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The 3T’s Of Facebook Ads with Dr. Theresa Pantanella

Today we talk about the truth about Facebook ads and how to not get screwed by them and throw money down the toilet.

Today’s guest expert, Dr. Theresa, has had major success with paid advertising, especially Facebook and teaches us some tricks today on how to get ROI.

Dr. Theresa Pantanella, OTD pivoted from healthcare to digital marketing over 8 years ago. Her gutsy switch pulled her into direct response social media marketing.

Theresa has spent over 20+ years as a business owner developing her intuitive marketing skills and now combines that with savvy expertise in Facebook and Instagram know-how to create inspiring results for her clients.






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Are you living your best life as a salesperson or entrepreneur? Or do you find you’re working all the time on this hamster wheel of life while stressed out and not financially free, which is the exact opposite of what you had signed up for? Especially now in this global pandemic. If this is you, you are not alone. I found myself there in 2008 when I lost everything, including my health and had the pivot working from home for the first time with no money. I rebuilt my life from scratch, juggling motherhood and marriage to get my life back and be recession and pandemic proof to today.

Now we live laptop lifestyle with our kids and our poised to travel the world together. How did we do it? Join me as I share my health and wealth and wisdom, secrets, tips, tools and expert interviews to equip you to be recession proof and live your best life. My name is Lois Copy, and this is healthy and wealthy and wise.

All right, rider Rider.


Happy Friday, everyone, this is Coach Louis and the Healthy and Wealthy Live Podcast. If you’re turning in Live, I just want to acknowledge I just moved into a new home so you can probably see a new background. And this is actually not where I was supposed to be. So I’m just living the dream here. And I always joke if you saw how I was able to make six figures from my podcast living in the place that I just went from, you would be shocked because it was very, very small.

And now we have this huge, beautiful home and the Internet isn’t working. So here we are in Studio B, as I will call it. So you guys who are watching the Live as always, we do the show pretty much almost every Friday, and I just want to make a couple of reminders if you’re tuning in live comment below. Hashtag Live if you’re tuning in on the replay hashtag replay and of course, we see value in today’s show, please please hit the share button, actually bringing in Dr.

Theresa, and we’re talking about a topic that I haven’t had on my show yet, so I’m so excited to have you here. Do Theresa from right away leads. Everyone knows that I teach on lead generation, and I do it the organic way. But I do know a lot of people have great success working with you in Facebook ads. So I know that you have this Facebook ads master class coming up in September. You had so much success and paid advertising that you got picked up as a senior ad buyer for a marketing agency, which is so cool.

So I’d love for you to tell more about your story and how you got so good at paid advertising.

Well, thanks for having me, Coach Lois. It’s a lot of fun to be here. And Studio Be is working out pretty good. It’s looking pretty sharp there. Yeah. And they call me Dr. Tres, cause I love to tell a quick story here. You know, the day I graduated from with my bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy that feel that very few people know about, and I hope you never need to know about it. I thought to myself, you know, I think I spent 20 years doing this. And after 24 years, that’s when I was like, okay, I really need to move on and do something different.

I didn’t want to continue going to the same clinic a little bit at 24 time span. My level of personal excellence took me to a master’s degree as well as a doctoral degree in occupational therapy. And it was those that’s why they call me Dr. Theresa. So I retained that title throughout my marketing journey because that’s where I decided to go to next. I really like the marketing part of the healthcare world. And now that I’m outside of the healthcare world on a day to day basis, I enjoy it even more.

So I started off making videos for people, and the video became a Canon dream because quite often my client would not know what to do with them on their website. So I live about building websites and search engine optimization. That famous SEO word spent about 18 months in a mastermind not only learning it, but teaching it. Also the two guys who ran that mastermind, they ask you to stay on board with them and teach the ladies in the group. So once we got to have calls with just the ladies have some fantastic friends out of it.

And the one Gal she was really into social media. So we Dove into that. I asked her to please teach me and Cola. I remember the day she showed me Facebook ads. It isn’t. It interesting. They know what you’re watching and they can give you the same ad or something related to that. I was hooked. That was like 2016, and I started running ads and learning more about the big players in the industry. Discovered Molly Pitman and jumped into her mastermind, and it was like a kid in a candy store.

I didn’t know where to turn first. There was so much to learn in so many different ways to go about it. So I spent another year and a half with her and really got a lot of the basics down and then went into a higher level mastermind with a guy named Kurt. Molly now Kurt has come up with an award winning Facebook advertising method called the Belt Method. I like to call it a three team method just to keep things simple. Okay, so the way this method works is the first thing I do when I go begin to work with a client is usually my clients want to run out the door and say, Buy my stuff.

