Today, I am kicking off a 3 part series on the 3 things that helped me overcome my addictive patterns/behaviors

For decades I struggled with sugar addiction, alcohol later in life replaced sugar, caffeine addiction, self sabotaging behaviors such as social media addiction, people pleasing addictive behaviors, addiction to drama and staying “busy”

AND the list goes on and on and on

I even became obsessed and addicted to healing my addictions lol

Yes, that is a thing

To me addictive behaviors are connected to looking OUTSIDE myself for the answers

Our minds can be helpful but also very dangerous “tools” and we can even become addicted to our thoughts and obsess over them

I call that the monkey mind

Having studied and lived addiction nearly my whole life, I have a huge heart and a load of compassion for this subject

I really wish I knew what I know now, when I was a kid

They do NOT teach this stuff in schools

There are many, many layers to addiction or self sabotaging behavior patterns that become our own undoing

These patterns can hurt our health, our wealth and our relationships

Can you see a pattern in your life that has hurt you, even if it seemed to start out as a good thing perhaps?

I was even addicted to fitness and working….which looks “good” on the surface

But really I used both as an escape NOT to feel or look at my limitations or “shadows” (as we choose to call them in our practice of healing)

And I have been very vocal about my stance that the “just say no” model doesn’t work for many.

In fact, it backfires time and time again

I’ve coached well over 10,000 people for the past 24 years in food, emotional eating patterns, self sabotage, sugar addiction, alcohol addiction AND I lived ALL of those myself

I’ve also coached 10,000 people through business/sales and saw the behavior patterns or addictions impacting people’s ability to make money, have a strong business, start a new business, etc.

There are mental AND physical AND spiritual root causes to addiction or these behavior patterns

The mental piece is brain and Ego connected – our brain LOVES dopamine and often, if we get too much, we can feel “high” and want to keep getting HIT with that neurotransmitter “rush”.

I found myself meditating in my late 20s/early 30s

However, even the meditation became a bit of a coping mechanism….there wasn’t a whole lot that came from it, other than i would find myself resting or suddenly napping as a result

The meditations were a helpful start

But what really shifted me was meditating and making it my OWN practice

It worked, for a time, to have others’ ways of meditation to get me to start the habit

But making it my OWN creation and spiritual or sacred time with myself, my inner child/Higher Self, and Divine wisdom time…..that’s when things started to truly shift in my life

For there is a saying, as within, so without!

And ALL of us our unique and have our own innate internal wisdom within that wants to speak to us

Here are quick tips around meditation and even a short video on how to make your space your own, your own SACRED space.

These are also things I do now with ease (it took me almost a whole year to master this!)

1. Light a candle and set an intention (maybe light some incense, create an altar, listen to music)
2.  Ask yourself, what is  it that you want to let go of (ie sadness, anger, addictive patterns, Ego monkey mind)
3.  Speak to why it is not serving you (out loud is ideal or maybe journal it)
4.  Then ask for messages or clarity on how to shift or change these patterns – wait for an answer – be in silence for a few minutes and just breathe deep
5.  Write down anything that comes through or even just write down what you are willing to do that is different that day/week to help become more conscious and transmute/shift those negative patterns or beliefs about yourself that you are embodying
6.  Recommit to doing this again the next day! 
7.  and don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t do it!  

CLICK HERE to watch my video on how to set up this meditation space

BONUS:  Draw an oracle card, say a prayer of gratitude or write down 3 things you are grateful for about YOURSELF – focusing more on what is GOOD, brings more GOOD

You are human after all, and this life is a messy journey – and you will grow more in joy and happiness as you find more self love and self compassion

IF you struggle with meditation but need or want a jump start, send me an email and let’s hop on a call

OR if you want my 7 day meditation challenge (also utilized in our microdosing transformation), send me an email also.   In 7 days we will help you meditate and reflect without doing it yourself.

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