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Mindset Ancestry: How your paternal lineage is holding you back in business with Shakti

With business, as in life, we have many things holding us back

Many times it is simply our minds!

And yet, how do we truly release our past?

Especially if we don’t know how many ancestors it goes back to???

Today your mind will be blown as we explore this technique with Shakti Wilson and Mindset Ancestry

Shakti Wilson is the Founder of The Mindset Company. She is a Mindset Expert, Speaker, Mentor, Teacher, and Mindset Ancestry Specialist.

Shakti has mentored Entrepreneurs to level-up millions in business deals through shifting mindset. She has been a mentor for entrepreneurs for 30 years, and is a Certified Teacher of SRT and Certified Consultant of SRT.

She went from a 7-year depression to become a speaker & entrepreneur after shifting her Mindset. Mindset work transformed her life from one of isolation to purpose.

Shakti is the creator of the Mindset Ancestry System.

Go to this link for her discounted gift – this is the mindset ancestry report – the gift that keeps on giving to your family for generations to come. Break those generational curses and get busy LIVING in this life!

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So I’m really excited. We have a very special guest today and we start with Father’s Day. Father’s journey for the last three years has been national. I lost my dad three years ago last week, Friday. And when I found our guest today, Shotty Wilson, who is the founder of the Mindset Company, she’s a speaker, mentor, teacher and mindset. Asseri ancestry. Sorry, ancestry specialists don’t say that three times fast. I was like, whoa, this is really interesting because how many of us have said, oh my gosh, my childhood was traumatic or hard or I have these issues in life and I’m sure it goes back to when I was a kid.

But she takes it even beyond our current parents. And we just thought this would be a great topic to bring to you in creating your best health, your best wealth, your best wisdom as we head into Father’s Day. So I’m going to turn over to you, Shakti, and we’ll love you for you to share your story. How the heck did you come about this and why do you do what you do?

Thank you, Lois, for having me. This can be such, so much fun to be here today. So I wanted to tell you a little bit about how what mindset ancestry is and how it’s created and how how it came to be. So basically, mindset ancestry is just a system to find out the negative and positive mindsets that your ancestors have passed down to you. We know we want to keep the good ones right so we can honor our ancestral gifts.

We also want to heal the negative mindsets so that we can stop any toxic patterns from negatively affecting our performance in business, as well as any unnecessary problems that may show up in relationships. So how it came to me was I wanted to talk. Because today we’re honoring the father lineage. So here’s my story in reference to my father was born into a lot of negative mindsets in the lineage, so mindset, I mean, my family had a lot of negative ways of thinking and behaving and lineage.

I mean, that these mindsets and these toxic behaviors were passed down from generation to the next. Everybody had it. Grandparents had it. My parents had. And then I had it. I’m sure many of you can relate to this. So my biggest negative mindset that was passed down to me was low self value, so my dad had this mindset and I inherited from him, came down his lineage through his father also. And in the beginning, this mindset didn’t cause too many problems for me when I was young because my mother was around and had a good role model to be high in my value.

But she passed when I was 15. So there we go. There is my role model for the high self esteem gone. So without her, I fell into that lineage, that ancestry of low self value mindset. And it’s been my path for for my all my time and coaching all my time for me learning on my soul path. Another negative mindset that I inherited from my father was blocks of producing that he had brought down from his lineage. So for him, that would mean that he had a hard time doing what was needed for him to run his business.

So with these two problems, for me, these mindsets over time went into a depression for seven years, didn’t feel valued and relationships couldn’t find purpose in college and career, but I couldn’t figure out what to do about this. So I dove into the personal development age, twenty one, started meditating, trying to find everything I could just to be happy. That was my goal. And eventually I realized that I saw these issues as patterns and how they were negatively affecting my life, and then I had another experience, realization that, oh, I have a choice.

I didn’t even have that in my mind set that I had a choice and that I could heal these patterns, I could change them. So this was really exciting insight for me. So in reference to the low sale value, I realized that I can can I can determine my own self value or I can get it from other people, parents, friends, family, school. I really had to be aware of it because it was such an issue for me in my lineage.

So I came up with and a mindset affirmation for me. My personal value comes from source and only source or God or spirit universe, whatever you call that energy. I wanted to know that my value comes from there and only there. And it was so healing for me to know that. And then in reference to the mind, set up four blocks to producing. I worked with to heal it in a similar way, so I created a mindset, affirmation that I know exactly what I need to do to create a successful business.