I can’t wait to talk to use my customer. They’re practically drooling on their customer through the Internet. And what else do you want? What else do you need? I could tell you this. Do you need a discount? Is the price? Okay, sign up here for a free consultation. Here’s my shiny stuff. High energy pitch. So dialing it down, rolling it back, getting the client to understand. And this is what I like everybody here when all the listeners and viewers is understand that when you’re going out there with your product or your service, people may or may not be aware that you exist or worse, that your product or service that the entire industry exists.

An example of this is one of the colleagues I’ve learned from. He actually engineered disposable laundry sheet. Wow, washing not for drying, for washing. So you get with an entirely new product and had to educate the public about his product. You need to know if your client is at that stage or not. Where is the consumer at? Are they aware that the industry even exists? Now, once they’ve been educated, I call this tickling their interest. And if you tickle their entire up. For those of you that are listening to the replay, I’m holding up a sign that says Thick of love.

That’s Conventual, by the way, my magic one.

You got to have a magic.

A cleaning white.

Right now. My magic on that magic one. You’ve got to have that sickle fantasy that ignite the delight, intrigue their interest, build their curiosity and find them tantalize them. I’ve got the sign up tantalize. And the one color is now red. That’s blue color now, because when you’re tantalizing them, you start to get more of a focus. Some of the listers may remember a Department store chain called Kmart and King Mark had blue light special. If you were in that store and that blue light went off, you are looking for the blue light because you’re already in the store, you’re aware of the products and the value that’s in the store.

Now that blue light goes off and you are tantalized, you are tantalized. You are starting to drill. You want to know what that blue light special is. That whole second phase of advertising becomes tantalizing and creating attention, staying in front of the client, staying in front of the consumer, staying in front of the prospect because the third stage of everything is to actually like. Now, when you’re titillating is we’re going to tone down the wander. So it’s red collar. Yeah. And with that one were assimilating, the customer has bought your product.

Let them know what other ways they can use it. Send them to email responses. Did they receive the product? Ask for testimonials. Ask for reviews. Let them know about the special next offer that you have coming up. Typically, he stay in front of them. And with Facebook advertising, these three steps are easily accomplished using video ads. Video ads are your least expensive way to tickle and delight and ignite that the light creates curiosity about your product or video. 1 minute, 50 seconds, 1 minute, 47 seconds.

Anything less than two minutes perfect length for tickling their fancy. Now, once you’ve gotten there fancy and their interest and you are set to see them more and more often on the Internet because that’s how it works. Once people interact with that video. If they watch that video for more than 3 seconds, you can now retarget them. One of the things I’ve learned of the thousands of dollars I spent on my own training and the hundreds of hours I spent with my eyes leading in front of the computer is retargeting is the key.

Knowing who to retarget when it’s like the chocolate syrup on your Sunday. It’s the one yummy part. Retargeting creates that interaction with the audience. Now, here’s where you want to start to use a little bit, a longer video. If you have a longer video, let’s say code. So if you were interviewed by one of your mentors had a fantastic video about that, that’s perfect material to put in your retargeting audience. Now you can also use that to pickle people fancy as well. These things are later.

I love it.


Can I ask you a couple of questions? Because I’m just like, there’s so much, and I know I want to give a shout out really quick. I don’t want to interrupt your flow, so hopefully you can hold on to that. But Sean, Wait is joining us from Minnesota, and he says he he joined when the big sickle sign is on the screen. So I will tell you, Sean, you missed out. You got to go back and wants the fish products. So if you guys aren’t inside of my Facebook community, I just want to throw this out there.

Dr. Theresa is there so you can connect with her, just go to healthy and wealthy and wise. Com and join the Facebook group. That way you can see and be a part of the live. And I just want to throw out the reminder comment below with your questions. So I’m not the only one that gets to be asking questions. So you talk about Facebook ads with those kind of like the what do you want to call it? I don’t know if it’s the elephant in the room, if that’s the right phrase.

But there’s a lot of people who are skeptical about Facebook ads. They’re like, when should I spend? How much should I spend? And how will they work? Because the algorithms keep changing. I know people who spent $2,000, $5,000 and got zero ROI and they were even working with a professional that was doing all the work and coaching them through it. So I love when to someone do Facebook ads. How much is a good amount to spend? And is there any way to guarantee? And I can repeat those as you go through the answers?

