2023 was, in a word, a transmutation story for me

I cleansed and cleared a LOT of stuff from my body, my chakras, which then in turn helped my MIND

Two years ago I could have never imagined sharing such a post as vulnerable and raw as this

And yet, here we are

I am sharing this because I hope to inspire someone out there that is reading this that may be feeling like I did two years ago

I felt lost and out of control with my inner critic controlling much of my life

My gut health was not in alignment with what I know to be true about the importance of the gut brain being our first brain, impacting our mental health, as well as our heart health.

I had 30 lbs around my frame, most around my belly

I had gas issues, bloating and knew that my candida and gut microbiome were out of balance due to stress, alcohol/sugar addiction and blocked chakras

Did you know our sacral chakra and our solar plexus chakra house most, if not all, of our digestive organs that influence our thoughts/emotions/feelings?

If the sacral chakra is blocked – we can feel a lack of creativity, a loss of sensuality, a lack of openness/receptivity

Our solar plexus is our power center and our place in the middle of our body where we come from our truth and power – however, I was giving my power away to food and drink and other people/places things that were NOT serving me and my core values.

I lost my core values, in fact, and therefore, lost myself

My hashimoto’s numbers were higher and out of whack, as well as my hormones, at times

However, with much work with Kambo frog medicine AND taking aligned action more and more over the past 2 years, I can proudly share my belly and warrior dots with the world.

My guilt and shame trauma responses have receded and I can own my truth and stand in my power/sovereignty again

If you struggle with gut issues, bloating, gas, burping, as well as weight around your stomach…..maybe I can help

It’s going to take work and commitment – which also requires accountability

If 2024 is your year to break bad habits, love your body and self more, as well as heal your gut brain, so your mind can be more clear (hello racing negative thoughts and inner critic!), then send me a DM

For I believe we’ve got to feel all of these guilt/shame emotions and honor them, as well as bless and release them from our body.

When the body keeps the score, it is really hard to meditate your way through those critical shaming and guilt responses

When the body keeps the score, traditional dieting and cleansing just may not work

If you are open to science and spirituality and the deepest healing work possible, then I can customize a program for you to do what I did (and plan on helping so many moms/wives to do in 2024)

Make 2024 your year!

You deserve it!

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