When I was in health and fitness for 14 years, I got to witness first hand the weight loss and yo-yo dieting world after working with roughly 10,000 people

I also saw how gyms, advertisers and the media took advantage of the battle we all have had with the Ego much of our life

The Ego is that “monkey mind” that says things to us that can really trigger us

Like this

“OMG, I can’t believe I haven’t lost this weight – what is my problem?”


“I lost the weight only to find it again!!   There must be something wrong with me!”


“I’ve got to work hard to keep this weight off and deprive myself of so much – is it really worth it?”

I actually saw people addicted to dieting as well – and the ads/media and magazines were really really good at feeding off our fear of fighting the battle of the bulging waist line

If one trend or fad  didn’t work, then people would give another one a go

and if there wasn’t instant gratification – I saw people give up quickly to go find something else

I actually left the industry because I was so tired of seeing people stop and start and stop and start

And keep looking for that magic pill or shake or potion that was going to be “the answer”

And, yet, when 2020 came around and I gained the dreaded 20 lbs of sitting at a desk-not exercising-drinking lots of wine every day/week…..I got to see first hand how easily the lies could come

And honestly, it was the tandem of my Ego AND my limiting beliefs that were DEEPLY ROOTED in my subconscious that were the duo that led me into a downward spiral

I felt so much shame

So much worthlessness

How could I, someone who had been in the health and fitness industry now be 30 lbs overweight?

Well, it didn’t happen over night

And it was actually my limiting beliefs of “Not enough” and “Need to be perfect” that inspired me to feel that shame in my body

The inner dialogue was brutal and ever so sneaky

Once I believed the lie that I wasn’t enough (deep seated subconscious wounds here), and add to that recipe a pile of shame and guilt…….it became a vicious cycle

My addictive behaviors had piled on the weight

The limiting beliefs were fed from the subconscious to my Ego and VOILA

I was a binge drinking workaholic who felt like a lost mother, headed for divorce

But then something shifted

I decided to SURRENDER

And had a mentor who said, “You were meant for more than this!”

Those two things

So simple, yet not easy

Once I surrendered AND asked for help/support, that was when I could start to be the change I wanted to see in my waisteline

And my marriage

And my relationship with alcohol

And my relationship with work

And my relationship with people pleasing (couldn’t say no to people or set a healthy boundary to save my life)

And yet, save my life is exactly what I chose to do

No more bull shit

No more playing victim to my subconscious and Ego

I chose to tame that inner critic and quiet the mind, go into my heart

I tapped into my Higher Self (aka Superconscious) and went within – much deeper than any meditation before

I didn’t do it alone

I found community and guides along the way

I did stumble and fumble a few hundred times

I let my Ego and shame be in the driver’s seat more often than I care to admit

And here I am – now offering up support that I wish I had had when I started this journey in April of 2021

I invite you to join me

Maybe this is your time to SURRENDER

To ask for help

To get to the ROOT CAUSE and make loving, small, sustainable changes along the way

To not go it alone in isolation or feeling like you’ve “got to keep it a secret”

I didn’t want to be vulnerable either and talk about my “problems” or shortcomings

AND If I had stayed there in that self-judgment, need-to-be-seen-as-perfect place, I wouldn’t be alive to write this email

I am here right now, telling you, “You were meant for more!”

Your kids deserve the best of you – your partner – your clients – your friends

The world deserves the best of you

And you don’t need another flippin diet or workout to be the answer (in my humble opinion)

If you are ready to CHANGE for the better, CLICK HERE and sign up for my February 20th Busting Your Addictive Behaviors, Find Your Better Body 40 Day Challenge

You’ll blow your mind how much is possible when you get to the root cause AND have supportive community

Be ready to wear that swimsuit come spring break AND heal your relationship with YOURSELF (and others) along the way

We will have FUN also

We will learn how to dance in the rain

WARNING what is possible



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