When I was struggling with alcohol, I realized I could have taken on the label (some might call it diagnosis) of alcoholic

For some reason, I don’t like labels, as I know in my past I had worn things like a badge of honor or scarlet letter…..and I wanted to break that stigma of shame/guilt that often was associated with that label.

Thankfully I found two things next

First,  A life coach who had a program called “Take a break from drinking” and talked about the brain and how dopamine and other “numbing” or “soothing” things (including social media, texting, napping, etc) were all avoidance techniques our brains took on to avoid feeling our feelings.

She took the approach, instead of abstinence, focus on healing the relationship with alcohol (since that was merely the symptom of a deeper root cause) and be freeing the mind that way.  

Second, I found Kambo

Kambo is a frog medicine from the jungle, only served by trained practitioners (which I am now one)

It is a potent animal medicine that helps you get a good, deep cleanse of body, which rewires the gut brain microbiome, which impacts the head brain AND it helps the heart brain/major organs thru activation of the vagus nerve

Kambo contains over 17+ peptides that scientifically have been proven to help with addiction (of all kinds)

2 of the peptides I am listing here:

present at 3 micrograms per milligram, functions like a hormone. It interacts with the pituitary-adrenal axis and corti–cotropin-releasing receptors—involved in stress, anxiety, depression, and addictive behavior.
stimulates the binding of agonists to A1 adenosine receptors and is shown to cause behavioral depression in mice.
CLICK HERE to read more of Kambo and the science behind it and addictive behaviors and depression (and so much more)!
Kambo was very deeply healing for my body/mind and spirit, so I didn’t need to be OCD and dependent upon alcohol and social media and other numbing behaviors that were really simply tools I sought to help me NOT have to feel my central nervous system/emotions freaking out due to unprocessed grief and trauma.  While those things cause pain and suffering, we don’t deserve to needlessly suffer
Kambo is a huge reason we are now starting a foundation/non profit around grief and addiction recovery
Besides my own testimonial, I want to talk about Laura
She came to us with an alcohol dependency that she was fearing might get out of hand

Due to life stress she was feeling bored/overwhelmed – which led her to want to drink (who else has been there?)

We pinpointed her drinking was a symptom of a deeper issue (and she never even drank to get drunk)

She had a lot of emotions coming up lately such as fear, guilt, shame, boredom, sadness, loneliness, anxiety,
insignificance (didn’t love her job), felt inadequate, overwhelmed, and had unprocessed grief from a close relationship that died by suicide.

No wonder she was turning to numbing behaviors!   It makes logical sense

Here is what happened for her after ONLY ONE Kambo session one month later

“I am doing great! I had reduced my antidepressants a couple weeks before kambo and then did not take any the day of, and I have not taken any since, with no withdrawal or side effects, I have reduced my coffee intake in half, and have no desire to drink alcohol. 

At the time I thought I am never doing kambo again because all I could think about was how nauseous I was, but I am definitely going to continue with my kambo journey.”

If you or someone you know struggle with alcohol dependency and want relief, maybe after trying everything (including abstinence) but are still feeling overwhelmed or depressed or simply imbalanced in any way, then let’s talk

CLICK HERE to read more about Kambo and it’s benefits and book a consultation!

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