Have you ever had that painful grief filled moment that you’ll never forget?
That happened to me in 2020
My brother died unexpectedly at 49 years of age last February and in that moment I had to juggle getting halfway across country, my husband couldn’t come with me for a variety of reasons and I was filled with all sorts of memories as I made travel plans.
It was a pivotal moment for me.
What happened next, I also won’t forget.
Someone on Facebook sent me a spam-like private message
“Hey Lois!   You should really watch this video and consider hiring me”
It is one of those messages you just are tired of seeing (and quite often I have seen many times once the Pandemic hit and people couldn’t network in person)
I immediately got sick to my stomach – on top of my grief, I had a sales pitch that wasn’t asked or desired.
I didn’t respond.
He sent another message minutes later – “Hey Lois, did you get my message?”
I had to turn my phone off and bite my lip…..I really wanted to reply and tell him what he could do with his link.
I let it go….to be with my thoughts/emotions and traveled across country to lay my brother to rest.
Unfortunately, the facebook fly-by-sales guy didn’t rest. 
He came back two days later.  
He STILL didn’t ask me, “How are you Lois?”
Or “What’s going on for you this weekend?”
Had he asked, I would have told him I was burying my older brother.
I did block him and unfriend him in the heat of the moment – not saying that that was the “right” response, it was my best one given the situation I was in.
I was pretty upset and cried a lot in that moment.
It made me stop and ask myself – “Have I done that to others?”
Have I not asked permission and check in with people on social media like a bother and NOT a human Being first?
What if their brother just died?
Or they just lost their job?
Or a family member was ill/sick?
Needless to say that was a turning point in 2020 for me and is the basis of what I do in my business today
I love organic lead generation and getting PERMISSION from folks before I take them down a path that may be a turn off or just not what they need in this moment.
I went from 0 in my email list to over 5000 and grew a tribe that I could speak my truth to
Permission based marketing and messaging is not for everyone
But then again, neither are facebook ads, SEO, etc.
We all got to find our way
(although permission based marketing/messaging/lead generation is pretty much FREE to do and very very duplicatable)
If you see value in building a list and creating a tribe thru permission based marketing – but don’t know how, I would like to invite you to join my Lead Generation & Sales Mastery Course next week!
It’s a 5 day journey that teaches you my trials and errors and triumphs over this past year.
It’s something that I know my brother would be proud of.       
CLICK HERE if you want to be a part of my permission based movement where you can be seen, be heard and be paid WITHOUT interrupting someone’s day
Here’s to your best year ever filled with joy and love and being a light to others out there that deserve to hear your truth and what you have to offer in a loving permission based way
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