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Managing thoughts, feeling & triggers in life with Jesse Brisendine

Today we speak to Jesse Brisendine, best-selling author and award-winning speaker.

He is a world-renowned expert who works with individuals and organizations to move beyond their limitations, unlock their greatness, & build their Camelot.

Business leaders, Hollywood celebrities, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, and educators have utilized Jesse’s services to break through limiting beliefs, uncover their unique purpose, build thriving businesses, and live fulfilling lives.

Jesse is a big fan of buffets, professional wrestling, and finding the silver lining in any situation.

We talked real talk today about what is going on in and around the world and how our thoughts and feelings can be held captive by social media or triggers in and around us at any time

How do your guard your mind and hold your own thoughts/feelings captive to get the results you want out of life?

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Well, right, right, right. Everyone. Welcome back. Happy Friday. For those of you that are tuning in on the Live, my name is Lois Koffi. And every Friday, almost every Friday, I should say we are here with an amazing, power packed episode with an amazing expert on health or wealth or wisdom for this healthy and wealthy and wise community. Again, I’m Lois Koffi host, sales trainer, Turn podcaster during the Pandemic. And really, this show is designed for you guys, the entrepreneurs, the coaches, the speakers, the authors, fellow podcasters and network marketers and living your best life.

And I’m really excited. I always find these amazing guests. And I actually just met Jesse Brisendine Gosh in the Pandemic, and I was just on his podcast. So you guys are in for a real treat. And if you haven’t been here before, you know, maybe don’t know the drill. So go ahead and comment below. Hashtag live and where you’re tuning in from. If you’re on the replay inside of my community, feel free to do hashtag replay. And ultimately, if you see value in what you’re learning or hearing about today, please hit the Share button so that we can inspire other people who right now might be going through a little bit.

There’s a lot happening in the world I’ve been feeling. It, a lot of energy moving through, and a lot of people are going through a lot. So we really want you guys to be able to also comment below later with your questions for our amazing guests. So, Jesse, I’m so excited to have you here today. I’m going to introduce you, and I’d love for you then to share more about your why and your purpose and your passion. You guys don’t know. Jesse is a bestselling author and award winning speaker.

He’s a world renowned expert who works with individuals and organizations to move beyond your limitations, unlocking their greatness, which is so exciting and build their Camela, which you got to tell us more about that. Business leaders, Hollywood celebrities, entrepreneurs, medical professionals and educators have hired him in breaking through their limiting beliefs and covering their purpose in building thriving businesses. And I love this one. You are a fan of Buffets, so I just really appreciate you, Jesse, and having you here today. So tell us more about you and your why and what you do.


Thank you for being here. It’s good to see you again, especially now. It seems like you found some palm trees to hang out, so I know what to do. That and the last line of that bio cut off. I’m also a huge fan of professional wrestling, which this weekend for professional wrestling fans. It is a big weekend. It is Summer slim weekend, and it’s basically a national holiday for professional wrestling fan. So I’m quite excited about that.

Wow. That is so awesome. I want to give a quick shout out to our guest. Candy Wilson is here live. And then, Sean, it’s good to see you guys. So tell us more about your story and how you help people build their Camelot.

You know, for me, I’ve always been fascinated with the Arthurian legend ever since as a little kid, and I that fascination has evolved over time. But really where I distill down to now at this juncture in life is I think the notion of chemo was so incredible because often mythology and medieval times is it looks like a very harsh time. And you have a lot of tyranny and disparity between ruling classes and others, and everybody’s kind of Di subjected to who’s going to have power, and we have to rely on the powerful to defend the week.

And then through all that, there is this magical land called Camelot where it was different. It was built on the notion that everyone had an equal seat at the round table, not a rectangle, but a round table. And the idea with the round table was that no one was more important than anyone else. So the King seat was equal to the lowliest peasant who might come and sit at that table. And I think that that’s such an incredible notion for that to have emerged. The first Arthurian legend started to come out.

