Jon came to me pretty stressed out as a single father, musician and entrepreneur who runs his business from home as a musical instructor for kids and adults.

He started with me on microdosing, initially, to quiet his mind and get into his heart for 30 days and help with his “adhd brain”, as he called it

But after that 30 day jumpstart he realized he needed more support actually balancing out work and family life, beyond microdosing

He wanted to be a better father, more organized and ultimately make more money in less time with support/accountability

THat’s where my 24 years in sales and business kicked in.

I hadn’t taken on any business coaching (aka 12 week year) for nearly a year and my heart sang at the prospect of supporting him with an equal balance of masculine business acumen/execution accountability AND the feminine balance of not over working, but simply working smart and more intuitively from the heart – open and receptive to making good money (and feeling worthy of it!)

Here is what he had to say after 3 months of working with me:

“My music business has really blossomed with the help of Magdalena’s wise business coaching. I went from deep financial stress (1-2 panic attacks every 2 weeks) to an augmented income that has me feeling free and easy in a matter of about 3 months! (and I am still working with her!)

What I like about her approach is that she helps me develop what I know I need to do and put a plan of action in place. She does a great job honoring and holding the intention of business growth with a practical one-thing-at-a-time approach.
Plus, our meetings are FUN”

-Jon S., musician, single father, musical entrepreneur/business man

Please forward this to someone you know in recovery or maybe struggling with their work/life balance and overstressed around money (having panic attacks or anxiety)

They can start with a microdosing consult or go straight to the business needs right away

There is no one right path

If this resonated send me a DM so we can set up a virtual no strings coffee/tea to discuss what is best for YOU

Send me an email at to determine the right path for you

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