2021 is HERE!!!

Are you ready??

Do you have your written plan?

That’s right! Most of us already have 2021 on paper and ready to jump start….but don’t worry, you aren’t behind!
All you need lies within your hearts/dreams/desires – they just need to come OUT on PAPER
How does one write their 2021 plan out?
Here are 21 tips to get you to that start line called 2021 STRONG and PREPARED to rewrite your story (if you didn’t care for 2020) OR just simply live a life by design. 
TIP #1 – Get a new journal to rewrite your 2021 story.  Get something that excites you – favorite color or motivational quote on the front.  Did you buy one yet?  Don’t just get any ordinary planner AND don’t rely just on google.  It has been proven that writing down in hand improves the likelihood of things getting DONE.  
TIP#2 – Read the book the 12 Week Year – you can actually get more done in the first 12 weeks and maximize your year (and I am NOT just speaking to that since I coach on this).   I’ve helped clients buy homes faster, save money faster, get more sales faster….it all comes down to how you CHOOSE to spend your time (no such thing as time management)
TIP #3 – Ask yourself – What resources are you missing?  Take stock of what you need more of or new in 2021.  Do you have a zoom account?  Do you need to use live streaming with streamyard?  Do you want to research digital marketing or CRM platforms?  You need help with social media?  Copywriting?   A virtual assistant?  What can you do to open your mind and expand your life/business in 2021?  CLICK HERE for some of the best I found in 2020 that helped me
TIP #4 – Similar to #3.  What can you outsource???   I learned this year I had to delegate to elevate my goals and dreams.  It was scary….believe me….because I hired not one, but TWO, virtual assistants.   I outsourced email campaigns, social media posting, facebook, Linkedin, landing pages and so much more! Training them in, adapting to delegating wasn’t easy…..but it was soooooo worth it and I believe one of the top 3 reasons I was able to make multiple five figures in income with never having gone 100% digital before!  No one succeeds alone.
Oh and by the way, if you need help finding a good VA, I have a few resources and referrals that I have referred that are very very affordable (like $6/hour).  There is also nothing worse than hiring a bad Virtual helper….they can become a virtual problem if NOT the right talent.
Let me know how I can help.  I will be discussing this in my planning class on the 19th also!
TIP #5 – What is your VISION for 2021?  Have you written it down clearly?  Have you put together your vision board?  I will be doing this with you on my 2021 Action planning class on December 19th and it’s the first part of the book, the 12 Week Year (see tip #2 above).    Your vision is unique to you.  It encompasses every part of your life – mental/physical/spiritual/financial/relationships.  The more clarity you have in writing or in a vision board format, the better!   Write down that vision TODAY and EVERY DAY.  I have manifested more things in my life in a miraculous way.   I find that many people struggle with doing this…..so if that is you, please do attend my class on Dec 19th (if you miss the live you can receive the replay simply by signing up CLICK HERE
TIP#6 – What is your theme for the year?  Is it the comeback year for you?  Is it a transition year?   Is it a year you want to really embrace digital marketing and try new things?   Not just what amount of money will you make – but what will 2021 mean for you?   It is all about MINDSET…..at the beginning of 2020 I said that this was going to be the year of the come back for me in my coaching world….and it was!!!!  Even with a pandemic, I had that mindset so I didn’t allow much to slow me down because I was clear on what this year was about.
I would love to help you figure out what this next year will be. 
TIP #7 – Abandon scarcity thinking.   Think abundantly.  For real.  It doesn’t serve you – even when you may feel like you are drowning in debt.  You lost your job.   I get it.  I was homeless in the Great Recession back in 2007….and to be honest?  I wish I could go back and relive that period.  It was a time for me to start over.  To create.  Start anew!!!     That is what I did throwing caution to the wind moving to California and doubling my monthly expenses this past year…..it seemed crazy….but I followed my heart and abandoned scarcity thinking. 
“To think is to create” – raise your vibration…..do one thing every day that scares you….don’t let your past blackmail your future.  Think Abundantly!!!!
TIP #8 – Learn something new.  The more you learn, the more you earn!   This may sound cliche, but it is sooooo true.  I learned youtube a few years ago – zoom last year – podcasting this year.   This is key for your here and now success AND your future success.   The more you learn, the more versatile you can be.   Before 2020 I didn’t believe in Facebook groups…now I have one of my own and I LOVE it. 