And I think of the twelve 1300 and for that to have prevailed throughout time, I think it’s all the more relevant today because I truly believe, Lois, the two greatest superpowers human beings have are the thoughts we think in the feelings we feel. I also believe that the two greatest obstacles to get from where we are to where we want to be to build our Camelot are the thoughts we think in the ceilings would feel. And in the modern world we live in, there is a massive amount of competition for our thoughts and our feelings.

And the person who ultimately wins control of our thoughts and feelings, us or someone else is ultimately going to be the one who exercises and takes control over the course of our life. And so much of my work now is really about helping folks gain control of this and then channeling those super powers into creating lives, businesses, relationships that they want to experience, and especially in the business aspect that it trickles down from leadership to where you now have a culture that’s oriented around that. So people show up for work, they can earn a good living, they can create, enjoy the financial rewards or anything.

They show up to work with a smile on their face because they’re excited to be there. And they’re a little sad to leave at the end of the day because they feel so deeply connected and bonded to the mission of the organization.

Wow. I love that I wrote that down. The thoughts we think and the feelings we feel and how we’re so subjected to so much through media, through social media, TV commercials, all of the things. And I think as business owners and entrepreneurs also, we always want to keep up with the Joneses and have all these things. So how do you start to drill down with those thoughts and feelings with people?

Yeah. I want to acknowledge what you just said as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, as someone who has a social media presence. I wrestle with this every day because I recognize that there’s always this line we have to play with. Where do you stay in integrity with yourself and you use it for a greater good versus where can you fall out of integrity with yourself and use it for the opposite of good, whatever that is for people? And I think that one of the challenges with the modern media model is that we have a model that is predicated.

It’s built on attention. So time on a place are likelihood to click and our likelihood to engage or share your comment, whatever it is. We I long believed that the two biggest businesses in the world, unfortunately, are fer mediocrity, because if you’re mediocrity, it’s also ultimately a way that we can exert control. Right. And what better way to control someone if you are influencing the most precious resource we all have, which is time. So how do we gain control? Time? Well, when we’re looking at thoughts and feelings, the fastest and easiest way to gain control over a human being is to get somebody in their most primal state.

We tap into the amygdala where we’re going to fight or flight, where we’re a reaction and what happens when we’re in flight or flight. We go from a place of being resourceful to unresourceful. We go from a place of being rational to irrational. We go from a place of certainty to uncertainty. Now, most human beings, we don’t do well in these places for sustained amount of time. It’s there biologically for a reason. There’s trouble. Let’s get away. There’s trouble. We have to defend our something. It wasn’t meant to be hijacked and hired, wired into some of the processes of way we experience it through the day.

But we can think of this as a conceptual example in this, if you think of the last time you misplace your car keys, your wallet or purse, whatever it was, what happens there’s? That initial fear response. Oh, my God. What happened? We’ve clicked into Amygdala. We’re going into fight or flight, and then we start to assess the consequences of it. All my money’s in there, my mortgage payment was in there. My credit cards gosh. I could get frauded, my cell phone’s gone, all the information about my clients, my calendars on there.

What am I going to do? So it’s panic, panic, panic, panic, panic, panic off the top of panic. Now we know when we’re in that state, we are not resourceful. And while we also know when we’re in that state and we’re panicked, we’re not thinking rationally. We’re not finding a way to solve the problem. What we do is opposite. We start to go and tear stuff apart. We’re trying to go through everything. We’re calling people. Whatever it is we do, it’s rarely that we actually find our phone or find whatever it is we lost.

Until we stop and take a breath. We sent ourselves. We ground ourselves. We get ourselves back to a place of resourcefulness, and we start to get back to a place of certain we can retrace our steps. Okay. Where was I just before? Who was I talking to? What was I doing? And when we get to that, that’s inevitably when we figure out where we misplace our keys, where we left our personal phone, etc. It’s not in the other version. Well, if you look at many of the models that we engage with, right?

Those models are designed to push that emotional trigger. That button rarely do you. I don’t know about you. I try not to scan media too much, but really, when you’re doing a scan of media, do you see something like my gosh, so much good is happening in the world. We have clean water Wells being built and things. It’s very much fear and stress and anxiety and worry, which we can really go down a rabbit hole with hot about. Now we start to trigger those more. What are the consequences of being in perpetual flight or flight?