So because of that mindset, I have been guided every step of the way towards my success. So these changes in the mindset help me. Let go of my depression. Find my career purpose. And creating a business to help others shift their mindset. I also realize that I had a lot more negative mindsets from my lineage that I needed to work on, and I did not want to pass these on to my kids. I did not want my kids to live with my negative mindset, that’s my major motivator why I started on this path.

And so I was so determined that my motto became this mindset stops with me. So if anyone has kids claiming to have kids, just do what you can to really let go of your own limited mindsets. It makes such a difference. And we’ll talk about that influence in just a minute. So how did I shift these mindsets? I began to learn a system of pendulum dancing to shift mindsets, and I became a teacher and a practitioner of a method called Ezzati Spiritual Response Therapy.

So I chose this method because it was so fast, it nailed me every single time and I just loved it because I was on that fast track to stop my limited my. So I’ve been teaching and using this method for 30 years for myself and for my clients. And then I was realizing that shifting the mindsets from the lineage is so important to have that to have my clients realize that on a conscious level. So I mainly work with business people, I help them shift that ancestral mindset that are sabotaging their business.

So, for example, if somebody has a mindset that affects their charisma or their competence. This is important for communication. This is important for relationships and being a leader if you have a mindset that affects emotional states. Well, this is important to sell something, pitch an idea. It’s just amazing how you look at this mindset’s going to affect clarity of decision making, which can affect strategy and company direction, another one can be affecting your willingness or motivation, which can affect productivity and daily habits.

Another one could affect risk tolerance. You holding back from what you want to do? It affects big business decisions. So just a quick overview, the mindset is a group of mental and emotional patterns, positive and negative, we have both they’re both powerful. It’s just which one we choose. And so these mindsets are given to you at birth, passed down from your lineage. So here’s the key that I want everyone to get from today is to know that you can let go of them and they’re not necessarily yours to keep.

We choose to keep them. But why do we get them? Sometimes parents don’t feel the mindset. If your parents didn’t shift it from there, you get it passed on to you. Sometimes there is something about a topic in the family that’s not finished in each generation feels the need to carry it. And then it’s only when you’re aware of it, then you can really see the need to carry it. Here’s an interesting one. The subconscious family identity, sometimes a mindset persists because the family has a subconscious dedication to it.

So we ever said to yourself or hurt somebody else, say it’s just in the family or this is the way it is. There’s some allegiance to the way we are and it’s limiting. Sometimes the mindsets come for our personal social growth just to help you learn something to move on your path. So the mindset ancestries the system I created just to help my clients work with what are their inherited beliefs and help them to let go. So I create a family tree.

Looks like a tree. I do mother side, father side, three generations back. But sometimes it is further back. But for the tree, I limit it to three generations back. Who you got it from and how much it’s still affecting your life because you can have an inherited mindset. It can affect you one hundred percent or it can not affect you at all. Just depends on your mindset. So my goal is to help people really say that whatever mindset they come up with, that this mindset stops with me.

So I do use a pendulum and I’ll show you later when we have our volunteers, what that looks like, but I just wanted to give you before we get into the volunteers, I just want to give you just an example of what happened with one of my clients. So here is a guy who wanted business success. I never met him before, don’t know anything about them. He was referred by a counselor. So here, get this on his great grandfather’s mother’s side, there was a negative mindset passed down called an invisible program.

So this meant that he believed that he was not seen or valued. So when somebody has this mindset, it affects their behavior unconsciously and that behavior results in people ignoring them and not valuing their contribution. So I remember I’ve I’ve never met him before, so I just said, is this true for you? Does this make any sense to you? And he says, well, you know, it really does make sense because I’ve been at my job for three years.

I feel totally ignored, not recognized for my ideas and not recognized by my boss for the value I have to offer. So we did some work together to clear the mindset. But here’s what happened. Just three days after we had our session together, he presented a big idea to his boss. He’d been pitching for three years, and in this meeting, the boss finally paid attention to the idea and said, what happened? I listen to you all these years.

And he called in a special meeting, get the ball rolling. And his boss even hugged him. And my client was shocked. It was a complete turnaround from his experience with his boss. So what he did was he changed his mindset to one that says, I have high value and people will see me. And that created the change I remember when we shift people around us, shift is just a miracle how that happens. So when he went home, get this, this is just crazy.

So he goes home that same day that he had that shift at work, he comes home and his 70 year old son who carried that same mindset of I’m not seeing or valued, which meant to the 17 year old, I never stand up for myself. So that day, his son got that energy, that energy that was shifted. And he came home and he told his dad that at school he stood up for himself, he stood up to a teacher about an important issue.

