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Turning Your Distractions Into Daily Focus & Your Best Life With Dan LeFave

Dan received life’s second chance when he survived a severe car accident that took three lives. He’s struggled through brain injuries, business failures, heartbreaks, running marathons and daily fights with fear and doubt.

He is the #1 Best-selling Author of Living the Life of Your Dreams – How To Stop Working Insane Hours And Start Living An Awesome Life helping businesses grow 7 and 8-figure revenues.

He’s known as the 7-Figure High-Performance Business Coach, because online entrepreneurs and agency owners hire him to establish self-managing businesses by upgrading their skillset, mindset + systems to scale their business easier.

Today we will talk about everything from being “different” in your family to his secret weapon tool that he is super excited to GIVE AWAY TO YOU to live your best life (while not being distracted by those dream stealers called “shiny objects” is where you can grab his 12 week productivity focused planner

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Are you living your best life as a salesperson or entrepreneur, or do you find you’re working all the time on this hamster wheel of life while stressed out and not financially free, which is the exact opposite of what you had signed up for, especially now in this global pandemic? If this is you, you are not alone. I found myself there in 2008 when I lost everything, including my health, and had to pivot. Working from home for the first time with no money.

I rebuilt my life from scratch, juggling motherhood and marriage to get my life back and be recession and pandemic proof today. Now we live laptop lifestyles with our kids and are poised to travel the world together. How did we do it? Join me as I share my health and wealth and wisdom secrets, tips, tools and expert interviews to equip you to be recession proof and live your best life. My name is Lois Coffey and this is healthy and wealthy and wise.

Hey, hey. Happy Happy Friday. Welcome to all of you. This is Lois CofI with another episode of Healthy and Wealthy and Wise. We bring this to you live every Friday. So if you guys are tuning in, you know the drill. Go ahead and comment below. Hashtag live if you are on the replay hashtag replay and we’d love to know where you’re tuning in from. We have people from all over the world that tune in every single Friday inside of my healthy and wealthy and wise Facebook community.

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I’m super excited today for my guests Dan Lafave all the way from the East Coast. I’m on the West Coast. And if you guys see value in this show today, please hit the share button whether you’re on live or the replay. And as we go through this time together, you can also comment below and ask questions of our guests today. So I’m at Dan actually think it was in January of this year, January, February, through the Strategic Alliance events, and just was really excited because we have some things in common.

We both love productivity. We both are systems geeks, kind of like how can I be more productive? And I love what Dan says. He turns distraction into daily focus and he has an amazing story. He’s been through a lot and his journey, he’s not just a number one best selling author. He’s also a very humble and I’d like to say empathetic individual. So I’m just going to turn over to you, Dan, if you can share your story and why you love turning distraction into daily focus.

Well, certainly. Thank you for having me here. You know, I think one of the big things that really is starting to become something that I’m realizing was an impact on my life was an accident that I had, that I almost died in this accident. And but there was three people who did. There’s two people in the car that I was in and they were in the front seat and they passed away. And so I landed in a coma for a few days.

I finally came out of it. And, you know, it was it it was a jolt that I I don’t know. I don’t think I really thought too heavily about it. But now that I reflect on it, I look back in life. I really questioning, you know, the universe in life and and what’s it all about? And, you know, even now I kind of think, well, am I living a life worth living?

And because I was given a second chance, but also, am I living a life worth dying for? Because because eventually I’m going to I’m going to pass and, you know, just like everybody. But am I really doing everything I can to to live while I’m here and have this this place, this forum? You know, people that look up to me like my children and, you know, and all that. So, you know, I think I really started looking at life a lot differently and acting differently now that I reflect on it.

And I think it has caused me to be who I am. And and frankly, I don’t relate to anybody in my family. And I have like one side of my parents family. There’s thirteen brothers and sisters. Another one is nine. So I have plenty of relatives and I just don’t relate to any of them. So if you’re listening to this, I apologize. But, you know, like, I don’t relate to them. It’s just I’m like this person is way off the deep end on personal development and research and reading and systems and, you know, so and they’re kind of all rooted in.