Sustains emotions of fear, stress, anxiety, worry, depression. One of the biggest industries in the United States is antidepressant into anxiety industry. And so I think for us, one of the first things we can do to help us get out of that and start to get to a more resourceful state. Please put these things down. But these things down to put some sort of put some sort of limitation on the amount of time we spend consuming content and be really, really intentional around what that looks like.

If you’re going to go online, and you don’t have a specific reason to go online. You give yourself a three minute window. I’m going to be on there for three minutes and them off. When I’m not using this as a tool, I put it in the other room, put in the other room. Everything’s. Silence. There’s no notifications, no buzzes, no beeps, no dings, no rings, nothing. That thing does not make a noise unless I log into it. And there is a direct correlation throughout my day to how I feel in correlation to how much time I spend on that today is I spend more time on the phone.

Inevitably, I can feel my energy go, because when the phones in my hand and I have a wall between calls or something between appointments, what do hop on into scroll what happened? I’m really curious, right? And then I get my hit of whatever is being broadcasted to me. Right.

Which causes that dopamine hit, which the cortisol can spike. I mean, dopamines good in small doses, right. Stress is good in small doses. And you reminded me of the book Atomic Habits. I don’t know if you read that. Phenomenal phenomenal and talking about the disciplines of putting this away, we just moved. I think I shared that with you and being able to have my phone and my office in this lower level and go upstairs and forget about it out of sight, out of mind. But I didn’t.

I struggle with that, especially at the beginning of the pandemic. It was like I thought I had to be on my phone answering all of the things all at once. So any other tips on how to transition, any other steps that someone could apply today that you’ve seen work really well for you and your clients? I’m getting away from that.

Or that one of the core questions I always ask my clients loss. What do you want to believe to be true? Because reality is subjective, right? My reality. Your reality are two different realities. You and I could be. I often tell the story as an example of this. So you have Little Tommy and Little Tammy. They live next door to another. They’re about five, six years old. They leave the house. They leave their houses at the same time. Little Tommy’s with his bike, little Tammy’s with the family dog.

Little Tommy turns left. Little Tammy turns right. They each go about five, six blocks away. And once they get about six blocks, it Tommy gets a flat tire. This tire pop. He falls off the bike, scrapes his knee, scrapes his elbow. He’s hurt. He’s scared. He tries to help from mom and dad. You see the blood? It’s terrifying. And they don’t come. He’s too far away from home. They can’t hear him. It’s the first time he’s been alone without mom and dad to come run and rescue him.

His bike is broken and he’s afraid of what the consequences will be for that. He’s going through his massive emotional response. He’s feeling the feelings, worry, stress, anxiety, fear. Around the same time. Little Tammy six blocks the other way away. She’s walking a dog. A car comes around the corner. It goes to why the dogs a little loose on the leash. He hits the dog and kills it right in front of, well, her Tammy sitting there with the family dog. The dogs dying. There’s blood. She’s scared.

She’s crying out for mom and dad. They don’t come running for her. She’s going through all the feeling, stress, anxiety, worry. She’s alone. It’s the first time something’s happening. A consequence is per, and they haven’t been there to comfort it right away. So after they go through that initial response, they both turn around. They head back to the respective homes. Little Tommy was a flat tire. Little Tammy with the family dog. They ride home and they go through whatever happens next when they walk through the door.

Now us is outside. Judges, we judge that experience and say, Well, Little Tommy flat tire is nothing compared to the dog dying in front of you. But for two people who have never gone through and experience before like that, their emotional response is very similar because they don’t have the varying degrees of life experience. But if Little Tommy had lost a family dog at some point in his life, him getting a flat tire may not be is emotionally intense, but the emotional experience. We see the news and we see the horror that people in Afghanistan are going through.