So this dad was really happy because he shifted his intention of shifting that mindset, affected his son. So that’s the magic that happens when we change our consciousness and our awareness about mindsets. So let’s loess let’s move on to the volunteers and we’ll see how it works.

I forgot, I muted myself, I just wanted to say I was looking back at the report you did for me, and it was in February and I had perfectionism, depression, obedience, lack of self-expression. And for me, that that manifested in an autoimmune disease in my throat and depression and all sorts of thyroid issues. Right. And so I had that session with you, remove some stuff. And then I went on and had my first multiple five figure months and it was just more transparent, more vulnerable, more open.

And I just wanted to give you an acknowledgment for that because a lot of times were brought up. It runs in the family. I had a lot of depression in my family. These like almost like scarlet letters that were that were following me. And I was afraid to speak my truth. So I so much stuff that I manifested this disease in my throat. Right. And so I just want to give my own quick testimonial that this stuff works.

And you don’t have to quote unquote, as I’ve heard many times in my life, just deal with the cards that you were dealt. So I just want to acknowledge you for what you do. And I love to bring on one of my clients and friends. Diane came from the East Coast. She just celebrated. Well, OK. I better not say how old you are, Diane. You slap me now. I’ve known Diane. We actually met through in February after I worked with Shakti.

So it all comes full circle right now. And Diane even said she had heard some things that I said that really spoke to her. So it’s kind of fortuitous that here we are having this opportunity for you guys to share. So I’m going to remove myself and let you awesome ladies do do your work. So go ahead. Take it away.

OK, great. OK, so is there a particular area, particular question that you have or would you like me just to tell you I am open. I would love to hear what you have to say.

OK, let’s focus on business, OK? And this will be we’re going to be talking about the father, the paternal lineage. OK, sounds good. All right. So I’m going to be looking down, but I’m also going to be using pendulum, OK? And I have a series of parts that are going to give me the information. So I’m basically tapping into that consciousness to allow the information to be given to you. But. OK, so for this piece, we’re going to go back the generation six on the female side.

OK, interesting. OK, OK. So it’s, of course, pretty far back. But it’s actually on the father’s side. The female on the father’s side. I want to tell you about a loyalty a is was brought in from the lineage. Has to do with partnerships. This is good for business and personal, right? Yeah, oh, this goes right to business partners. Hmm, interesting, huh? Yes, everything in your life, so I want to go in and find out more information about that.

What is the all of that? That limited mindset from that generation, because this is a long time ago and they have a lot of trauma, a lot of trauma, so let’s see what it’s about. OK, do you know what the word appeasement means?

We just kind of give up my power. I just do whatever I want. Everybody wants to do.

Yes. The people pleaser. Yes. Do you resonate with that?

Recovering boundaries? Yes.

OK, so this is interesting just to know that that’s how far back it originated. Well, OK, because back then, you know, I know that we know we’re still working on our energy and strength as women, but back then, it’s even harder, harder life. Right? So the pattern comes down. So what we’re going to do together is we’re just going to in consciousness. We’re just going to ask that that be cleared, OK? That you have an awareness of it.

And when I use a pendulum, I’m just asking I’m talking to my higher self. This higher part of me is talking to that part of you. I’m not sure what your beliefs are, but all I’m doing is honoring that the power in me honors that power in you. OK, so in the world of pendulum, it will move. The energy will move in a circle. It just it’s our way of knowing, oh, something’s happening.

It’s a confirmation, right, that this is how I see it. I love it. OK, so is the energy still moving? And when it’s done, it’s just going to give me a stop signal and then we’re going to ask what what can what energy would be helpful for you to replace? Let’s go to. There’s there must be more from 6:00 all the way down with that energy on the female because it’s still clearing, so you’re carrying a lot of it.

And remember, the main thing is that you don’t need to carry it anymore, that you’re the one. This is I tell everybody you’re the one that that can break it. You’re the one that can stand strong for the female. Yeah. In the lineage. OK, so you go, OK, this stops with me. OK, girls, OK, we’re going to do it now, but ended up for what we want to do and why we’re here and what we need to do and how to help people.

Oh that’s. And it’s such an affirmation because when you were saying that it stops with me, that’s that’s been the part of the work that I’ve been doing. I know that. But my job is to be the disruptor.

Absolutely. So this is going to help you win it, because remember, if we try to disrupt from the outer, just the conscious, it’s not going to work. We need it full subconscious. We need actually super conscious all the way subconscious and conscious. So this is going to help you line it up so that you’re really going to feel it. OK, now when I do this, some people do feel a shift, I don’t know if you did or not feel lighter or anything.