Reality and doing what’s necessary and all that kind of things, and I’m just not that kind of person, I’m a broader and more trusting and have more faith in things, and I’ll let things go to almost to the last second before it works and other people are panicking. And I’m like, well, I think it’s fine. We’re going to go where we need to go or things are going to happen the way they need to happen. And so I think it caused me to have a lot more faith and trust in things and not panic so much.

Wow, I love that. And it’s kind of ironic because this weekend is Father’s Day weekend. Happy Father’s Day. And I just had a gal on I don’t know if you saw the last episode was about healing your your lineage, your ancestral lineage and how from generations previous we carry forward these I call them generational curses. And it sounds like your new lease on life, while it might have, I’m guessing, might have felt a little lonely at times because here you are, this very different person.

Would you say that’s true?

Well, yeah, it is pretty lonely. And and I mean, getting together is just it’s like an experiment almost, you know. So if we go to a family reunion or something, it’s kind of like I just go in there ready with all sorts of questions and I don’t really want to talk about anything I’m doing because there’s just not going to get it. So I’m just like I’m just hitting them with questions and taking interest in them. And then I walk away and talk to somebody else.

And so, yeah, pretty, pretty lonely in that respect. And I have to surround myself with different people who are more, you know, more open and look at the world differently and think about things differently.

That’s awesome. I love it, I love it. So how did you go from that whole transformational experience into essentially now today your best selling author? You talk to people about how to stop working insane hours. I loved how you put that in your bio and living an awesome life and being able to do it in such a way that you have what I don’t know if you call it work life balance, but having that amazing income without compromising your health and your wealth, which is what this show is all about.

So how did you get to that point?

Well, you know, there was a lot of things that happened early on. And my parents, my dad was a butcher, so we had a meat shop. And so I started in that business and I started working there at a young age. I’m not even exactly sure when I started. I just know I was in the back room helping out and so on. But, you know, eventually ended up in the front selling and helping customers. And at one point at about age 13, we had a second store.

I was in there with one other customer service person and butcher. And so we’re basically running the place. So, you know, I had all these experiences where I was given a lot of responsibility and I was handling the money and so on and depositing at some point. And so, you know, that was sort of my start into entrepreneurship in some respect. But I learned a ton. How about how to communicate with people? And it worked like a charm because all my girlfriends parents loved me.

So, yeah, they thought I was just amazing because I could relate and communicate with the other people. Really.

Customer service. Yeah, that’s different, right? Yeah.

Yeah. Like when people didn’t trust people that came through the door when I was working with adults. I can relate, I can read them, I could tell, you know, this person’s in a down mood. Don’t be like, hey, how are you today. It’s like hi, how can I help you? And I start and then. But then when somebody young come in for their family, a teenager or something, I’d be like, you know, just different.

But I learned to communicate and relate to people, read body language. And and, you know, I think it really did help in that respect because then, you know, you have to yet meet people where they are like going to Don who don’t know, don’t try to talk to them. They let go of their their mindset and run away, you know, so but I think there was a lot of advantages there. But I mean, I was even before then, I was like taking my bike and riding out to the outskirts of the city, picking raspberries and getting paid by the pint, you know, and stuff.

And I just I found ways to make money. And I went on to university. Nobody my whole family, my parents and my one brother didn’t even graduate high school. And I went on to university. And then I joined this entrepreneurial club. And I remember being off at this event and meeting somebody on the street. And they told me the whole the whole story, you know, I ended up taking the lunch and buying them lunch because they wanted money.

And I was like, I’m like money. I’ll buy you food if that’s what you want. But then I also and the point of this story is I was getting some pictures developed because at that event I was VP communications for this thing called Association for Collegiate Entrepreneurs, and I was selling pictures at the event, just not necessarily for profit, just to cover costs. But, you know, and so I did a lot of things. But then, you know, by the time I graduated university, I started painting business didn’t quite I don’t think I failed, but I ended up in debt.