What do you want to learn in 2021?????  I would love to hear about it!!
TIP #9 – Got goals?   These next few tips will be all about goals – first thing to remember is the SMART acronym. 
Do NOT set a goal without running it by this acronym test FIRST
Specific – what exactly do you want???  It’s very important to be CLEAR
Measurable -what gets measured can be increased or improved upon over time
Attainable -don’t overshoot so high that you wanna give up….or feel overwhelmed
Risky -Realistically risky is my fave way to look at this….stretching your comfort zone is KEY
Time bound –  The Universe can’t respond without a deadline!!!  
Let’s work on different areas for 2021!
TIP #10 –  What is your #1 business goal?   Is it increasing your income by 30%?  Is it specific to a financial goal? 
Have you picked your magic number?    If I didn’t have numbers written down when I launched in 2020, I am sure I would have been lost…..putting your business goals down for each quarter and building upon one to another is what we are going to talk about in my 2021 planning class.  I do hope you can join us!
 CLICK HERE if you need software to help you with your goal tracking with the 12 Week year Achieve software
TIP #11 – What is your health goal?    With the pandemic happening in 2020, I do believe that many have had their eyes opened to how important a healthy immune system is.  Even more important than a focus on weight loss!   After being in the health and fitness industry for two decades, and having an autoimmune disease, I really am grateful I learned so much about internal health.   I know the stress of the year got to me too…..my digestion went down and I started right away with my Naturopath.   An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!    This is why my podcast title has “healthy” in the first word.  If you don’t have your health, what do you have???  2021 can be the year of health for you.
TIP #12 – What is your wealth building/financial goal?  Will you eliminate debt in 2021?  How much?  Will you save?  Invest?  Hire a tax loophole coach?  Research crypto?   Get a new financial advisor?   Will you invest in real estate?  
Will you diversify and look into other income streams?   Healthy n Wealthy n Wise has had a lot of great wealth episodes.
Check out some of those at www.loiskoffi.com/podcast 
TIP #13 – What is your wisdom goal?  Meaning how much personal development or mind expanding things will you not only consume but APPLY.   I was talking to someone the other day and we both agreed that many people LOVE personal development….in fact I might say are addicted to it.  It gives a good dopamine hit and all that….but without application of what is read/learned, it is simply knowledge.  WISDOM is the application of such knowledge.  Obviously reading books are great and so are podcasts (heck I have my favorites and reading 3 books right now in fact).
Reading a lot of books and listening to podcasts can also cause inspiration constipation.  Going through the motions and NOT taking action (this is why I am calling my 2021 planning class an ACTION class)

Make sure you have a plan of what you will apply this year – maybe even teach something or launch a podcast of your own (I can help you with that!) 

You have a lot of wisdom to share – I have a strong feeling about that 🙂

CLICK HERE for my resources page and look under personal development for some ideas that might serve you.
TIP #14 – What is your spiritual/contribution goal?    This is a big one and often times something that gets overlooked in the hustle and bustle of life.   This isn’t specific to religion at all.  This is about connecting with others and helping/serving or giving of time or talents or sometimes money.   This one is also about connection with yourself – and something I realized with the help of my therapist I was way out of balance in.   In fact, I was so focused in 2020 in giving to others that I didn’t give to the most important person – myself!   I know for me I am filling my own spiritual connection cup in 2020 more – but maybe you found yourself in the opposite side of that coin.   Maybe you are missing a spiritual mentor or guide/teacher.   Maybe you hunger for a community of connection.  Even in this new normal of zoom connectivity, connection can be possible. 
TIP #15 – Choose how you spend your time WISELY and time block in the big rocks EVERY DAY.
As a certified 12 week year trainer, I coach on this and I see it as one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs and salespeople struggle with – especially during this pandemic work from home era.
In my experience, time blocking is not optional.  It is essential. 
There is no such thing as time management.   It is choice management.  It is also energy management.
The book the Power of Full Engagement by Tony Schwartz also helped me realize that as humans, we only have so much energy to give.  We’ve got to refuel ourselves. We can only go so long (like little sprints during the day) and not just plow through our day, depleting our energy.  Health issues can surface from that mentality – I know this personally
What is your best focus time?  Is it morning? Afternoon?  Evening?
