One of my favorite ALL TIME questions or, even objections, around microdosing are these:

If I have an addiction past, will I become addicted to psilocybin? Or microdosing?


Will I become addicted to these medicines (aka “drugs”)?

Many people have that concern

And while it is a valid concern, a lot of is prejudged around a misconception of the 60s and that psychedelic use is “drug” use

So, technically, COULD someone get addicted to microdosing with psilocybin or ayahuasca?

I suppose it is possible

HOWEVER, not on MY watch

I have seen people escape into the medicine space to alleviate their pain or suffering, only to ESCAPE into medicine spaces every weekend or month with plant medicine journeys

However, they didn’t have proper set and setting

They didn’t have proper preparation

And, sadly, they likely did NOT have appropriate teachers to guide and keep them safe with harm reduction tools/integration, etc

I also have seen many in the plant medicine space addicted to cannabis/marijuana as a transferred focus or escape away from their original addiction (ie heroin, alcoholism, etc)

I had alcohol and many other addictive behaviors when I came to plant medicine, and admittedly, did get lost in that first year with some escapism – still looking outside myself for the answers (thinking the medicine would do ALL the work for me)

BUT I didn’t know what I didn’t know – the plants are only ONE part of healing and NOT an escape or a quick fix

The plants showed me that I wasn’t my addiction and that the addiction was merely a symptom of deep internal shadow work and limiting beliefs, ancestral traumas, etc.

I did microdose for 18 months straight and can happily say, I haven’t microdosed for almost a year.

HERE ARE SOME QUICK THOUGHTS TO CONSIDER IF YOU ARE A RECOVERING ADDICT OR STILL WORRIED YOU MAY BECOME ADDICTED (although please do book a consult with me also so I can speak to you in real time on this)

First of all, even the word addiction often implies that that person sees plant medicine as a “substance” that one can be used as an escape or addictive tool

As a spiritual teacher, I don’t work with substances 🙂
These (psilocybin and ayahuasca) are sacred plants, when utilized with reverence and guidance, are healing medicines that have been around for millions/billions of years (long before alcohol or LSD or even cannabis).
Just like food is medicine.  (although we could abuse that for sure due to lack of sacredness)
Heck, even “spirits”/alcohol are medicinal IF worked with sacredness and honor to go within
SECOND OF ALL, Microdosing itself (when done properly and safely) requires short term protocols (not daily, which is where potential dependency can come in) and intention setting and daily practices/rituals to ensure there are no abuses or addictions created (which never happens with my 1-1 clients)
Most people work with these SMALL micro doses (you can’t even feel them most of the time, which prevents an escape) in a 5 days on, 2 days off fashion
I work with folks for only 30 days with these sacred medicines (sometimes 3 months) to help them quiet the mind, get into the body and listen for the expanded heart felt messages that the Universe and the medicine creates within the participant’s daily life.  
And ensure they are in right relationship with the medicine.   
It’s quite magical!
When doing it properly, it is ever so subtle, like when you touch someone in your work, you shouldn’t feel microdosing much at all  (hence no escape or distraction possible)
LASTLY, do your research and don’t just do this for the sake of doing it – like trying a gym membership or a shake your friend tried just for the hell of it.  Just because it worked for them, doesn’t mean it will work for you.
You’ve got to feel CALLED
This is mind/body/spirit medicine and not just pills to swallow
You’ve got to treat it as a sacred medicine and create sacred meditation space, write out deep thoughtful intentions, create more spaciousness in your life, etc.
Addictions don’t usually start that way 🙂
PLEASE NOTE:  Talk to your doctor and/or therapist before entering into this space
Do NOT do this by yourself, find a guide or a teacher and make sure they have integration and supportive health tools in place for your overall well Being
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