So it wasn’t like I’d call it a failure necessarily, but I just didn’t manage money. Well, student painting business. But then after that, I went into the financial world. I work for an investment company for the biggest broker in this firm. And I learned a lot of things. But it wasn’t for me. I mean, I just couldn’t write those brokerage exams and just I’m not academic, you know, a more appropriate experience based. And so but they’re from there I went on my brother was building a business in wireless telecom and I worked with him.

We built that business in three years from two hundred thousand four hundred and six hundred over a million dollars in a few years. I was in the office running things. Thankfully, I sprained my thumb and first two weeks. Otherwise I would have been out of the field. Just scratch my head, you know, I just I’m not I’m good mechanically, but I don’t love it. But but yeah, I helped him build the business and generate income and I was doing profit and loss statements.

I had no idea what I was doing. This is in the late nineties, but that business over seven figures. But then I went on and I was hired to do a project for a large telecom company for twenty five million dollars. And then from there I went on and did real estate negotiations still in wireless, telecom and all these things. I didn’t know I was a certified master project manager. Real estate license or anything, and I just figured these things out and then I went on and I work for this landlord, largest landlord in Canada, and they have like three hundred sixty buildings, six or seven billion in assets.

But I was doing their commercial revenue and I built their portfolio to twenty five million dollars in revenue over a period of years. And I just I don’t I’m resourceful. I have resources. I find the solutions. I’m a solution finder. I’m not a problem solver. And I just I find the path of least obstacles and I don’t know how, but that’s just my nature. But I do that.

I love that. Can I interrupt? Sure. I just have to acknowledge that, because when you talk about turning distractions into a daily focus, a lot of times I remember and I’ve had people who disagree with me or we agree to disagree, but someone says, well, I have a problem. You know, a good boss at one time said, well, don’t just continue with the problem. Come back when you got a couple solutions before that.

And I was like, what? And then that shift and I don’t know if it was Napoleon Hill or someone said it, maybe it wasn’t thinking about it. There’s no such thing as a problem. It’s an opportunity to find a new solution. Right. And so I think that’s a powerful gift. And I just want to bring that out to remind people, because how many people in this I mean, I realize we may be coming out of the pandemic.

We don’t know really what’s the future holds. Right. But a lot of people right away said, well, I have a problem. How am I going to sell online or how am I going to run my business with masks or all of these different, you know, things went off in our brain. Right. And those are distractions. Right. But when you come to solutions, that’s huge. So I don’t know if you were just naturally that way.

Do you think or where did that come from?

Well, it’s hard to tell because when the accident happened, I was still relatively young. I wasn’t even I probably wasn’t reasoning yet. I mean, our reasoning faculty of the mind doesn’t turn on until about seven, eight years old. And so I probably wasn’t even reasoning yet. And so hard to really know. But I have to say that when it comes to solving problems or finding solutions, you can’t be the same mind that caused it or the same one that’s thinking about it.

Like, this is the problem. We’re stuck here. What are we going to do? You know, like I’m just I’m wired this way. I mean, I’ve gone into the ditch like no deep one, but just a little ditch in the wintertime off the road with my mother in the car and she’s panic and everything. Within five minutes, somebody drives by with a jeep, stopped, has a winch in the front pulses. OK, we’re on her way like we weren’t there ten minutes, like that sort of attraction stuff.

But that’s the way I am. I’m not I’m never stuck in anything. And anybody says to me, I haven’t been able to solve this issue. I said, enough time. I’ll solve it for you. No question. Oh, listen, I’m just I’m that confident that there’s always a solution to every problem. And, you know, and even with the whole idea of distraction, I’ve surveyed thousands of people now and I get the same answer all the time.