Yeah, a little bit of something.

Something moving.

OK. All right. So let’s ask, what is the what is the helpful energy for you to replace this? Just. It’s a mindset, affirmation, you can include this word if you like. Oh, I love this is freedom.

Freedom to do what you want to do the greatest.

I love that. From appeasement to freedom. Oh, yes. Let’s take it. So I want to do one more thing about this female coming down, and I want to just ask, what is her gift to you? OK. So I’m using a tarp. And it’s confidence. So you’ve got the lady going, go for it, go, go, go, yes, confidence and just resonate with the confidence. So when using the system for the pendulum, I’m asking that that energy be sent to you, that you feel that energy and that you take it on on a conscious level and bring all of that with you and have the confidence to go.

OK, here we go.

It’s time.

Yes. So this can help personal relationships, it can help business, it can help health in every area of your life, because once you change appeasement to confidence, watch out. Here comes a woman has spoken of it.

OK, yes. Yes.

That was helpful to you.

It really was. I wasn’t expected it to show up on the female side. And so that’s really cool on the father side and the father’s side. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. Love it. All right, Nick, thank you so much. You’re welcome.

Hey, ladies, that was awesome, and thank you so much, Diane, I just want to acknowledge you for being open to share that in a in a public space. And I’m excited to see for you what happened to me being able to move forward through that break those generational curses and impact impact your lineage to come of it.

Thank you so much for the opportunity. It’s been a wonderful, wonderful.

Thank you, Diane.

Awesome. All right. Great. Well, now, since we had one female, we wanted to balance out the energies and bring in the man, the legend, the myth. Not really shot my brother from another side to have you here, Sean. I’ll do the same thing. I’ll just go ahead and move out of the way of greatness and let you guys take it from here.

OK, Sean, any question or would you like me to move in the same way I did with Diane, I’d like you to move in the same way with as Diane, please.

OK, great. OK, so first we’re going to find out where in the lineage there is a limited mindset. So I’m asking in my mind for the the one that’s the most potent, you know, the one that’s most disruptive. OK. OK, so you have a seventh generation. Again, it’s a female. This one’s on the father’s side. OK, so, again, I’m using a pendulum, so we want to find out what that.

The main area of that limited mindset is. It goes to personality. So let’s see. OK, so let’s find out what energy we’re talking about. OK, this has to do with the word justice, justice, the respect. So there is something about. Are and feeling justified or respected by others for your value? Does that make any sense to you?

Mace makes quite a bit of sense.

Yes, OK. All right. OK, so let’s we’re going to do the same thing. And we’re going to just ask my higher self, my potential in me talking to that energy within, you know, we’re just going to ask to ask the universe to help. Let’s let it go. Just that awareness, because if they’re if we don’t hold that respect for ourselves, no one else will. We have to hold it. And it’s our. Personal value, our own opinion about ourselves, that’s going to make the shift so in reference to business, very important that you really get your value.

If you don’t get it, you can’t sell it to anybody else in your new adventure, right. So this is so important to clear for your new adventure. It’s even more important than what you’re selling. It’s you, because you have to have that personal value, because people buy from who’s selling. Your energy, right? Exactly.

Yeah, and if there’s any situation where you don’t feel in the past didn’t feel justified or respected or you felt like something wasn’t appropriate, if you had to deal with anything like that or you had to prove yourself. Did you ever have to do that?

Yeah, that constantly in sales and and in the military as well.

OK, all right. So let’s just clear the air. Remember, I’m clearing a personality. So the personality of having to prove yourself, we’re letting that one go. We want you just to be who you are, there’s no need to prove is just your naturally who you are, and that’s going to make the difference, because as I was explaining to Diane, we can say a mental affirmation. This is who I am and this is what I have to offer.

But if the subconscious has a different message, it’s not going to fly. So we’re letting go of the the character, remember, it’s a personality, there was some lady back there who had to prove herself all the time. No lives were tough member. So she’s always having to prove herself, justify and get respect. So that angst is what we’re letting go so that you can just naturally just relax into who you are, OK? Does it make sense?

Totally OK. No more fighting about who you are now having to prove it, you’re just awesome as you are. OK, yeah, OK, it really has to sink in sometimes I call it a clunk, just let it cloak that and I’m good. I’m good. OK, so it is clear clearing here. All right. Let’s see what we can replace with. It’s just joy it’s joy about being who you are. Your joy is going to sell you.

