One of the most common phrase I hear from folks that choose to microdose on their own is this:

“I’ve been microdosing with psilocybin for 1-2 weeks and I don’t feel anything!   I am not sure it is working”

And most often, when I hear that, it means they are also about to quit and give up – which is way too soon!

Microdosing is a marathon, not a sprint relationship

And I hear it so often, I decided to write some tips/tricks in here to help you have perspective AND possibly some ways to switch things up (especially if you choose to do this on your own without a guide)

FIRST, perspective

Micro-dosing is just that


Webster dictionary defines micro as:  very small. especially : microscopic. 2. : involving minute quantities or variations. micro

It is a VERY subtle and small amount (ie 100-200 mg of psilocybin or 5 drops of ayahuasca vine)

And, depending on many variables, it can take weeks or months to “see” or “feel” LASTING change or results

You didn’t get where you are over night, so the results are meant to be slow and steady (which always wins the race!)

Depending on your goals with the medicine, your diet, your medicine protocol, your set/setting for dosing, your time management in life/stressors, your sourcing of the dosing product itself, your sleep hygiene, your gut health (see coaching tips on this below) – any or ALL of that makes a huge difference

AND the shifts are so subtle, that if you don’t have a third party perspective (ie a coach, a partner, a journal), you may even be overlooking the subtle changes that are happening

And many give up too soon OR are not consistent at all

Also, doing it by yourself in general, can be where the magic will be lost.   

Worthy of noting, 99% of my clients see/feel a change in week 1 because of the preparation period before starting and all the best practices tips I will share below. 

The ONLY time that was the exception is because that client was a recovering alcoholic who did not have healthy eating habits.  So they didn’t notice anything until almost the end of week 4 of our 30 day jump start.   There were many factors to this.

Not surprisingly, her son was the one who noticed the shifts before the mom did!    


  1.  Make sure you set intentions and take 1-2 weeks before starting to really sit with the medicine and what you want to focus on (what you focus on expands and energy/medicine will go where your intentions/focuses are)
  2.  Do you have a good TRUSTED source for medicine?   This is a HUGE factor, as I have gone through at least half a dozen of sources for psilocybin myself in the past 3+ years while being a customer and then a coach.    The strain of the psilocybin, as well as the supportive adaptogens or superfoods added can help or hurt the impact the medicine may or may not have on you.   Like supplements, you could literally be peeing/pooping away any of the possible effects.  
  3.  How is your nutrition overall?  Do you eat a lot of fast food or processed foods?  Coffee?  Alcohol?  How is your hydration?   Are you partaking in the medicine on an empty fasted stomach?
  4.  What time of day are you dosing?   Morning is usually best because you are on a totally empty stomach and are coming out of your dream state.   It is also usually the least stressful time of the day where your body is rested and that can aid in the work the medicine is attempting to support you with
  5. How’s your gut health?  If you have any gut issues at all (IBS, constipation, loose stools, etc), then the medicine may not be absorbing well at all
  6. How’s your stress level?   If you have way too much going on, it will be impossible for you to notice the changes and the medicine itself could not even be able to show you what is possible if you are going non stop or not taking down time to be in nature, journaling, extra time for yourself in silence, social media fasting, etc.
  7. How’s your sleep hygiene?   If your body isn’t getting enough sleep or rest, the medicine has to work even harder to impact the brain OR you may simply already have focus issues or an inability for the medicine to do it’s best work in side the brain/gut brain/central nervous system.   The medicine wants you to have enough rest so you can fully benefit from it’s work
  8. What is your set/setting for working with the medicine?  Do you meditate for 30 minutes while sitting with it in your body?  or do you swallow the medicine and run out the door?   Slowness and spaciousness are KEY while partaking int he medicine, as well as a little more space/time in the day/weeks to reflect upon what you are noticing
  9.  Is the dose you are taking right for you and your body?  I have seen people overdose and under dose AND also be very inconsistent.  Microdosing protocols are usually 5 days on, 2 days off or 4 days on, 3 days off (there are more than that, but those are my fave) and you also might need to play with the amount of doseage itself.   Again, not something to guess or play with, in my experience, without a guide.  
  10. What is your mindset?  Be patient.  If you play the long game, and have a long term “be open for anything, expect nothing” mindset, you’ll be better off.  If you start on day 1 and then expect miracles over night….you have fallen into the “get rich quick” mentality that often the health/fitness/pharmaceutical mindset does flash at us. 
    True lasting success is based upon the compound effect – one day at a time and it is a path that takes time.  More like 3-6 months if you are serious.
    Just like any legit supplementation protocol or nutrition lifestyle, you can’t yo-yo on this and it truly is a committed path that even only 30 days may just scratch the surface.

If you have any questions on this, go to my website to watch videos, read testimonials and attend my next FREE microdosing and plant medicine 101 webinar

If you feel like you want lasting results and don’t wanna DIY anymore (aka do it yourself), then email me at and let’s talk!

CLICK HERE if you want to purchase my 7 day microdosing transformation program that you can do on your own, but still have some guidance to see if this path is even for you

Microdosing is a beautiful path, but can also be very frustrating or confusing.

I have trusted sources and also have a 30 day jump start that just may change your life!

Be encouraged

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