It’s not stress, it’s not multitasking, it’s not it’s distraction. And if people haven’t tried something they haven’t even tried yet, they have to they have to have tried something. I mean, everybody that I engage with in my business has to have tried something. If they haven’t, then they’re basically just sitting there worrying about it and and saying, this is my reality. And I’m like, no, it’s not. Not if you don’t if you want to stay there, fine.

But I think our way into results, I think our way into the solution. And, you know, and and eventually if they get moving and they end up working with them, they will graduate with PhD, which is pigheaded discipline and a minor in determination, because that’s how I’m wired like Napoleon Hill. You mentioned him. I’ve read his book three times, Gingrich, and I’ve read the same thing thirty times. I’ve had Success Principles by Jack.

If I’ve read all these, not only a bunch of them over the past ten years, I’ve read every single day and a mastermind and we study books like this. And, you know, it just it changes the way you look at things and the way you think about things. And so distraction only you don’t just read them though. You’re applying them. That’s the thing that I’ve discovered as people and I’ve studied this. This is kind of random, random thoughts below us.

But I’ve been studying all these different numbing and coping mechanisms that we as humans find. A lot of times people will think it’s it’s just alcohol, TV, Netflix, Facebook, social media, the things that are distractions or shiny objects that keep us and hold us back. But it’s also what I call a self-help junkies, where you just read a bunch of books and you get that dopamine hit and you feel good, but you have a. Did what you’ve learned and created systems to obviously help other people do the same?

Well, you can’t help but not do it. And I’ll tell you how we do this. In a snapshot we read I’m going to reading Mastermind. And Mark, we’ve been reading like this since 2011, almost 10 years now, and we read every single day. We’ll take a chapter or two chapters, will break it down into two page increments and we’ll take turns starting each day. So if Mark started this week, which he did, he’ll read today.

So we read the same sections over and over and over and over with repetition, not because we’re very slow at understanding comprehension. We’ve read it because we want to understand it in detail. But besides that, I end up highlighting taking notes. I ended up making sometimes programs or articles about it. And so I’m I’m implementing it. I’m understanding it and teaching it. And also there are times when I experience it in my life and I’m like, why is this happening?

And then I remember, oh, in the book, I’ve been reading it for 20 something or 30 days or whatever, and now I’m experiencing it because my mind is now tuned into this challenge through the same circumstance.

Yeah, that’s really powerful. When you it’s that old motto I like to tell my clients learn do teach more is caught than taught when you teach it to other people and share it right, then it it becomes even more internalized and intrinsic in your beingness of of success. So I think that’s really what a great idea. I remember you telling me that and I know that we when you talk about systems and I use the word productivity, I don’t know you you also call yourself a high performance business coach.

And so obviously, one of the roots of that is not getting distracted and staying focused. Batel more. But you and I have this passion for the 12 week year. And where does that come into play with? When you work with people and I know you have a free gift, we’ll talk about later.

Yes. And I’m so happy to share is my pride and joy. You know, the thing is, with the 12 week year system is that it’s accountability based and distraction can be eradicated with an accountability system. The system that I’m going to share today, I call it a distraction removal machine. It’s a it’s a procrastination killer, you know, that’s what it does. Why? Because if you make a commitment and it is a written commitment, I mean, if you’d like to sign it, you could you make a written commitment and measure your performance, then you can see what’s getting in the way where the problems are, what the excuses are.

You know, I used to teach spinning classes and I used to sit in front of the class and I say reasons and excuses are like oil and water to results. If you have a bunch of reasons and excuses running around your head right now for how tough this class is going to be, you might as well just go. And, you know, I wasn’t lighthearted about it because I was it was going to be intense. And that’s the way I am very focused on switch.

No off switch. That’s it. If you’re healthy, let’s go. Let’s put it all in there. There’s no excuse. If you’re not feeling well, go hop on a treadmill and walk or something. I don’t know.

Can can you say that, though? Again, I didn’t write it down fast enough. You said accountability is removable for distractions or forgive me, my brain is a little off today. But do you remember what you said was so good?