We see the looks on their faces and those looks on their faces or some of the same looks that some of us will have. We go into the supermarket, we see someone not wearing a mask. Now, it’s not for us to judge, but we do, because if we look at it from a judgmental place, we’ll say, Well, who are we to compare? What’s going on Afghanistan? What’s going on here? It’s important to recognize that our emotional experience is the same. So to answer your question, what are some steps that we can do?

Our emotional experience is the same based off of our limited life experiences, right? We’re feeling the same emotions. So what are some things we can do? What do we want to believe to be true? It starts with that foundation, because if we’re not intentional on the truth we want to believe, then we are going to be influenced to believe the truth. That is going to be most likely to get us to click or to watch or to tune in, because that’s ultimately the model, right? The competition is for our time.

It’s for our emotions, for our energy. So I think we really need to be centered on that. Do we want to believe the world is this? We want to believe the world is not. Do we want to leave? Life is happening for us, or do we don’t want to believe that life is happening against us? Do we want to believe that there are solutions, or do we want to believe that there’s problems? We want to believe that there’s opprtunities, we want to believe there’s obstacles. So that’s really, really important to identify that.

The second piece with that is is to realize that we are at our best when we have a certain level of control over our emotions and over our thoughts. And so we have to always decide for ourself success, ourself. Is this, am I losing control? Am I becoming resourceful going down this path, or is this helping me become more resourceful? Am I gaining more control over myself? So what I’ll do for myself is if I find myself because I do, I go on, I Scroll. And when I find myself starting to emotionally feel in a way that is out of alignment or where I want to spend most of my time happy, joy, resourceful focused, optimistic.

That to me, is an indicator that I’m going down a path that is nurturing for my best self. And that is sometimes people say, well, I don’t want to be. I don’t want to be ignorant. I don’t want to be unaware. It’s not that at all. I think it’s very important to go through and find out what’s going on and be informed and whatnot. And here’s the difference between being informed and being in a resourceful state where you can do something about it and being informed of being unresourceful.

We have 8 billion people on this planet, and oftentimes many of us find ourselves in a place where we feel helpless and we passively sitting back, waiting for a few smart people to figure out solve all the problems. Hopefully Elon solves all the problems. He figures out everything. And I think the challenge with that is because, again, our greatest resource, but we’re thinking what we’re feeling. If we are training everybody to focus on problems, then we go out and the we’re looking for prompts. How are we going to come together collectively for solutions?

It’s a fundamental challenge that we face, whereas we need to nurture that solution oriented approach, because all of us have tremendous amount of power and resourcefulness that could contribute to contribute significantly towards the betterment of our businesses, our lives, our relationships and the overall world at large. But it is going to be hard for us to do that if we keep what is it? You have the red pill and the blue pill and the Matrix. If we keep taking the pill that keeps us tuned in and plugged into the very narrative that is keeping us from progressing and moving forward the opposite of Camel.


No, I’m with you on that. You unpacked a lot there, and I want to be sensitive to. I mean, there’s a lot going on, right? With an and Haiti. I’ve been hearing things about that the Pandemic, different things are already being they canceled. I just found this out today. They cancelled or postponed the Ironman Kona in Hawaii from October. So there’s all this stuff. I’ll be honest with you. I stay in my own little world a lot of times because I can’t control what’s happening out there.

I can only control what’s happening in here. So I really do a lot to guard my mind in my heart because be the change you want to see in the world, right. If you send out love and not focus on the world’s problems on some level, would you say that that’s also helpful? Or am I just living in a band down by the river under a rock? And that’s not good either.

I agree. I think what you focus on your experience and I’ll speak to Haiti because I was in Haiti in 2010 right after the first earthquake and went there for disaster relief. And what I saw in 80 was some of the most devastating and destruction I’ve ever seen in my life. And that earthquake. I’m not sure what the tallies are on that one, but I think that one is long suspected that there’s hundreds of thousands of people were killed. Infrastructure is destroyed. When you would drive into Porto prints, it was a rarity to see a building that was left standing or unscathed.