Yes. Thank you, Lois. Those great questions. I’m upset that somebody spent $2,000 and then get resolved. You know, at some point you either got a cut and run or get a different person to help you. I feel badly that happened to them because I know it happened. When I first started, I had this brilliant idea. Brilliant is tongue in cheek of spending $100 a day on an ad. Well, when I looked at that before I went to bed, it only spent $5. Well, I’ve since learned Facebook updates once every 12 hours.

You can watch it every minute. You can watch it once an hour. You can watch it every other hour. It’s only going to update every twelve. I don’t know which one of the twelve I went bad and woke up and $95 were gone with zero sales. Zero. Okay, nothing. That was my first lesson in a craft. I need to pay closer attention to this or rethink this. Here’s the good news. Video news. One dollars a day works. You can’t go less than a dollar. You can do a dollar day.

You can do $2 a day. Not a big risk. Keep an eye on it. See if people are watching it or not, if they’re watching it. Yes, for $7 a week, you could start to build audience if they’re not watching it. Turn it off. Try a different video. I recently had a client. We started with four different videos and the one that people like the most. Well, it’s about a minute 52nd. Except I took out of an interview he did online with another marketer. So that particular interview people gravitated towards it was only a minute.

50 seconds. You mind? Try. I recommend starting off with ten. I do have ten. Start what you have. Like I said, we started with three dollar.

Yeah, there is the question if you want to. Sherry Smith, did you kind of answered it? But maybe if you want to go deeper, is the $10 offer that she gets from Facebook as an incentive worth taking advantage of? Or is that just their way to get you to spend more money?

Facebook has fantastic rep that will confine you. I highly recommend the Facebook Blueprint Course is free, but they will give you suggestions that may or may not work for you. Like I have people ask me frequently. Should I boost a post? No. Quite frankly, you should not. When you’re boosting the post, there’s limited control over who it goes to. It’s also a chance of not getting to the right people. It looks like you spent great money. It was only $10. What the heck? But if that $10, like the video ad strategy is $7 a day is $10 a day.

For seven days, you’ve got ten different ways of reaching people and a dollar each and communicate with them with a different message. Cool and video. That’s what people engage more. So.

That’S why I do this. That’s why I do video. I’m a big, big proponent of video podcast, which some people are like, no, that’s really stupid. But I love. Would you ever boost a long podcast interview? I’m just curious.

I would not boost it. I would use it as part of an ad strategy. Okay. And that strategy is actually Facebook has what’s called the business manager. Some people use it. Some people have never heard of it. Now, if you think of your Facebook page, your personal page is this greatly huge plot of land and you want to build your dream house. Now you need a foundation. So you’re going to put a foundation on that piece of land. And that foundation is your business page on Facebook.

So you have the first two elements started. The third element that’s necessary is to build that house on the foundation. And that house is your business manager for your Facebook ads inside the house. That business manager is broken down into separate areas or separate rooms. I like to consider the kitchen in the house as the ads manager because we love to Cook food and we store the refrigerator. When you’re creating ads, you’re creating ads in your ads manager and you’re storing it in your ads manager.

So yes, you need these different elements. We set up correctly in order for doll work. I would take the podcast and put it inside the as manager in front of your video view campaign to track people to your page and to your services and then retarget them sitting on the length of the video. Like, let’s say they watch of a two minute video they’ve watched for at least a minute. Now, given it, our attention spans are like that of a net a minute’s.

Pretty darn good.

So you want to show that person and the people that watch a minute or more. You want to show them more information about you. At this point, you are tantalizing them for that blue light special in Kmart. You’re tantalizing them with more information about what you have to offer them. Then after they bought that’s, when they drop in what’s called your bin a funnel. I’m a funnel. These are easy to run because you’re just reminding them to go back and buy more, sharing with them ways they can use it again.

Strong call to action at the bottom because they’ve gotten to know you. You know, one of the items that or analogies I love to use is buying a car. I mean, raise your hand if you bought a car. Yeah. Now did you wake up and say, I’m going to buy a car today and you walked out the Doo and bought a car? Or was it more of a process of you know, I think it’s time to get a new car. What do I want on my new car?

Scenario one, a scenario two probably scenario two for most people. And if you’re thinking about what car you want to buy and what color, what features you want to have on it. You’re more or less you’re now in the tickle stage and you’re starting to get curious. What else do I want? And you start to compare things. So now you’re being tantalized. Well, you know, it would be great to have that two door convertible sports car, but I’ve got a family of five. So then you focus on what’s going to fit you.

Maybe it’s the minivan, maybe it’s one of these great, big, huge, long SUVs. And if you gravitate towards that now you’re starting to notice the dealerships. And somewhere somehow that dealership strikes you as I’d like to talk to them.