Not the other energy of having to prove that I’m awesome. It’s your joy, your natural joy is going to sell. I really get that from you. So that’s it. OK, all right, so we’re just going to have that. Because you don’t need to carry the burden of the lineage anymore of having to prove the lineage. The same that probing I am can stops with me, I’m just here to just give the joy from the lineage.

So let me see if there’s any special gift that the lineage that this. Sixth, I’m sorry, Seventh Energy wants to give to you. OK, so you had to one is about the inner confidence and just knowing to stand in that place and the other one is to be open, stay open. Just let the universe help because this person came from a land of restriction, you were carrying the restriction. And this energy saying, let the restriction go and be open and then you’ll know exactly what the steps you need to take.

Wow. It’s I mean, one of the things I’ve said, and I don’t know my father’s side very well at all, and but I’ve equated the last name that I carry weight. I’ve always said that I want to change what I perceive as the value that goes with that name. I want to disrupt and change that, make it represent something different. So that’s something I guess maybe I’ve been carrying with you, talking with approving and respect.

That’s the wait. So what would you like to carry now?

Hmmm, I guess the weight of being able handle the success I’m going to have.

And handle the weight of joy, handle that. You know, we don’t want the wait to be more of a burden, just handle. I carry I carry the weight of joy, makes it lighter, I would think, and I agree, right. Yeah, great. Anything else?

No, that’s wow. Thank you so much.

You’re welcome. Thank you for volunteering, being open, being spontaneous about it. Thank you for being open to that.

I’m glad I’m sure my mother will be glad to hear that it’s my father’s side, not hers.

Oh, yes.

That was awesome. Thank you, guys. All right. Appreciate you. Thanks so much, Sean. That was so cool. I love this. Thank you so much, Jacqui. This is this is great. And I want to tell you, too, we had a I hope you’re still here, Wilma. I’m amazed at what is going on. I may need her assistance for I continue to think something is blocking my progress. Yes, well, I will.

I’ll get you connected, as Shakti does. For those of you who watch, she has a as a great, amazing, amazing offer at the end, which will we’ll talk about. But I would just like to. I don’t know, because there’s so many things out there. Right. So many techniques. I’ve done all of it. And I’ve done acupuncture, subconscious mind coaching. And there’s all of these gurus selling people on on stuff. But it really does come back to a lot of what you teach and share that may be holding us back, don’t you think?

I think so. And we don’t even know we’re holding it from the Linea’s.

Yeah, because I even thought I had when I went through and I could share my report, I’m open to that, but I haven’t I haven’t gotten the family’s permission. So I’m just going to say, like when I read it, I was like blown away. Like, I thought everything was coming from my my dad’s side. And a lot of it was coming from my mother’s side. And the things that I saw, I was like, oh my gosh.

Like, it all made sense. So I just, I guess really give a snapshot as I know we’re coming to the end here. And obviously I’d I’d encourage you guys this is definitely not a self-help or personal development thing that you just read a book. Right. There’s so many people addicted to personal development and self-help, but I’m just going to read a book that’s going to make me feel better for the moment, but it doesn’t get to the root cause of the issue.

And so how do you work with people and then maybe this is a good segue into sharing about what you’re offering to our listeners today?

Yes. So as I mentioned before, I make a family tree, a mother’s side. Father side. And then I I identify all the limited beliefs that you got from each of those people, you don’t even have to know them because it’s going great, great, great. You don’t have to have met them ever. And I will still find out what limited belief is carried to you.

I was going to say someone’s adopted, right? And they’ve never known one.

It doesn’t matter. They don’t even have to know the names. And then I tell you what percentage you’re still carrying that, and then we work together and have some sessions if you want, we work together to let go of the mindsets. But the first said the report will be the mothers side, fathers side, all the limited mindsets you picked up from them, the percentage that you’re still carrying them. And then we review I email that to you and then we review together, go over it all for an hour, and then we’ll start to start to process and let it go.

And if you want to do more work, then we discuss that.

So for those of you who are friends of the health and welfare of his community, and this is a this is Evergreen, right? They can if they’re listening to this five years from now, could they still use this link that I have on the screen right now to get in touch with you? So it’s w w w dot the mindset company dot com forward slash h w w, which of course stands for healthy, wealthy and wise. And any other advice, any other words of wisdom that you can provide people knowing what you know, knowing that you’ve done this for 30 years.

What other words of wisdom can you share with our audience before we wrap it up?

