I am not usually asked this question, but wanted to write about it because it is a HUGE component of the success of whether or not microdosing with psilocybin or ayahuasca is going to work for you or not

What does my nutrition look like when I am microdosing?  Is it like doing a deep dive or heroic dose?  Is it strict?

When I started microdosing, my diet was NOT good

I was drinking lots of coffee

Lots of wine

And eating a lot of fast food

So, I learned IMMEDIATELY, that I wasn’t ready for microdosing

Our gut brain is our first brain and needs to be “healthy” in order to work with these sacred plants and expansive consciousness tools

So if you are attacking your gut with processed foods, sugars, fast foods, grease, coffee and alcohol….the medicine won’t do much for your head brain or heart brain

I work with clients in this fashion, we work with all 3 brains and the gut brain, often called the “first brain” has got to be ready to receive the medicine or you could have any of the following happen for you:

-Heavy detox symptoms
-Wasted time and money and product
-Sleep issues
-Or you may just not feel ANYTHING or have any shfits

So if someone is where I was at years ago when I chose this healing path, I would recommend you start with a detox/cellular cleanse and experience more deep dive macro dose healing work to get to the root causes of your emotional eating/drinking, etc.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have an active eating disorder, are an alcoholic or extreme junk food/processed food eating habits, microdosing is NOT for you.  You’ve got to do deeper work before considering this path

Once I spent a year going deeper into those shadows and wounds from my past with higher doses of medicine, as well as did breathwork, developed some meditation practices, started working out again with yoga, I naturally cut back on drinking and emotional eating in an integrative fashion.

The good news?

I also didn’t go COLD TURKEY in stopping my “pleasures” when I started microdosing (when it came to drinking alcohol and coffee and “fun foods”)

Here are my recommendations for you if you are relatively healthy and on a path where you want to have some help with your grief recovery, addiction recovery, as well as spiritual awakening process in remember who you really are and why you are here

NOTE:   If you are working with microdosing psilocybin and ayahuasca, those are my medicines I coach on and have training/experience with – please note I can’t speak to any other medicines

  1. Focus on a 5 days on, 2 days OR 4 days on, 3 days off OR every other day protocol so you don’t build a tolerance to the medicine (which can happen really fast, so consult with me or another trusted guide to know the proper duration or protocol for you)
  2. This gives you 2 (or even 3 days if you prefer) to still have those special treats if you absolutely can’t go without.
  3. I don’t believe in being a nutrition “nazi” or stickler, as that deprivation model is actually what often causes folks to fall prey to addiction or repeat self sabotaging patterns.
  4. You can have a choice to go 100% OFF processed foods, alcohol, coffee, etc., as well for all 7 days a week if that is your best bet (just really tune in with your coach or daily practices to discern if you have an unhealthy relationship with coffee/alcohol/emotional eating, etc. before you choose this path)
  5. Healthy lean proteins and leafy green veggies and whole grains are all welcome on your ON days
  6. You can also supplement during this time with my recommended superfoods/cellular detox protocols and I offer up a discount if you CLICK HERE and purchase that and use promo code:   MAGDALENA10
  7. If you do feel you are mildly backed up in your gut and constipated or have IBS, I would do the detox protocol in step 6 in order to have the best results possible
  8. Note that microdosing is a short term path due to tolerance build up and should not be done on your own if you want lasting/serious results without wasting a lot of money and time
  9. Make sure to also stay hydrated during this past, especially in week 1, as you can/will have a mild detox in that first week
  10. Still not sure about your commitment to daily coffee?  CLICK HERE for my blog post about healthy coffee alternatives

Want to book a FREE one time no strings attached consultation with me to help self discover if microdosing is right for you OR someone you care about?

CLICK HERE for that consultation

Maybe your gut health or addictive behaviors and stress have riddled your body a lot?  
A great first step for you could be Kambo frog medicine

CLICK HERE to read more on that to help cleanse your gut microbiome

You can also read up more at www.MagdalenaGrace.com or www.Microdosingforhealth.com

Here’s to your best health!

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