But it sounds like that’s where it pays off to be consistent, right? Because if you’re wanting to tickle analyze, to delay all of the things, you got to be consistent as well. Not just do one at a month, right? It sounds like you got to be putting a little bit out there every day.

Yes, I highly recommend keeping it moving. With those video ads for a dollar a day, you get three good ones going. You keep those chugging along, you keep the train moving, you keep stoking the engine of the train with coal. And that’s because those three videos are running and constantly getting attention for you and pulling consumers and pulling in prospects, getting eyeballs this it builds your audience. And then, yes, a consistent message is key. I.

Do. Go ahead. Go ahead. We do have some questions from the audience. You’re not there.

My thought is in regards to the copy is that is what pulls people in. People will see that video first. And Facebook actually did a study on the go to the video or image first, and then they read the headline, make sure the good catch you have line. Then they read the copy. There’s your message. They’ll look and see who is this from. Then they’ll click or take action on it. These are like Miller second action that people take.

I love it. I love it. And just so you guys know, Theresa obviously knows her stuff and we can only go so far. She’s going to talk later about her Facebook ads master class, which I know I’m going to attend for sure. Thank you so much. We’ll talk more about that here in a little bit. But Sean has two questions.

I see Sean’s asking about custom. Audiences are having Facebook choose. Choose it. Sean, what’s really cool. And this is my favorite part about advertising is looking at what your audience likes to do. What are their behaviors? What are their interests? Were they hanging out? Once you have a solid foundation, then let Facebook suggest you what else is going to work. And it’s okay to experiment with their suggestions, but make sure you’ve got a solid handle on what works for your audience. For example, if I’m selling a car, I’m not going to advertise to people who ride motorcycles, you know?

Yeah. Yes. And your message goes along with that as well. If your audience, like Bananas, don’t talk about popcorn, which is a really simplified way of keeping your message congruent with what they like, but know what their behaviors are. What do they like? What is their lingo? I recently had to write ad copy for high school students looking for College degrees, and I’m not a mom. I had to start calling my girlfriends with kids and grandkids that are teenagers saying, I need to talk to your child.

What is their lingo these days? That’s all I had to know. Corner bananas. What do they like?

It kind of makes me think of this saying you don’t want to throw spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. I mean, quite honestly, I would hire you before I would try to do this on my own. That’s just my own thought, because not a lot of people have a huge budget in this pandemic world that we live in. Right. So the ROI is really important. Sean has another question. Thanks, Sean, for asking amazing questions. Do you need a business page to have a Facebook ad manager?

But I guess he’s heard that the business page is the least visited. So would you post and boost from the bus page and then share to groups and other pages? What do you think about that?

That’s a great question, Sean. Now, yes, you do need to have a business page to have the Facebook ad manager. And even if your business page is not well visited, you still need to use those posts from that page. I know we had a conversation about boosting the post. I would not suggest boosting the post. I’m an ad manager. Run your ads from there. The more active your pages. This is an interesting unknown about Facebook. It’s an auction. If Facebook fees, there’s a lot of activity on your business page, they push your ads into the lower price end of the auction.

If your business page is not that active, you go more towards the higher end of the auction, the more expensive and oh, yeah. Interesting. Yeah.

So this is powerful stuff because I’ve heard the same thing and that’s where I was sharing with you. I’ve heard people lose their shirt in doing ads, and I don’t know who they hired or what they did, but I didn’t realize that what you just shared.

It’s one of those unknown that as a Facebook ad specialist, I deal with, you know, and I can’t encourage my clients enough to post at least daily on your page, at least daily. Sean, even if there’s not a lot of interaction. And oh, my pleasure. Sean said, great info. Thank you both. My pleasure, because one of the things you want to look at is your hashtags, even two or three hashtags in your posts to create more engagement. And when you’re creating the videos know that Facebook’s artificial intelligence, the AI is so tight, it’s so elite, they know what’s going on in that video, and we’ll show it to people with those same interests or behaviors.

So again, consistency with your message, consistency with your marketing. Yes. Keeping the focus of your page congruent with what your audiences interests are. I see people filled out pages where the focus is on.


Add statistics or specific tools related to creating ads that’s going to be congruent with what their audience is looking at. Now they start to talk about their dog. If they start to talk about my child going to piano lessons today, that’s not congruent with what their audience interests are. And it throws the Facebook algorithm. So that kind of great information goes on your personal page.

