Thanks to my coach Jamie Atkinson introducing me to Frank Kern’s perfect day

This has helped me manifest so so much (more than money) that my cup runneth over

Take a physical pen/pencil and paper and write out what your perfect day would look like starting with from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep at night.
Do not type this. Do not voice memo this.
Physically put a pen or pencil to paper and write this out.
Focus on three main phrases as writing prompts for this exercise:
I have…
I do…
I am…
Focus on the feelings of physical emotion that you feel.
We’ll focus on why this is so important on an upcoming call (we are literally beginning to reprogram your mind with this exercise).
Make sure that this “Perfect Day” is future casted.
Whether that is 6 months from now or 6 years from now, what does your average perfect day look like?
Please understand that this usually takes people 6-8 hours to complete their first time, and I *may* send you back to do this again. Since this is your second time perhaps it may go a bit faster, but I realize you have a couple of scenarios that you may toy with.
Do what feels right in your gut.
How specific you are is up to you, but some specifics are good even if you keep it more general.
What does your average morning look like?
What do you eat for dinner?
Who are you spending time with?
What is your ideal customer like – describe them?  How many clients?
This isn’t a special day. An event day. A celebration.
Just your average perfect day.
Review this daily and rewrite out monthly as a bonus to REALLY connect
This goes deeper than any vision board
CLICK HERE for Frank Kern’s youtube video
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