Block your dollar productive activities during that time and even set an alarm or a timer.  I will coach a whole section on this during my 2021 planning class on Saturday, December 19th.  
If you don’t choose your time and how you spend it, it can be wasted OR even worse (in my opinion) someone or something will distract you from accomplishing what you say you want in life.   I had this happen this year – I found myself seriously overextending myself and giving too much of my TIME to others.   I fell into people pleasing/codependency behaviors that did NOT serve me or my family.   I started feeling dead inside.   I was checking my email too much.  I was checking whatsapp too much.  I was checking facebook messenger too much.   That caused dopamine depletion and spiked my cortisol so much I started feeling depressed.  In other words, I wasted a LOT of time making myself available to others. 
You can even time block purposeful “distraction” time – this is where you check email, check social media, check phone apps, etc.  I would say 30-60 min max on this – twice a day (also known as “buffer” blocks in my coaching)
We are human….so set realistically two big business rocks and two big personal rocks you wanna accomplish every day and no more than that.    These are two-four things you will get done that day no matter what.
Time blocking doesn’t mean you have a HUGE to do list.
Let’s continue this conversation on in Tip #16 – which I feel is still similar to this tip, however, stands alone in it’s own way.
In summary – if you block your time and stay focused/present during your commitment for that hour or 90 minutes – free from distraction, this could change your life in 2021.
TIP #16 – Set healthy boundaries on social media and email checking.  Turn off all your notifications on your phone.
Setting healthy boundaries is sooooo overlooked in this day of text messaging, zoom fatigue and Facebook depression.
It’s like that phrase, no where to run, no place to hide…..everyone is so accessible these days.   I actually worry about it for some of my clients.
I worry because it happened to me!  I hired two virtual assistants this summer and during month one and two of onboarding them, I fell into checking my email and whatsapp several times a day (sometimes even several times an hour!)   I felt like they “needed” my attention and I thought it was a good sacrifice to make for the bigger picture.   I thought the world would crumble if I didn’t answer their questions.
Boy was I wrong!!   I started checking those two methods of communication so often for them, that I got addicted in answering other people’s emails and whatsapp messages.   I felt “needed” and important.  It was an instant gratification thing for me to hit reply and get things done.  I didn’t realize it was also slowly eating away at me and consuming me into unhealthy boundary setting (or just plain lacking).    I actually found myself more anxious and more depressed as a result.
I just watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix and highly recommend you check it out as a lot of find ourselves on social media and whatsapp and email way too damn much.   
It’s a problem actually that I see with clients who set goals and daily priorities, even writing them down and making them measurable but then find themselves caught in facebook or whatsapp and checking it constantly (almost like a drug addict needing their drug of choice to feel good)
Set an alarm and check those things once every 2-3 hours (or even every four)
Jim Rohn said he didn’t even return phone calls until after 3 p.m. in the day because by the time he replied to that person’s “need” of him, they had figured it out on their own!   There are no emergencies or fires unless you choose to make them so.
Our feeling of being needed comes from an out of balance and scarcity mindset place – and if we don’t realize that we don’t need to be on call 24/7, then I see goals and dreams never being reached or abundance always being out of reach.  
Trust the Universe in timing and take care of YOU first.  If you don’t, no one else will and you won’t be at your highest and best for your family, your clients and most importantly, yourself.
Communicate your boundaries clearly with those that work with you and for you.  Turn your phone off during your time blocks where you are focused on the tasks at hand. 
Turn off all notifications and certainly start and end your day free from these things that don’t fill your cup!
TIP #17 – Hire a coach or have a mentor that is a specialist in an area you are weak in.  No one succeeds alone.
Now this one is slightly self serving, not going to lie.   Sure, you can hire me IF you wanted to increase sales results in less time and pivot from offline sales to online.
Hiring coaches and mentors/therapists was my saving grace in 2020.  If I had not already been working with a coach when the pandemic shut down hit in March…..I don’t know where I would be.  For real.
I worked with one sales coach who had already pivoted, already had a podcast, already had an audience/tribe online…..and I had none of that in January 2020.   Even as late as April 2020.
Then I hired a podcast coach specialist to take my business to the next level and boy did it!   My business exploded so fast as I built my email list, had online courses created and a podcast.  I had no clue where to start on any of that one year ago.