We’ll talk about because we’re running out of time and there’s so much great content here. I want to invite everyone to your master class on Facebook ads. Can you tell us when that is? And I can post the link in the show notes as well and email it out to my list. But if you have a link or just let us know how we can sign up for that master class and what you’re going to talk about.

Yes, the master class is going to be Thursday, August and August on the Brain here. Oh, my goodness.

You hope.

Is everybody paying attention? It’s going to be Thursday, September. The Nine is at 01:00 on Eastern time, same time as your show Thursday, September the Nine. And I’ll get the link to you so you can put that in the show notes. Awesome.

Awesome. And is it going to be 1 hour, 2 hours? Is it going to be like an extension of what you talked about today? Only deeper.

Well, it’s going to be more than what we talked about today. It’s definitely going a lot deeper. We’re looking like 90 minutes with the Q and A. And what I like about the master class is I can show you my screen and give these different scenarios of different specific way to look at the metrics that you should be looking at and why you should not be boosting posts. I know we’re on a podcast right now. We’re live with video with the replay. It doesn’t have a lot of value if I start showing my screen, talk about these key metrics for people that they need to know go into depth on those as well as great resources for your videos because people don’t like to do their lives.

So where else can you find video? Awesome.

Well, you made me more of a believer or Theresa, I’m not going to lie. I’ve heard some more stories on Facebook ads from some of my coaching friends. So, guys, if you see value in this topic today, if you know someone who’s been struggling with Facebook ads and throwing money out there and not getting an ROI or getting some sales, getting visibility, credibility being seen, being heard, being paid online is massively important right now, right? Yeah. Go ahead and hit the share button. Make sure you sign up for her Facebook ads, master class, and Dr.

Teresa, I have one more question for you, but I want to just remind you guys of some really exciting things coming up with the healthy and wealthy and wise community starting next Friday, September it’s my birthday month.


It’S also September is suicide Prevention and Awareness Month. So if you guys remember last year I had a very powerful month of September. All of my guests have either struggled with depression, suicidal thoughts and the whole gamut. So next week I’m going to have a doctor talking about trauma and mental health and how that impacts you in your business and success in life. I’ve got Frank King. He’s a TEDx six time TEDx speaker in his first talk was actually about his own suicide attempt because he was just done with life.

I have Scott Mason, who’s a super power house Energizer Bunny who struggled with depression a lot throughout his whole life because he’s gay. And the list goes on. We’ve got Monica debate also, who is all about the mindset and abundance, mindset mastery. So all of these are meant to highlight September and Suicide Prevention Month. So if you know people who are struggling, you know, people are feeling depressed, lonely, jaded, and they’re looking for some hope. Please invite them inside of this healthy and wealthy, wise community and be looking out for the marketing for that.

That’ll be coming out this next week. Other announcement is for those of you who’ve been paying attention. I do have my virtual summit coming up in October. Also very inspiring. Some of these guests in September, the Suicide Prevention Month guests are actually on my summit. So that tells you it’s not just about business. It’s about living your highest and best self in life in how you can manifest and monetize your best life. So that’s all my heart today. I wanted to share that with you guys to go to Manifest and monetize.

Com sign up today. I hope you can join me for that. Also, Dr. There, that’d be great to have you be able to be a part of that, maybe be a speaker on the next one. So please share that information with those that you know and care about as well. So last question for you as we wrap it up, I always close with the same question. Would you hear the phrase healthy and multi wise? What does that mean for you, Dr. Teresa?

That means peaceful warnings. That means time for myself. That means 03:00 dance break every day.

I love it. I don’t like to be partial, but that’s one of my favorite answers of all time, and I’ve been over 150 episodes in. That was awesome.


Thank you. Thank you so much. And it’s almost time for your dance break. By the way, on that note, I do.

I’m ready to go.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. You’re so funny. So thank you, guys for tuning in and tuning out again. Thanks for also putting up with my studio B today. This is not supposed to be my podcast normal place. So we improvised today. That’s what we do in the world of technology. Right? So I’m looking forward to seeing you guys next Friday to see Dr. Mel crew talk about trauma and the mind and how that impacts your health, your wealth and your wisdom. So until then, guys, have an amazing week.

Here’s your best health, your best wealth and your best wisdom. We’ll see you next Friday. Bye bye. For now.

Hey, guys.

Thank you so much for listening to this episode. If you enjoyed this, please subscribe refer a friend and please drop me a rating or review.

If you do that.

I’ll reward you with a free 20 minutes free coaching session on crafting your journey to your best. Reach out to me at Lois at Lois cofee. Dot com to claim your 20 minutes slot until next time.

Be healthy.

Wealthy and wise.


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