Part of my journey in being a mom, wife and mompreneur….)not to mention a double Virgo), was to make friends with my inner critic

For years, especially after becoming a mom and a wife, juggling “all the things”, I found myself very critical of myself

My choices

My clothes

My waistline

My inability to make the money I used to make

My hair

My work

Since I was such a critic (hello Ego mind!), I tried meditation for a few years

It helped….for a while

But then I found myself never having any boundaries, falling upon addictive behaviors (emotional eating and binge drinking) and really struggling with my self worth/self esteem

It caused my inner critic to go on OVERDRIVE

I felt like a worthless mom/wife and was operating on workaholism and avoidance of this “critical voice” by staying “busy”

I hit a wall after gaining 40 lbs and realizing that when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t know who the hell I was anymore.

But once I started working on the inner quest of asking myself where did this inner critic come from and what was she trying to tell me, then my life started to change for the better

I got to know her

I got to stop judging her and numbing myself/avoiding her

She and I became friends

And now I listen to her with curiosity and compassion

And through that journey over 3 years, I shed the 40 lbs, stopped being the binge drinking workaholic, made more authentic friends with myself, girlfriends, my husband, my children and just all out had more FUN in life

How did I get there?

Here were the BEST things I found in the past 3 years that helped me transcend that inner critic and my hope is that you find these helpful too!

  1. Daily meditation
  2. Microdosing with sacred plant medicine
  3. Observing my thoughts and becoming a witness to them more and more
  4. Journaling about where these thoughts came from (thru diligent shadow work)
  5. Working with a spiritual teacher
  6. MOre time in nature
  7. Trusting my own divine spark within!!!  (aka Higher Self/Intuitiion that was really underneath that inner critic who was trying to get my attention!)

If you are a woman reading this and want to transform your inner critic into your newest and best friend or ally, join me and my friend Colleen Naus for our 7 day microdosing transformation for Women’s Empowerment month

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