It’s a distraction removal machine. Yeah, the system. It’s a distraction removal machine. Why? Because it’s designed that way. Because the moment people say they’re going to do something but then don’t do it, they’re humiliation. Factor kicks in. It’s like I can’t show up and not have done this. I’m going to lie or I’m going to get that get it done. That’s those are the choices because you show up every week, measure performance. Look at your stats.

The stats tell the truth. That’s it. And the stats don’t lie. But also they give you history. They give you a record of where you came from.

Yeah, it’s ranking.

If somebody’s trying to, you know, let’s take health, because my whole system is is not just business and income. It’s it’s health and well-being and relationships. It’s three categories. Those are the three core pillars in life. But here’s the thing. If somebody is trying to work out and get healthy, but they’re not measuring what they’re doing, their actions and their their intake or their consumption, the food and drink, when and how much and so on.

And and even the successes, they’re they’re not going to know how much they eat and what they did, like three months ago or six months ago. There’s no way. But if they tracked it in a system like this and made commitments, then they can see what’s going on. Sometimes seasonal things affect people. Sometimes it’s the business flow, the trends of things and so on. Maybe it’s summer holidays or so on that it’s all sorts of different things.

But as soon as you can look back and you can see patterns, then you can connect the dots. Steve Jobs mentioned that and we can connect the dots looking backward. So this system is all about creating milestones, hitting them or going towards them, measuring performance and reflecting back on the successes or the things that didn’t work well. And if something doesn’t work well, it doesn’t mean you keep doing it. Sometimes it means you delegated or just get it off your plate and don’t do it again.

Awesome. I love that. Thanks for plugging that reminds me on Monday. I’m doing a workshop on how to hire and train and work with the virtual assistant because it’s amazing to me how many people think they have to do everything themselves, even if they hate it. Right. Even if they don’t even really know what they’re doing, they just put more and more on their plate. And what you’re talking about is delegation focus, because any time you don’t know what you’re doing right, that’s a distraction to bring you back.

There’s endless amounts of distraction. It’s like the shiny objects are here and they’re just waiting for us to lose our attention. And we wrote down what we did every minute or ten minutes or something like that. We’d be shocked at what I checked my stocks. I checked this. I checked out a tech email when I said it wasn’t going to. And, you know, and you know how many times and these systems even tell you how much time you’re devoting your time and attention to them, whether it’s social networks or whatever.

So, you know, the data doesn’t lie.

Yeah, I know. Like in the 12 week year, they have those buffer blocks and that’s the only time you need to be checking your email. I even remember Jim Brown, one of my favorites of all time. He would always say he wouldn’t return phone calls because this is back in the day before texting and email and all that stuff. He would never return a phone call until after three o’clock in the afternoon, because in the morning, that’s when the fires are happening and people are calling with problems and not solutions.

And he’d get back and they’d, oh, I figured it out. So even having a system in place like that helps you be more productive.

Yeah, my voicemail actually says I took my voice message at 11 and four. If this is extremely important, text me now. They have to decide how significant it is. Very important. So, you know, if they call me on something that’s not, then you know what’s going to happen.

Hey, we actually have one of our guests here. Shaun, wait. He’s actually also a fellow sales coach. He’s in Minnesota and he has a question for you. So he’s a sales coach and he says some of the clients I work with really fight me on tracking and measuring. They feel if I do the activities, I know that I will get the results. So they’re just it’s there in their head. They’re not tracking and measuring. So what’s your guidance to clients who say that that they don’t need to track it?

Well, I guess it’s it’s either convincing them that they do or realizing that they’re just not designed for tracking. Not everybody is. Some people are strategic, some people are tactical. Some people that are a bit of both. I’m both, which is unique. Most people are one and the other. But, you know, yeah, I guess without knowing the situation or the the folks that we’re talking about here. But if they have some reasoning behind it or justification, then it’s just a matter of showing them what the benefits are of tracking their data.

