I have been microdosing with psilocybin and/or ayahuasca or psilohuasca for nearly 3 years, off and on, with different goals and phases of my healing process

Mostly around my addictive behaviors, meditation practice as well as trauma release/deep healing, remembering who I truly am.

Finding my voice, rebalancing feminine and masculine energies within, speaking my truth and shedding so many layers of my “untrue” Self that had a big mask thrust upon it for decades (and many past lives)

While I received way more healing through deep dive/macro dosing ceremonies with trained healing professionals and integration work, microdosing was a bridge with day to day life, that macro dosing couldn’t always help with in the short term.

After becoming an expert and coach this past year specializing in microdosing for health goals, with the inspiration of my vast background in body/mind health and fitness, I found these 3 common myths or common misunderstanding/misconceptions of microdosing below (that were also very common in myths when helping clients get off pharmaceuticals, emotional eating, etc)

There is so much information out there, and like many things you read on the internet, I can’t encourage you enough to find a trusted expert who can guide you in this process (otherwise you can be wasting a lot of time and money and literally seeing it go down the toilet!)

Much like supplements, nutrition and fitness programs, I find these common misconceptions are costing people time and money AND negatively impacting their health as they dive into this fairly trendy, yet vastly unknown, realm of working with sacred plants on a micro level


1. Microdosing is enough medicine where you will have a “trip” and see visuals, not be able to work or have a normal day (work or life)

FALSE – this is NOT what microdosing is.   It is usually 500 mg or less of psilocybin or very small tincture drops of ayahuasca

Whereas a deep dive/higher macro dose (can be as much as 500 mg or higher for some sensitive to medicine upwards to 6 grams)

It works subtly behind the scenes and isn’t meant to derail your day – depending on your overall health, nutrition, etc.

You can feel it or sense it in your body and it raises your conscious awareness, if done with a good source, and can help you feel lighter and more connected to nature, more focused, less anxiety, less distractions of the mind, etc.

It can cause a mild detox in week 1 – so stay hydrated and if you aren’t on any contraindicating medications (consult a doctor or me as a coach on this), you should be fine

It takes a good 30 days to really see consistent effect, as well as cutting back on over “doing” it in life.

Take more time in nature and meditate daily with the medicine to get faster/more lasting results. 

It is not going to give you lasting results if you don’t partake in a 3-6 month plan and even then it depends on your overall lifestyle, stress levels and commitment to this medicine

Deep dives (also called macro or therapeutic doses) is where the DEEP work and visuals and somatic releases come in.

And deep dives are NOT for everyone and also must be considered life changing with support and proper guidance since often it has been said one deep dive/macro dose can equal up to 200 hours of psychotherapy.   And is never advised without an integration coach or therapist that is trained with medicines and somatic trauma release/grief recovery, etc.


2.  It will “fix” my brain or deeply held trauma just by swallowing the medicine

Honestly, this one pisses me off the most because I see so many people think that these sacred plants are magic pills and replacements for medications or supplements or brain health

Sure, there may be a placebo effect because that can happen with sugar pills, pharmaceuticals, nutrition products, etc., because we now believe in our minds (and likely hearts) that we have found the “fix”

The microdosing is very subtle and works behind the scenes.

What happens next is the co-creation and lifestyle changes/habits – as well as EMBODIMENT with the medicine.

It won’t DO the work for you, in other words.

In order to heal the brain or “trauma” deeply held requires still very much a deep commitment to proper sleep hygiene, nutritional accounting of food/beverage intake, meditation practices, healthy boundaries with not only food, but also toxic people in your life and other stressors.

The medicine can only meet you where you are at!

This is not a substance that you can simply take and it will “cure” anything.

Our default mode network has been in full effect since our 20s, and was even mostly formed by the time we hit age 14 – our mental and physical and emotional pain bodies (aka traumas) had a HUGE impact to our thoughts/feelings and daily habits.

To shift that default autopilot nature requires embodiment with the medicine and creating new habits!

and, most likely, big lifestyle shifts with the help of a coach, as well as a long term microdosing plan (or even considering a heroic dose session that can turn off the DMN and deeply heal the body thru somatic releases)


3.  My addictive behaviors or cravings for sugar/alcohol/other substances will magically disappear within 30 days of microdosing by switching out those behaviors/daily habits with the medicine


This one shocked me the most and also saddened me a bit because one shaman even told a client all they needed to do was replace their daily drinking habit with psilocybin and their cravings would just simply go away.

While I have seen better results with sugar addiction/cravings with coaching clients with microdosing ayahuasca, it is still not a tranferrable habit by any means.

First of all, if you have an addiction of any kind, DO NOT partake in microdosing.  Similarly to deep seated traumas – microdosing won’t do much at all for you.  Deep dives may be the best start (as it was for me with my addiction to alcohol and work/social media three years ago)

Most addictions/cravings come from the emotional pain body and then inspire the brain to reach for that dopamine hitting “thing” outside of ourselves.

So microdosing will NOT help you get to the root of that by itself EVER

Making lasting deep and effective changes in addictions is a deeply healing shadow work journey – otherwise, you will just transfer one habit to another and be frustrated.

And in my experience, mind/body/spirit deep work is required and microdosing may be a waste of your time/money

In summary, I hope this information was helpful and if you have any questions reach out to us at support@microdosingforhealth.com or check out our microdosing website – https://microdosingforhealth.now.site/home

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