Have you ever felt like Frodo?

Or do you connect at all with his journey in The Lord Of The Rings?

If you are captivated by this question, then i am guessing you answer is

Yes, yes I have. 

If this question intrigues you, but you are confused, let me say a bit more

When I saw the Lord of the Rings, I was blown away and sucked in to the trilogy

I felt so called to it because, like Frodo, I left my home at a younger age to explore the world and go on adventures

And there were many misadventures along the way that I did not intend…I did not mean to stray (at least not consciously) from my “good girl” straight path

If I had known what was ahead of me (much like Frodo!), I might not have left the “safe” confines of my Midwest upbringing

The road was twisy and turvy and brought me to some dangerous and dark places, places I never imagined.

Yet, I felt called away from home and was very purpose driven in that calling – no one could have stopped me

Something was calling me home….away from my land or family of origin

I didn’t understand it until decades later

What I am talking about is this

Your life took a very, very different turn then you thought of as a kid

You left the comfort of your home/family and always knew you were “different”

Perhaps even have called yourself, the “black sheep” of the family

Frodo was like that too

Take his love for Gandalf, for example.

He loved the wizard, who was often judged by the others in the Shire, for they did not understand him.

He loved his Uncle Bilbo, although (again) the rest of the town’s folks thought him to be eccentric and “different”

And Frodo loved hearing about his Uncle Frodo’s adventures that were also inspired by Gandalf and other magical creatures, such as the dragon.

Frodo was a dreamer who just didn’t quite fit in

And he was called for BIG things

He was called for greater adventures than even his Uncle Bilbo

Frodo was called to go beyond his comfort zone and shine his light, to essentially, save the world!

He went upon, what I now call a “shamanic initiation”

A total Death, rebirth and renewal of his life’s Soul purpose

He went on a mission and an internal quest of really remembering who he truly was

To dig deep within himself, die to himself, and be born as a “new” version of himself.

And even though it was terrifying, deep down, he knew that he was ready to do it.  He left the Shire, his home, the only place he had ever been, for a brave and courageous path….leaving behind all he loved and knew.

To serve his purpose

When I saw the final episode of the Trilogy of the Lord of the Rings, the iconic, The Return of the King….I bawled like a baby with a deep Soul recognition of what happened when Frodo said a final goodbye to Sam and others, as he boarded the ship to leave with Gandalf and the others who were what I now call the “light workers”

If you are still reading this, maybe there is a sense of “Frodo” within you.

Maybe, just maybe, you want to find your Soul’s purpose and go on an inner quest

Maybe you’ve found your life has been ok….but missing out on a true adventure!

Maybe you are scared to leave your “Shire” (aka safety net) to seek your true North and ultimate destination of rediscovering (and maybe redefining) your Self.

Maybe you are tired of living a status quo or “safe” existence

Or maybe you feel the pull to really find your truth

Maybe you’ve forgotten who you truly are amidst all the 3D world “stuff” and stressors that we can all get bogged down by

Maybe you want an adventure with dragons and wizards

If this is you, then I invite you to follow that call

I also would invite you to apply for our 8 week fall shamanic initiation program that starts October 1st

We are already 50% sold out as of the time of this writing

Here are the details of that shamanic initiation below

If you are afraid to walk this path alone, know that we got you

Frodo had Gandalf, Aragorn, and nearly a total of 12 people to walk him through that whole shadowy adventure to achieve his mission/quest

Email if you are ready to apply – support@microdosingforhealth.com

We will sell out this summer – so don’t hesitate

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