After working inside the healing space personally, and now professionally, the last 3 years, I have had a lot more time to reflect on the vast differences and yet complements of Kambo frog medicine (non psychedelic) versus Plant medicines (aka psychedelics)

As both a Kambo practitioner and after coaching many people over the past 12 months with plant medicines, I have seen who is ready and serious to wrk with these medicines and who is NOT

For some people one medicine may not be of interest and/or they may both be calling you (as they were me!)

AND since both Kambo and plant medicines such as psilocybin and ayahuasca ceremonies are really becoming trendy/more popular, there is a LOT of misguided information out there

These medicines are not like going to the acupuncturist or the day spa

Far from it

You’ve got to be mentally,physically and spiritually SURE you want to do these, as well as have GUIDANCE for safety protocols before/during/after to ensure you don’t lose your mind AND get lasting results.

Otherwise, you might be wasting time and money

Here below are some key highlights and comparisons, written to help educate you on which path you may want to consider (especially if you aren’t able to do both simultaneously as I was able to for the past 2.5 years)

Kambo is a medicine from the jungle, it is NOT a psychedelic, but rather an animal medicine from a frog!
It is usually offered in a 1-1 or group ceremony, which can last 2-3 hours or more (in group setting)
It is administered in a transdermal fashion only by a trained practitioner, such as myself. 
Like plant medicines, I would NEVER recommend you administer this on your own without having a deep training AND long term relationship with the medicine itself.  
Similar to plant medicines, it can destabilize you if overdone OR if not done with an integration coach or support or longer term (or even short term) plan with goals/intentions, etc.
Like sacred plants, it is meant to really go deep and is not meant to be a quick fix or a simple healing modality. 
Really connecting to “What is my end goal with this medicine?” first BEFORE making a decision is key.
Both frog and plant medicines are for deep sacred work OR deep physical healing that perhaps traditional medicines or therapies haven’t gotten to that deep root cause level.
Both medicines can give a conscious interrupt, although plant medicines (especially without a spiritual teacher/coach or guide) can also cause one to be stagnant or ungrounded in making decisions.
Kambo medicine bridges science and spirituality and NOT being a psychedelic, it does more for less $$ and in less time and will cleanse your body/mind in ways that psychedelics simply won’t.
While ayahuasca is purgatory (and a few other medicines in the plant medicine realm), it is more of a spiritual purge through the physical.
Whereas Kambo is definitely focused more on utilizing the peptides inside of this medicine to help cleanse impurities, bile,
Most healing work with Kambo can range from $150 in group ceremony or up to $555 for a 3 session package, as well as 1-1 deep healing ongoing care/maintenance for chronic health issues, grief, addiction, etc.  
Plant medicine is usually, if done well/safely, requiring 5-10 hours in ceremony or session and can/will range from $450-Thousands of $$ if you are serious and working with a trained integration coach or guide/facilitator who can help you process all the information that comes through (and will continue to go through for days/weeks after)
With both medicines, it isn’t really for a “1-and-done” experience, unless of course the medicine doesn’t suit you.  
and that is VERY important to determine.
It very much is a relationship experience and a co-creating medicine in both animal and plant medicine journeys/healing
Some, including myself, might call to it a “Shamanic path” of shadow work and transmutation of the dark work into light.
That may not be the case for you, however, just know that that is possible.
You’ve got to be ready to really look at that which no longer serves
For you can’t heal what you don’t feel
And, I found and teach, you can’t heal what you don’t Name (shame, guilt, addiction, sexual trauma, abuse, etc)
Ignorance is not bliss and it is key to really weigh in if you are ready for that work, otherwise it can be like taking 2 steps forward and 5 steps back
Kambo is more embodied and grounding than psychedelics – think like acupuncture meets a deep, deep internal cleanse combined with reiki.  It is VERY physical and spiritual.   Kambo helps heal the mind through the body cleansing FIRST, but then renews the spirit after the physical purge in ways I’ve never seen with ayahuasca or other medicines.
Whereas plant medicine is definitely shutting down the mind so you can travel to past memories, unconscious wounds, traumas, (unless you block the medicine with your Ego mind, which I have seen/witnessed) and helping you go into other dimensions, connecting with Spirit/Source, and expanding your consciousness.  Usually not always right away in first sessions, later it can then become physical through somatic release (which doesn’t usually happen the first several times) or physical purging (often poop or sweat or crying, sometimes shaking)
It is beautiful though when someone reports they cried oceans of tears after their first or second experience!
THe set and setting really makes a huge difference with plant medicine – as well as your intention and what you are truly ready to let go of or call in.
The set and setting still makes an impact also with Kambo frog medicine, however, much like most colonics or deep deep cleansing experience, as long as you feel safe and intentional, you’ll always get a DEEP healing cleanse
Plant medicine will absolutely also bring up repressed traumas – which you’ve GOT to have support in processing/integrating right away, or it can destabilize you (potentially even making life worse initially)
Plant medicine also opens you up more to the other dimensions where the veil is thin and you’ve got to take proper precautions for safety – all the more reason to do with a guide/trusted mentor or shaman who knows how to protect the space and keep you safe.  
Kambo isn’t a psychedelic, so the safety precautions with your practitioner aren’t as extreme in bringing up traumas or anything like that, yet safety is still very important given you could faint/pass out, shake, purge, etc., and still can make you vulnerable when you go home and back to the “real world”
However, it won’t open the veil as readily and you are much less likely to contract days after – the integration can be much like an intense reiki or other healing modality session.  You still want to nourish yourself and administer self care.
The recovery time for Kambo is significantly faster as it doesn’t impact your central nervous system in a way that is overly taxing.  In fact, it is used in the jungle for many to build endurance, give hunters bursts of energy and increases physical stamina (as well as mental focus/clarity).   So you can actually still go back to work same day as your session/ceremony if you needed to
That would not be the case with plant medicines – that deserves a good 48 hours of recovery and introspection time in order to alleviate any potential energy crashes and/or contractions.   What goes up, must come down – so often there is a euphoria feeling after the ceremony….but depending on your self care and exposure to people/places/social media/etc that may or may not be positive or triggering, you often can have a feeling of sadness/depression or mixed emotions coming back down to real life/earth.  Hence why an integration coach and/or support system isn’t optional if you want to get lasting changes/transformation with plant medicines!
The peptides inside of Kambo work innately in tune with your organs/tissues AND chakras and does a lot of work deeply with addiction, trauma release and grief
Microdosing is also becoming more popular and many are taking the DIY approach – which is fine….however, can still create MORE anxiety/ungroundedness and cause more harm than good.
I recommend microdosing with either Kambo or psilocybin/ayahuasca, etc., ONLY if you have a coach/guide and a committed relationship time frame with these medicines
Do they really call to your spirit/heart OR are you doing it because your friend is doing it or you read an article that said it can help with anxiety or whatever you may have going on?
Doing it for the sake of doing it versus a holistic lifestyle plan/transformational program is NOT a good idea and I personally have seen in myself, as well as in others, it can cause one to be flaky, ungrounded, stagnant and even build a tolerance or another habit (or even addiction) if you aren’t APPLYING THE WISDOM given to you by these sacred medicines
And microdosing in a concert or in a group setting at work can backfire on you.
I am not being a doomsday person as I share these – this is best practices, as well as hard lessons learned for myself and others I have witnessed who have come to me because they injured themselves or caused harm by NOT having proper guidance/support and a plan of action (and safe one at that)
CLICK HERE to learn more about my growing microdosing community supports you with medicine options, safety and healing community!
My website has a LOT more info – CLICK HERE for that
It has helped me with all of the following:
-Weight loss
-addiction breakthrus

