Healthy N Wealthy N Wise

with Lois Koffi

What does forgiveness & responsibility has to do with your time/financial freedom with Artem Kuznetsov

Today we talk about a topic that is pretty uncommon on most podcasts

Many are looking to help with strategies and tactics when it comes to sales and marketing

Today’s “strategy” is simply forgiveness and responsibility (aka ownership)

Tune in to learn (or unlearn) the true tips to freedom (both in time and financial)

Today Coach Lois interviews one of her all time best friends in health and wealth and wisdom

If the last name didn’t already give it away, Artem Kuznetsov was born in the Eastern European country of Belarus. After moving to the US in 1993 and without a word of English, Artem quickly immersed his mind in everything and anything creative. His inability to sit still and urge to create made him a natural people magnet. In 2002, he joined Pre-paid Legal, where he gained sales and leadership experience by building a sales organization of 1,500+ people. It was around this time that he had an opportunity to meet Anthony Robbins. 

Artem was so inspired that any amount of failure only motivated him more. In fact, he lives by Napoleon Hill’s quote, “every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”

From 2002 – until 2016 he has started and operated 7 companies and in 2016 after selling his last company he needed to reconnect with himself, step away from business and decided to exit everything and take 4+ months sabbatical in SE Asia. This sabbatical among many other shifts and pivots put Artem on a path to embrace life that he refers to as Beautiful Uncertainty. 

Today Artem is what many refer to as a new breed of entrepreneurs, a Digital Nomad, living in Medellin Colombia while impatiently waiting to hop around new countries when travel gets back to normal.

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