In February of 2020, I found an interesting suggestion (seemingly random, I think not!)

I found the podcast, Take a Break From Drinking with Rachel Hart (who would later be a guest on MY podcast)

It was at a time where I knew I had been drinking way way too much alcohol for nearly 7 years.

And I was so touched by this discovery, that I tuned in and listened to her show that very day

And what she shared was so refreshing – so moving

And gave me RELIEF

At that time I was reminded how our BRAIN (the head brain, we have three total that are meant to work together, but more on that later)

Alcohol, very much like all numbing mechanisms that become addictive over time, is essentially sugar.  It is also a depressant.

However, at first it causes a dopamine hit/spike in the brain that causes us to feel REALLY good. 

Feeling calmer – maybe seeming to relieve immediate stress in the body.

AND much like sugar, society has glamorized it and made it very easily accessible.

Almost TOO easy.

We see commercials a plenty on it

We see bars on nearly every corner – as well as liquor stores.

i even see memes and jokes about it often that say, “Feeling sad/down?  Drink!”

When I would go to networking events after hours, there was always adult beverages to choose from

When I had babies, people would bring us bottles of wine to help “alleviate” the exhausting of newborn parenthood.

I even worked at a winery for a while and bought myself a t-shirt that had a wine glass on it that proudly displayed “Mommy’s Sippy Cup” underneath the glass.

But then Rachel also spoke words that were music to my ears

There is also a part of society that demonized alcohol and shamed those who over drank

I knew that and had lived that with friends/family who died of alcoholism – there was a lot of shame around this

I thought it was a curse from my family….that I had inherited this

Rachel helped teach me NOPE it isn’t addiction that runs in our family

It’s our BRAIN!

I even found out that it was dopamine addiction for my brain – that undoubtedly came from trauma (more to come on that in the next blog/podcast episode)

Anna Lembke, psychiatrist and author, explains when too much pleasure-triggering dopamine upsets the delicate balance of pleasure and pain our brains need to feel “normal,” which can lead to long-term pain and addiction.

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