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Second half of 2024 and 2025 Predictions with Franco Romero

I am excited to bring back one of my most popular guests to my podcast #francoromero


When he psychically channeled that I was to become a healer and teacher after partaking in ayahuasca and psilocybin, I believed him and went for it


He was right #psychic #channel


He is now a world renowned medium where some of his shows and documentaries cleared 120,000 views


I can say I knew him when

He made time for me and my listeners while having an intense travel and speaker schedule


You wanna hear the predictions for the second half of 2024???? 

And we also talked about 2025, what he calls the Year of the Big Reveal 

We are living in the time he also calls the Age of Mircacles, where many of us (myself and my husband already have done this) will wake up to remembering who we truly are as magical people who can create whatever we want, whenever we want

We will release the fear illusion and many of the lies of separation that have been taught for ages and especially the last 4000 years of patriarchy rule (war/power/money/greed/dogma/control)

At the time of this recording it was June 1st and we also delved into the last yearlong journey of the divine feminine energies coming in, the Event Horizon on the Spring Equinox, as well as what is coming for us on the June Solstice (June 20th/21st) of this month and beyond

The next year will create a LOT of shifts in your life, if they haven’t already happened (divorce, death, job loss, depression, anger, etc)

It is all happening for us to WAKE UP

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