Like just like we were saying here, when you can look back at patterns and actions taken or not, then you have data points, you have bits of information that you can say, well, it didn’t work because you did so. And so I mean, if you think about it, everything is compounding. Our thoughts are compounding our actions or compounding our inactions or compounding everything compounds. It’s the compound effect is I was just going to say that’s one of my favorite books to reference, especially when it comes to health and wealth, which is what this podcast really is wanting people to focus on.

If you don’t, your daily actions and Trace’s define you or like you said, your daily inactions, actions. So that was a great question, Sean. I think a lot of it comes back to their vision and their why and even that definition of insanity. Right. If you’re not getting the results, it’s because you’re not tracking it. So then you know how to course correct and and not keep doing the insane things and also realize what they’ve done in the past that hasn’t worked and the kind of anxiety that it cost them, then they might say, well, I’m I’m open to looking at a system where I can measure my performance now.

I mean, if you think about high performers, Michael Phelps would not be where he was if he wasn’t tracking his steps. And there’s thousands of hours of practice. That’s what it is, right? I mean, literally, a system like this is practice. It’s tuning in, getting practice, getting focused and giving yourself boundaries to work with them, because if you don’t have boundaries, you just do whatever is familiar.

And a lot of times people will see accountability and boundaries as a swear word. But you’re saying that those are healthy words. Those are words that can help you get to where you want to go faster, right?

Well, it gives you something that you can bounce around inside of and test and and see how your performance is. If you don’t have that, it’s whatever is coming. I say that people are living either in a reactionary mode or. Reactive mode and people that are reactionary get the leftovers, not a great feeling or thought, right. And they get the leftovers, the proactive people get what they intend to get. They are going out there with intention, with anticipation of receiving and getting what they want.

It’s two different mentalities. And then here’s what happens. Once people are more proactive, they get to the next level, receptive mode. So they are proactive going out there performing, doing things, taking action, putting out content, being a value. And then next thing you know, the floodgates open and they’re receiving they get into receptive mode. They’re in resistance mode at the beginning, but then they convert to receptive mode because they’ve taken action, put a value in and they can see the results from that.

They need to make things tangible. Otherwise, it’s just guesswork.

It’s very funny that you mention them. And I want us to talk about your 12 week focused productivity system. And you mentioned the Michael Phelps periodization, right? I did. I was a instructor and did all the things and recognizing that it’s those that 12 weeks of focus, time and energy, that’s what Olympic gold medalist did back in the 70s. And it’s all based on performance and focus and measuring. And so why don’t you talk about your plug and play, as you call it, 12 week focused productivity system to help people double their income with half the stress and get 12 months done in 12 weeks and stat.

Sure. And I’ll give full credit to the book the 12 week here. If you want to study it, go ahead. If you want to use the system, get mine. You know, I’ve just taken it and watered it down and made it into something that’s completely manageable and doable. And I put a video in there that shows you exactly how to use it. It’s on the first tab. But yeah, that’s a plug and play system. All you do is plug in the data.

I mean, you will have to do some upfront work. You have to think about what you want. You ten years out, three years out when you’re out, and then really focus in on what really matters to you. And it’s going to be those three pillars, your career or your business or your business and your health and well-being and your relationships. You know, once once health and well-being goes down, relationships can go down very easily and so can business.

So we need to keep that one tuned in. But this system is all about taking action. So putting down actions that you’re going to take, that you can measure, that you can control and then assessing performance every single week, not on your own. Because, listen, I’ve had people that worked in places where weight loss clinics and they say people would turn themselves and look in the mirror and say, oh, that’s a bad seventy pounds heavier.

That’s a bed. Could have been could be worse. They talk themselves out of it. So they’re not being accountable. To not be honest, this thing is a lie detector test. It’s a lie detector system. Sorry, it’s a lie detector. It’s a distraction removal machine. It’s a procrastination killer. I mean, it will change the way you look and life and your business and do things without question. And it’ll tell you what your patterns are, because once you can see your patterns, then you can either stop things, stop something, start something new, think differently, do different things and delegate.