Well, I thought of something funny is that I got an image of I was asking what’s an image of a limited mindset? And I got a cork in a bottle like a like a bottle of wine. And so the court’s purpose is to stop the flow. So that’s what the limited mind set does, and it just wraps our world until we let go of the dark. And let it flow. So it’s just really important if you want to if you want to do something on your own, just take what you take away from today is just to know if you’re aware of a mindset, is to know that mindset stops with me.

Awesome. I’ve heard so much about breaking generational curse as I’ve heard so much about so many different things in my journey, but what you do is uncover the things that we can’t see. You can meditate all day, every day. And yet if you still have call reluctance, it’s because you don’t believe in yourself to six, seven generations past. You can’t necessarily summon up the the techniques or the strategy to do that. Right. So I’d really love for you guys that are listening.

Yeah. Shawn, that’s awesome. Yes. So, Shawn, as a father heading into Father’s Day, happy Father’s Day to all of you out there. Will this break the chain so my son doesn’t have to deal with it, honestly?

Absolutely. Absolutely. That’s why I gave that example of the father shifting and the son changing. And remember, Shawn, this is why I got into this, because I did not want my sons carrying my limited beliefs. That was my main impetus for my work. So, yes, the answer is yes.

Awesome. That’s awesome. If anybody else has any less quick questions, now is the time. Normally, I actually have a 30 minute show to they were going a little bit longer because of the topic. In the meantime, just a really quick reminder. On Friday, our regularly scheduled show is with one of my friends that I met who’s an amazing leader. He came out of a car crash, basically the only survivor. And to be able to understand his life’s purpose, to come from a place of working, balanced and having a balanced life, which is something I’m very passionate about.

He talks about productivity and working from a place of purpose and how to be truly productive, not working insane hours just to, quote unquote prove yourself and be on the hamster wheel, which is something that I’m very near and dear to. So Dan Lefay will be on Friday at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. And so if you can get you can tune in on Friday, please invite your friends in again. As a gentle reminder, if you saw value in this show today and you haven’t done so already, please hit the share button.

Whether this is a recording on YouTube or wherever you found this, please, please share this with people, even if it’s beyond Father’s Day weekend, which is coming up here fast. We want to make sure that as many people get access to this information because it’s definitely not something you learn about every day and definitely don’t learn about it in the traditional models of school and things of that nature. So as we close it out here, I always like to ask of my guests the same question, because I believe we all have innate wisdom and perceptions.

And I’d love to hear your definition shock you when you hear the phrase healthy and wealthy and wise. What does that mean to you?

It means to take the time to connect to your own guidance, your own inner source for guidance so that you can listen to your own mindsets. Don’t listen to anyone else’s and don’t listen to your own limited mindsets. That’s what it is and just wanted to mention that the there is an offer for today. You can explain that auction.

Oh, yes. I’m so sorry. I thought we already did. I apologize. So, yes, I already put it on the screen. So tell us more about that. The mindset company dot com for slash h w w what will they find at that link.

Usually the the Mindset Ancestry report is four hundred dollars includes a report and one hour with me to review for those listening. It’s two hundred and fifty. So check it out, look at the landing page, see if you feel called to do it.

Awesome and what a great gift if if if you want to give this to a father in your life. And pretty much anyone who doesn’t have that day doesn’t have to be a Father’s Day gift. But at the same time, I figured it could be a life changing for all of those that that who are in business, especially if they are being held back financially or in their health. Like I shared with you autobiographically, I manifested in auto immune disease and definitely some scarcity in my own income as a result of my lineage.

And so we want we want to share this with more than the fathers out there. But if you know someone that you could give this to or give this to for Father’s Day, that could be a great gift. But also, if you’re hearing this beyond Father’s Day, this is a great gift for yourself. This is the gift that keeps on giving because it can change your your lineage and generations to come.

Yes. And it changes it frees you from the past and frees lineage going forward.

So, OK, wonderful. Well, thank you, guys, thank you so much, Diane and Maurice and Diane and John. Thank you.

Well, next time, guys, as always, log on to healthy and wealthy and to hear this recording and other guests and share it with those who you care about. And until next time to your best health, your best well and your best wisdom. Bye for now.

Hey, guys, thank you so much for listening to this episode. If you enjoyed this, please subscribe, refer a friend and please drop me a rating or a review. If you do that, I’ll reward you with a free 20 minute free coaching session on crafting your journey to your best self. Reach out to me at Loess, at Loess, CofI Dotcom to claim your 20 minute slot until next time. Be healthy, wealthy and wise.


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