I have shared my deep dive stories over the past 2 years, especially the intimate healing I received that helped me truly awaken to my truth

And be in complete, full alignment – holistically with my mind/body AND spirit!

Microdosing and plant medicine were a huge part of that journey and you could say I am a HUGE advocate

But NOT at first

And I also have massive concerns based upon what I’ve seen in the plant medicine space both leading up to ceremony and after

I used to think that legalizing plant medicine and microdosing with psilocybin and other sacred medicines was for EVERYONE

And with the Big Pharma model as well as commercialization markets as they are now……when with a click of a finger you can have Alexa order you food delivered in nano-seconds…..

Plant medicine is NOT a quick fix

And it is not an Amazon purchase (unless of course you mean South America 🙂

And honestly, I don’t believe it is a casual or one night experience you never do again

And now, with over 40 ceremonies under my belt (nearing 50) and also microdosing both myself and as a coach, I have learned it is so NOT for everyone

Many are not really ready for what these sacred plants can teach you (especially in the shadow work realm)

And I feel that as this becomes more trendy and almost a “craze” with so many people out there trying to get certified to serve or attend ceremony all the time, but don’t seem to grow beyond ceremony, I have some serious reservations about what I’ve seen.

And these are my top 3 thoughts around who this is for and who it is NOT for

NOTE:  If this triggers you, I would welcome a conversation as I want to learn what your experience has been (hey you might even land a spot on my podcast if we have a great debate 🙂

  1. If you are looking for a quick fix or a magic pill without doing any serious work beyond the medicine or ceremony…..this is NOT for you.   It takes months, even years, to develop a relationship with the medicine and to truly build the muscles of the mind and the body and the spirit to see LASTING results.
    I know people who say they have had major shifts after one ceremony, and I won’t lie, I also have as well….but it wasn’t the first or second one that made all the difference.   And, yet, the amount of microdosing or ceremonies with deep dive doses all depends on the individual….the key component that most groups don’t offer is the integration AFTER.   How do we apply this into our life? 
    You can walk away with some serious retriggered traumas or wounds and if you don’t have a guide beyond ceremony to APPLY the wisdom or process it….you can get into a loop or downward spiral (I’ve done that as well).  I had to piecemeal all the pieces and parts that helped me navigate and process/integrate much FASTER and with major breakthroughs every time in healing mind/body and spirit.  One can also be addicted to going to ceremony and keep repeating the same stuff over and over again…..without applying it fully.  I had that in my first 6 months – because I didn’t know what I didn’t know!  That is part of the vocal impetus I have in sharing this message now.
    (more to come on that in #3 below)
  2. If you are a DIY-er (aka do-it-yourself-er) trying to save money or go the cheap route, this is not the path for you.  
    I’ve seen it time and time again people go and do mushrooms on their own to save money or sit with their friends in a casual way OR microdose on occasion without a guide……and man oh man, this can open up pandora’s box (or the gates of hell, for real).  
    The veil is very thin and you never know what you are opening yourself up to with plant medicine.   There are light forces AND there are dark ones.  I’ve sat with facilitators (yes even those who have been in the space for a long time) who I trusted and found they didn’t set up sacred space and protection and for days after I felt a dark presence, even to the point of having major fights with my husband.   We had to hire a ghostbuster in order to remove these entities from ourselves and thankfully now my husband has that skill to help others, because that can cause you to be scared shitless and unable to sleep or function properly.  Yowza!  
    And while pricing isn’t a huge determining factor, you do want to make sure you interrogate those you actually do sit with, asking how they set up protective space (just saging the room by itself will not do)
    As part of this you also want to use a source you can TRUST and support those growers or shamans who know what they are doing – I pray that you never buy sacred medicines from a street corner or Amazon or eBay…..otherwise you could not only have a bad trip, but also be pissing money away!!!
    This is an investment in possibly breaking generational curses for your family generations to come…..OR in causing serious harm to yourself.  So don’t go the cheap route. 

  3. If you think the medicine is a magic cure all for the mind and doesn’t require work/processing in the body as well as involves the spiritual path….this is not the path for you.
    I first turned to plant medicine to quiet my mind and go inward.  I had so, so much trauma and grief backed up that I didn’t realize how stuck in my head I was (especially the masculine analytical mind)
    I honestly thought I only needed to focus on my head space and that was it.
    And I thought all I needed was plant medicine and that would be my cure all.
    Well, I am here to tell you, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 
    The body keeps the score – trauma and grief especially block the chakras and cause dis-ease in our bodies. 
    Most dis-ease actually has root cause in the spiritual, then the mental and the physical is the last place to show it.  
    This truly is NOT like going to a psychotherapist or a Tony Robbins seminar or Church experience…..
    it takes all three minds/brains – the gut brain to heal and help with the neurotransmitters/seratonin and absorption of the medicine.   And that does NOT happen all at the ceremony or inside a microdosing capsule (no pill poppers here please!)   Our gut brain is a huge part of success in breaking through that default mode network in the brain.
    The heart brain is where our intuition is as well as often where our emotions get blocked and released.  
    And just crying them out at a ceremony or connecting with your guides or angels under medicine isn’t enough to really truly heal.
    Then we have the head brain – dissolving the Ego won’t happen over night and actually working with the mind/body/and spirit (head brain/gut and heart brain) is not optional if you want LASTING RESULTS
    You also want to hire or work with someone that can help you process what is released!  Not all of these medicines purge north or south pole (aka vomit or poop), so you’ve got to find other tools that can work in conjunction with the medicines to help release what the body has kept the score with.
    So what am I recommending to help INTEGRATE ALL 3 MINDS (head/heart/gut) and truly release the score that your body has kept for possibly decades, lifetimes and generations??? 
    For me that was kambo frog medicine, kundalini yoga, breathwork, talking out the shadow work with a guide, meditation and then ensuring I had proper nutrition along the way (cutting back on alcohol, following a more whole foods diet, superfoods for cleansing and gut health, etc)
    Moving the body, aligning the chakras and good old fashioned deep breathing exercise are some of the fastest tools I know to help integrate the messages from the sacred plants.
    And you can only release so much of that in just one ceremony.
    If you’ve got many traumas, a lot of physical weight or pain you are carrying, lots of grief unresolved…..this will take time and isn’t a one size fits all!

I hope this was helpful for you

If you find any of this resonates with you (or causes alarm), email me at lois@loiskoffi.com and let’s talk!

I would love to support you

In the meantime, you can find many free and low cost resources at http://www.loiskoffi.com/resources

Much love and light on this journey

Be safe

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