In early 2020 I was faced with a critical decision

Do I charge high prices and focus on bigger ticket clients?


Do I charge low prices and cast a bigger net to serve MORE clients?

To be honest, I thought option #2 sounded a lot less scary and had to be easier to find people that could pay just a few hundred $$$ versus someone that would pay a few thousand……

But guess what?

I was wrong

Dead wrong.

I didn’t make much money with a low priced offer

To be honest, I attracted a lot of not-so-serious clients who were looking for a quick fix.

And I didn’t make much money those first few months…..

In fact, if I hadn’t made a critical decision in September of 2020, I don’t know if I would be writing this email to you right now!

I might have had to get a J.O.B. or go to work for someone else (which would have been the most devastating loss for me).

That would have killed my dreams.

And honestly, it may have killed my marriage and my home life completely.

For you see, people who spent less, valued me less.

I worked long hours chasing after people who weren’t really serious about lasting change.

People who paid me less, often wanted their money back (buyer’s remorse is much more common in low ticket price points).

So instead of believing these lies in my head:

“If I charge less I get more clients”

“My clients can’t afford a high ticket offer.”

“Having a six figure plus business is hard work.”

I shifted to these thoughts and got better, lasting results!

“I attract more committed clients when I charge more.”

“When I raise my prices, serious buyers take me seriously and fall into my offerings with ease!”

“Having a six figure business is amazingly simple and fun when I charge what I am worth!”

Once I had those shifts in consciousness, the buyers started showing up!

Not only that, I worked less – taking off nights and weekends.

And even a whole week off at Christmas time and still created $5,000 while on my break.

Then in early 2021, something I didn’t truly believe happened.

I hit my first multiple five figure month by charging high ticket pricing and had a breakthrough.

I could do it!

And I kept doing it (only missed during 3 months do to moving into a new larger home – which was worth the down time!)

Month after month.

My marriage and relationship with my kids hit it’s best ever depth – it’s funny how time off and being more present in their lives could create that!

Do you want more income?  

Better relationships?

And fully realize your purpose?

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