Recently I have decided to speak out about the negative experiences that I’ve heard and experienced first hand with plant medicine/microdosing

Especially with how many DIY-ers I see out there now trying to grow their own mushrooms to save money, have access, etc.

There is soooooo much more to this than just growing it in your garden

This may come as a surprise to many as I have had MASSIVE transformations as a result of sitting with many heroic dose sets and settings, as well as have microdosed for several months ongoing to deepen my experience/healing

I have spoken so positively, however, there were  several terrifying and scary experiences in my journey that I kept quiet, until now

I will discuss this at length in my free microdosing 101 class

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In the meantime, here are some IMPORTANT things to consider when you choose to go this path

I went in without fully knowing what to expect and was pretty broken, as a binge drinking workaholic who was lost, dazed and confused about my life purpose

I did get referrals every time and thought, this must be safe!

However, what I discovered later, not all groups are created equal

AND discovered that most groups don’t provide integration support beyond ceremony or at least very haphazard support (meaning not organized or structured)

And if I hadn’t chosen the path to hire coaches and mentors within my first 6 months of starting this path, I might have had a nervous breakdown

In my deep dives (heroic dose of medicines are called this so you can go deep, such as 3 grams of psilocybin for example),
I was re-triggered massively with trauma memories and deep deep grief experiences from my childhood, even in utero with my schizophrenic mother

I had massive realizations about myself that were life changing and massive healing/tears/emotions that I had shut down for decades that were very freeing – also not always knowing what to do with that or how to unpack it in my mind

I also had scary experiences/nightmares while microdosing – which is becoming very trendy now

Even with just as small as 200 mg of psilocybin or a few drops of ayahuasca…..I was blown away how these ancient medicines could unlock fear/anxiety/grief or even emotional outbursts

I noticed I didn’t have guidance on nutrition to support the intense purging and releases beyond ceremony (many suggest diets before and shortly after), however, my body was holding on to the re-triggered traumas and I would often find myself in downward spirals or being unable to work or manage my mind/emotions very readily

I was like a fish out of water

Once I realized this was happening, I found my own tools AND the integration coaches to help me process the shadow work that was coming through after ceremony

Because of my background as a health and fitness trainer for 17 years, I knew this was a mental, physical and spiritual quest of healing and I could NOT just rely on the plant medicines/ceremonies as the “magic pill” that fixed everything just like that

MOST of the work does not happen at ceremony – it happens in our every day lives once we go home

Back to real life, so to speak

I’s what you do next, after ceremony, that will make or break your healing experience

What kind of support do you have?

I found breathwork, kundalini yoga (which helps with breathing and chakra clearing), as well as proper nutrition goals, time in nature, meditation NOT optional to help me release the “stuff” that was coming up to be “purged”

The body keeps the score and is very much awakened under plant medicine


The veil is very very thin when you work with these ancient sacred plants

This is not like sitting around with a bunch of friends at a festival and taking a handful of shrooms

This is DEEP inner healing/cleansing work and requires profound amounts of prayers and protection for you as well as the safety of the group.

So deep sage clearings is one way, however, there are many prayers, as well as shields of protection that great facilitators or shamans to protect the space.

Doing these on your own is not recommended at all.

For when you partake, the veil to the “other side” of other dimensions with Divine beings and entities, as well as darker forces, you are susceptible

I have experienced this in a very scary way that was dangerous to me and my family/marriage after the fact and will share on my free microdosing 101 class

I also have seen people have scary attachments or entities attach to them and NOT be cleansed and cleared (even with the aid of a shaman who was holding space)

Even microdosing, I have found, is meant to be done with sacred space and intention, not willy nilly, for total safety.

Because you just don’t know what may come up for you that can be a lot to handle

There has been so much beauty – especially the last year after I found tools to help me properly support my mind, body and spirit

Here are a few more tips to consider before taking this path

1. Follow this path not just out of curiosity or just because your friend is doing it – truly go into it for deep healing and deep spiritual growth
2.  It is not a quick fix so one journey or one month of microdosing very likely will NOT give you lasting results.
3.  You don’t need to go to Peru or Costa Rica to have a transformational experience
4.   Ensure you leave 60-90 days after your ceremony for deeper healing beyond ceremony
5.  If microdosing, do so with a guide at the start and graduate to where you feel solid handling your own fear/anxiety/expecting whatever comes up on your own with ease and grace.
6.  Don’t go the cheap route –  price does NOT determine ROI for your mental health…..also interview the hosts and ask what kind of support they offer after and if it is structured beyond the ceremony
7.  Make sure you have the understanding that anything may come up and you’ve got to be ready to handle anything (also why after support is critical)
8.  Ask the hosts how they protect the space for ceremony and if they provide healings/clearings on the spot or do they simply just sit there, play music, etc.,  How do they help you embody the healing?
9.  Is there freedom to chat and move around and talk to others in the ceremony?  I do NOT encourage this – you can exchange energies or cause injury to yourself or others by touching others or talking to someone while under the influence.
10.  What kind of intake forms are given?   The consultation before hand says a lot and the more elaborate the intake form, the better!   It shows they are taking a holistic approach to this.
11.  Where do they get their medicine?  How is it sourced?  How sacred is it?
12.   How long have they been trained or studying the medicine?  Do they have a deep love and relationship with the medicine?

I highly recommend you do diligent research and feel a strong calling/intuitive pull to go this way and be really committed to healing.

For what you find may be traumatic and mind bending

And if I can be of service, here is my consultation booking link:

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