Now that I am two years into working with both micro and macro dosing with plant medicine (the sacred plants of ayahuasca and psilocybin mostly), I have reflected a TON on my weight loss journey of nearly 40 lbs down since April of 2021

Most of that came off in the first year of deep dive healing work and trauma release/grief recovery

But then the second year, I shed another 10 lbs AND kept off the initial 28 that I lost between April of 2021-April of 2022

And it was the second year that I really went all in on microdosing and studying how working with these small daily doses (with integration breaks and spaciousness added in) can heal the mind, heal the body and rejuvenate the spirit

I have shared more openly that it wasn’t just the sacred plants experiences and use that cause the weight to shed

Here is a short list of things that I also did, and that I can help you do too, that helped maintain the weight loss versus yo-yo dieting or relapsing back.

  1. Continued daily meditation practice development – I had been meditating for years, but that got to be a coping mechanism and no longer was the ideal meditative practice for me.   I got to change my relationship with my Ego as a result and the medicine really helped me go inward more readily on a consistent basis (with much trial and error along the way!!)
  2. Intermittent fasting – I wasn’t a fan of this before because when I tried it, I wasn’t doing it for the “right” reasons – it happened by default of microdosing 4-5 days a week for 6 months.   Focusing on my dosing in the early morning or even mid day and having to fast while doing so, was so magical and helped me have a healthier, more nourishing perspective on food/drink.  I had trended more toward hypoglycemia before and now have much more balanced blood sugars
  3. Integration with my body through more yoga practice, more dancing, through breathwork, more being in tune with my body – what did it really want?   I found myself, slowly, craving less and less alcohol.  By releasing the stress thru the body, I felt more balanced and in tune without numbing myself through alcohol, food, scrolling on social media…I became more PRESENT as a result and naturally slowed down the dopamine hits that were causing my body to be so darn tired and holding on to the “weight”
  4. Integration with my spirit – With the help of #1 above (meditation) and quieting my body more (#3), I was able to create a much deeper connection with my own spiritual beliefs, mantras, chanting, and simply LISTENING to my Higher Self (aka superconscious/divine within)
  5. Softening into my feminine energies of surrender, slowing down, love, compassion and RECEIVING – basically I had shut down my feminine energies for sooooo many years (decades really) due to my masculine wound (more on that in another blog and on my podcast).     I was so go-go-go-go that I was really causing my body/mind to be frenetic, which hurts cortisol levels and creates scarcity or lack.   And I am not just talking about money here – but time and also tending to be more fear based.  With the feminine there is so much more love and abundance and creativity!  This also helped with my rest and digest focus and calming my central nervous system – more balanced in giving and receiving has a way of helping your digestive system!

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