It has to happen that way because the emotional cycle of change is there. It’s going to trap us all in that valley of despair unless you figure out how to get out. And this is a system for getting it.

That’s awesome. And I’ll I’ll be put in that guy. Just so you know, we do have the link. I can’t I can’t speak it right now. I’m going to add it into the show notes for posterity. And just so you know, I’m going to add it to right alongside my twelve year achieve stuff on the resources page so that you guys can have that. I’m assuming that’s OK, Dan, that it’s evergreen. It’ll always be there for people.

Is that OK if I put that out there for my community?

Absolutely. I mean, I’m so proud to just you know, I can’t take full credit, but I’m super proud of it because I think it’s going to change lives and we are going to, I think, some mental health issues, because I think this wave is coming and know just my opinion. But I think the system would help people to get dialed in and really live a life worth living and create one worth dying for. If they like that perspective.

I love that. I love that. I might have to make that the title of the show so you guys can get that link to his free focus planner for your twelve weeks of getting more done in less time because you’re not distracted and you’re measuring you’re doing all the things that he said. So you’ll find that at lowest coffee, dot com forward slash resources plus in the show. Not so before I ask you my final question, Dan, I just want to also kind of give one reminder, an announcement next week, Monday, talking about turning distractions into focus.

A lot of times we can’t do it all ourselves. So I just want to remind it’s not. Too late to sign up for my how to hire a virtual assistant and outsource and train and delegate to them with excellence so that you can be in your genius and focusing on that, the highest and best use of your time. So we all need help. We deserve it. And so oftentimes you just don’t know how to hire and how to delegate.

So I put together a workshop on Monday at ten, thirty a.m. Pacific Time. So if there’s people out there to shoot me, an email should be a message. Lois, Lois will see that come and I will get you the sign-up information for that. So as I always like to ask the final, I know we could go for hours because you and I are cut from the same cloth. We have so much in common it’s not even funny.

So I’m really grateful to have you here today. I’m excited for everyone to use your your gift. And I know you’re passionate about health and wealth and wisdom, but when you hear the phrase healthy, wealthy and wise, then what does that mean to you?

Well, it’s about being in harmony, I think, because if you think about it, if you if you’re healthy, you’re strong, you’re vibrant, you’re energetic, and you have the ability to move across this earth the way you like, you know, without anything get in your way. And if you’re wealthy, that means you have the capability to buy the things you want, do what you want, go where you want. And wise means you have enough knowledge in your in your mind and your wisdom that you can make effective decisions and that also you don’t just go around the world being in reactionary mode all the time because, you know, we can easily do that.

But when we pause and think for a little bit, then we can respond, responding in reaction to different things. Most people are in reaction mode, but when you pause, you can think and get what you want.

I love it, I love a on that we’re going to end the show today, guys, if you saw value, like I said, please, please hit the share button. I’m right there with you. And I believe that there’s a lot of still mental health and physical health and spiritual health transformation going on in our own people. And if they don’t have the right tools to help them focus, it can be really hard time. And I know you’ve been through a lot in life.

And so you have that understanding and empathy and know how to get it done to help people. So thanks again. And until next time, everyone will see you back here next Friday with Kathy Dimmers. I was actually on her show a while back and she’s super duper influencer and I’m super excited to have her share some words of wisdom next Friday. So until then, guys, here’s to your best health, your best self and your best wisdom. Bye bye for now.

Hey, guys, thank you so much for listening to this episode. If you enjoyed this, please subscribe, refer a friend and please drop me a rating or a review. If you do that, I’ll reward you with a free 20 minute free coaching session and crafting your journey to your best self. Reach out to me at Loess at Loess CofI dot com to claim your twenty minute slot until next time. Be healthy, wealthy and wise.


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