I was at an event last night and saw this baby crying intensely

The dad was doing everything he could to soothe the child, but NOTHING was working

The baby writhed in his dad’s arms and even seemed to look as though she was trying to fight the support he was attempting to give

And that was even with a very, very loving fatherly figure who was literally doing all he could and had so much love in his eyes

It reminded me of myself as an adult!

No joke, sometimes I feel like that little baby girl

Nothing will soothe me and I just got to let it all out

No person, no outside resource, no THING could bring me solace.

And sadly, I learned coping mechanisms that were deeply entrenched in my body to just stay BUSY

To avoid

To deflect

To procrastinate

To lie to myself and others and “play along” like a good girl

And the list goes on and on

Can you relate?

And, yet, how many times as kids did we get shut down?

Or ignored?

Or feel not safe or supported in the midst of this similar kind of chaos?

I found for me that in my own adult life I shut down my emotions – I shut down my feelings – I became numb.

Because I didn’t feel that it was “right” or “safe” to allow my negative emotions (like that baby) to come out!

And that did NOT serve me.

That was a trauma response of disassociation or how I coped unconsciously with discomfort in business, life, relationships, money, health, etc.

Unknowingly it’s how I manifested an autoimmune disease, gained weight, felt unhappy in my marriage and so many more “symptoms” in the physical realm as a result

I reached for numbing techniques – aka coping mechanisms.

They didn’t serve me in the long term….and were really just quick fixes or instant gratification knee jerk responses from my trauma responses stuck in my central nervous system

As well as in different organs in my body

That never learned how to self soothe properly


Never learned that it was okay to just cry and cry and cry and cry

Maybe even writhe around and just somatically release it

What does somatically mean?
And why should you care?

“somatic psychology has been defined as: ‘the study of the mind/body interface, the relationship between our physical matter & our energy, the interaction of our body structures with our thoughts and actions.”

So it isn’t just your BODY & MIND that holds on to these repressed traumas or shut down responses…..it’s our energies – our inner life force that also got shut down.   And these energies impact our THOUGHTS – it becomes a vicious cycle if we just shut down and repress

It can also mislead us into thinking that quick fixes are needed DAILY to keep us going (over consuming coffee, substances, emotional eating, etc), but they aren’t really healthy

Once I got to those root causes – and could fully FEEL them (like that baby did), then the game of life changed

I transmuted those dis-ease thoughts and feelings into love and light and compassion

AND deep healing

Are you tired of being sick & tired?

Tired of not being able to understand how to simply BE when these emotions are there to get your attention?

Ready to release and transmute (much like I did) your inner child traumas?

Tired of chasing them away with coping behavior patterns? (ie alcohol, smoking, venting, napping, judging, hiding, avoidance, procrastination)



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