So now I help others do the same.
What areas of opportunity do you have in 2021?   Do you want to write a book?  Launch a podcast?   Increase sales online?  Create an online course?  If I am not the right coach for you, I know a LOT of coaches (marketing, life coaches, networking coaches, network marketing coaches, etc.)
Left to my own devices, I would have failed or been really, really lost.  I had two family members die suddenly amidst all that and would have ultimately been paralyzed without those weekly coach calls filling my cup and keeping me focused in some capacity.
I also hired a grief counselor and a therapist who specializes in codependency and working with Empaths like me.  I am so grateful that I can even share that kind of stuff with you.  One year ago, I would have likely hid that from the public – thinking that I was showing weakness or vulnerability.  But I would be lying if this year hasn’t been harder than hell and that I was also hurting amidst all the success.
But I know you all are going through your own journey and you are not alone. 
Working alone is a choice and for me, that wasn’t a good option in 2020.
I find that specialists are better than generalists in coaching and in therapy because they can see my weak spots faster than most.  And certainly faster than me!
Again, no one succeeds alone.  
If I can refer you to someone or help you in any way.  Please let me know!
TIP #18 – Take planned time to rest every week.  Plan a vacation or staycation once a quarter in 2021.   It that seems weird to say in the midst of a pandemic, well, do like I did for starters – Take time off.  Like, for real OFF.
When I hit a wall in September/October, it was my coach and therapist both saying TAKE TIME OFF that finally pushed me to really do it. 
We had taken a week off every summer to get away thankfully….but I didn’t completely take it OFF.  I still checked my email, still checked social media, still worked.  Along with the tips above on healthy boundaries, I had to recognize that Lois deserved a real break.
As Zig Ziglar said, we are spiritual BEINGS having a human physical experience…..we aren’t Human DOINGS.
I started by taking Sundays off in October (except for reconnecting with writing/blogging which is my creative outlet).
Then I would take one weekend off (Saturday and Sunday)
And now, I am going to take the last 7 days of the year OFF and enjoy my kids/hubby in ways I honestly haven’t in years.
After almost one quarter of taking Sundays off alone…..I feel like a new woman. 
A new BEING.
What about you?
What can you do to just BE.  Just hang out.   Silence and solitude – as I have learned at the end of 2020 – can go a long, long way.
Start small – give it some thought.  
TIP #19 – Do something new in the digital marketing realm and make sure you have a CRM
I pivoted quickly in 2020 because I had the coaches modeling their own digital marketing and CRM prowess and I will be forever grateful.  
I was anti-digital marketing and yet I embraced email marketing and have two systems I use DAILY to get out emails, create lead capture pages and have even embraced text campaigns.   
How does one keep track of these leads/contacts and sort and qualify them on a regular basis?
One can only do that with a client relationships manager (aka CRM) and with 2021 this will be no different.
While there are many out there, let me know how I can help. 
One dropped lead could cost you thousands of dollars. 
TIP #20 – Build a tribe – be the leader you were born to be and share your message in an authentic way.  
This could be within your email marketing campaigns, this could be within your podcast, this could be within a Facebook or Linkedin group.
People are starving for inspiration and community.   They are looking for leaders!
I remember someone telling me that I didn’t have a message or a voice and I held on to that lie for 13 years.
Now that I’ve started sharing more (and it was scary at first) I’ve been empowered by how many have heard my story and were inspired to create their own inspirational message path.
You don’t have to be great to start, you just need to start to be great!
How will you build your tribe in 2021?
TIP #21 –  Start each day with an attitude of gratitude.  
I thought I would end with how I start my day.  
Starting that day helps me stay in the now.  Be present in this moment and be grateful.  We live in a time of chaos and uncertainty and that may seem like a very difficult thing to do at times. 
Zig Ziglar did say, we’ve got to BE, before we can DO, before we can HAVE. 
There have been many painful moments in 2020 for me and many of us…..and yet if we can release the pain and anger in a healthy way, and then choose gratitude, it can be very healing.  Very rewarding I have found.
Be the change you wanna see in the world.  It all starts with YOU making that decision to lead yourself.  
Others will follow if you show up with gratitude and being present.
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams
I sincerely wish you nothing but the best in 2021
CLICK HERE to join my 2021 Taking Action Planning Class for your sales and marketing goals/dreams/income
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