, that is ok too…..but it means you are listening with your Ego and not your heart or your body

If your body has any kind of visceral reaction to any of them….that’s a sign you may want to listen to sign up for our affordable masterclass

CLICK HERE or go here to sign up

It could change your life and start the healing process

Here is to your turning point realizations

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