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When I read that list of 6 identities or beliefs we can have about ourselves in the “You’re Not Broken” book….it dawned on me, that I grew up struggling with being perceived as “perfect”.  That I had to be “right” and not ever “wrong” or “bad”

I had chosen to be the “good girl”

I grew up raised by a single dad, my parents divorced when I was 4 or 5 due to my mom’s struggles with decades of schizophrenia and I truly was “abandoned” a lot as a kid.  

Or at least that was what my childhood perception created within myself

Tossed about in different homes, foster care and many well meaning aunts and uncles and friends’ homes, however, never very long in a stable and consistent environment for several years.   I had to create my own reality and decided at a very young age – that everything had to be perfect.

What about you?

Did any of those 6 beliefs or identities resonate with your own experience?

Many people know that a person’s character and personality is largely established by the time they are very young. The traits that will define that individual throughout his or her life can be clearly identified when he or she is as little as 7 years old.

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