At the Lotus Throne, we are fastly becoming experts in emotions like anger, finding the roots are deep in ancestral lineage, and oftentimes, the cause of addictive behaviors

Vince came for help for all the above and sat with Kambo frog medicine 🐸 4 times since November

Here are his words

“Thanks to my work with Maggie and Emmanuel, I have totally flipped the script on my relationship with #nicotine, anger, and my own limiting beliefs
And it all started with my first (of now 4) Kambo ceremonies. And I am not done yet with Kambo!

I met Maggie and Emmanuel through a friend. I was seeking help in my personal growth in the areas of “capacity of emotional control, feelings of anger, hypersensitivity, and low sense of inner power. Overall, I don’t always live in these states. The times that I do enter this lower emotional expression feels crippling and affects the quality of my days. I’ve been intentional with my personal growth since age 22 (I’m age 29) I’ve taken a lot of my healing into my own hands.

I was at a point in my life where I felt I needed to focus most on reclaiming belief in myself. To recognize that not all my emotions need to be reacted to so intensely.
These feelings must stem from past negative experiences (some known, some unknown, and thanks to the Lotus Throne, I found out a lot more were ancestral, especially the anger).

I could feel change in my state of being with Kambo at the Lotus Throne
After only my first Kambo ceremony there,
I wasn’t so “on”
My headspace felt clear, and thoughts were steady. I had a wonderful sense of clarity. I researched more into Kambos’ science.
the peptides present in Kambo, with a cocktail of other compounds,provide deep healing.
Peptide: Small amino acids. They are foundational for our bodies. DNA makes RNA, RNA makes Peptides, and Peptides tell our cells what to do. It prompted me to sit again w/kambo.

70+ days later, I see way more clarity & wisdom within myself. I kicked my nicotine addiction & reclaimed my power
I understand anger now & love myself more thru it instead of numb it.”

DM me to change your addictions, anger and overall well Being with Kambo #kambo #sandiego #lotusthrone #anger

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