-autoimmune disease numbers (through a more balanced gut microbiome)
-mental health/anxiety/depression

-sugar cravings
-gut health issues of all kinds
-spiritual awakening – developing innate gifts even faster by removing physical/mental blocks in my body
-opening of the chakra system which helped me be more intuitive/trusting/reclaiming my power
-physical pain/inflammation
-immunity boosting thru the holidays (I am not a fan of flu shot, so this is my natural vaccine!)
Plant medicines (such as ayahuasca, psilocybin and psilohuasca) with proper integration have helped me with the following:
-addiction breakthroughs
-ancestral trauma release
-gut health
-spiritual awakening
-remembering who I truly am
-grief of past loved ones
-reconnecting with my life purpose
-bringing sexy back!
-helping me speak my truth
-clarity of vision
-opening up blockages of pain/suffering I didn’t even know I had
-healing mother/father wound
-Understanding the universe in the deepest ways possible – knowing that we are not alone!
-healing the religion wound
-rekindling my love for music/sound
I hope this article was helpful
There is a lot of misinformation and assumptions out there about both medicine realms
And I see many people getting injured or doing things like this on their own and not moving ahead in their lives
These medicines are meant to heal and go deep – and your health and lives can be so enriched if done safely and if chosen for the best healing reasons.
As well as seeing them as a longer term path for lasting positive results that can and will change your life for the better!
Be encouraged
If I can be of service, CLICK HERE for a free one time no strings attached consultation for either Kambo or plant medicine
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