So there’s all that. And what I remember most about Haiti was there was a night where I was in this field and there was all these refugees that were shipped out of there from the bigger cities and folks were showing up. I remember there was one bus that pulled up in this bus. What should have been a one and a half hour bus ride taken over 12 hours because infrastructure roads were so destroyed and the bus was overcrowded with people. People were coming off. I remember one guy helped off, his eye was bandaged, his head was bandaged and our guy his leg was so wrapped up, people were bleeding with broken bones and everything else.

And if these folks had any possessions, anything, it wasn’t a half full hefty back of stuff name that no loved ones were alive. It was already the poorest country in the world and going through this. And I think that night or the next night, there was one physical shelter in this area, but they wouldn’t go inside because they’re terrified of being this side of a building and being trapped because they had just gone through the more terrific stuff imaginable. So there’s sat side and there was a camp fire that was built and about 930 10:00 at night.

I was walking across the field, Lois, and I stopped because I heard singing. Where is the singing coming from? Well, I look over and I see about a couple dozen Haitians. Many of them can’t stand. Someone can’t even sit because they’re so mangled and messed up from what they just went through. And they’re sitting around this campfire, lying around this campfire, singing, dancing, celebrating, rejoicing, praying. And I sat there and I just stopped and watched these people celebrating. And what they were celebrating. The was us celebrating being alive and explored me because I thought, My God, if anybody has any justification to be upset, angry, frustrated with the world, pointing fingers, blaming governments or whatever it is, it’s the and instead they chose to love or Joice celebrate the simple fact to what a gift it is to draw breath and for the lungs and for their heart to beat another beat and to have the opportunity to live another day.

And I stood there watching inside, tears just pouring down my face because I realized something so powerful in that moment that no matter what the circumstances are in life, we always have a choice. And that’s what we focus on. We experience. And so if we choose to focus on the gratitude and the good, we will find it. And if we choose to focus on all the messed up and horrible stuff, we will find it. If we choose to focus on love and hope and optimism, my gosh, there is a ton of it.

If we choose to focus on hate, pessimism, anger, we’ll find it because my gosh, is there a ton of it. And it gets mine daily. And we have to be as custodians of our own mental and emotional well being. We have to be really conscious of what we’re going to consume because ultimately what we’re going to consume and what we download and accept as reality is inevitably what we’re going to then begin to project and put back out into the world.

I love it. You just warmed to my heart. I needed to hear that today because I think it’s so easy. Like, I shared with you, we had a very stressful week with a lot of things that just didn’t go our way. And then I also had three friends die back to back to back. So I was triggered with all of these emotions. And then as a parent, as a wife, as a business owner and entrepreneur. Can you talk about that’s? An amazing story in media. I can’t even fathom singing and dancing when you’ve lost everything, but it is about what you focus on.

However, what if someone is so triggered by an emotion? Like, I love your story about the dog getting run over? You experience the first time. That’s a certain layer of trauma, right? But what if it happens again later, or if someone sees something on Facebook? Another easy example, and we get triggered by something that comes from our childhood or our past? How do you how do you speak around triggers and being able to develop that emotional intelligence to recognize it and not get caught up in the feelings from the past?

Yeah. And I love that question, though. I think that’s such an important one, because this is at the crux of what many of us struggle with. We often think that our emotions are out of our control and that our thoughts are out of our control. And so we live in a world almost where we make feelings in the facts. So if I am feel angry, I am in. And who are you to tell me? How dare you tell me that I have no right to be angry because I’m angry?

And this is all the reasons why the truth is that our emotions do not happen by chance, even though they seem that way. That out where the creators of our emotions and we’re doing it based off of past belief systems. We have that we’re not even aware of. The information that we’re processing is literally faster than we can even begin to consciously comprehend. And then ultimately, we digest that down at lightning speed, and we spit out this little tiny, myopic bit of information on what we call our reality based off of belief systems based off of past conditioning, based off of our emotion in the previous moment.

So the classic example is we’re driving along. We’ve all been there before. We’re driving along, we seem like feel completely normal. It’s a normal day. And then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, we start to feel sad, or we maybe feel a little angry or upset, and we just noticed it. We got wild, so sad. I’m angry. And then we kind of build on that anger. We start to think then about something to be angry about or something to be sad about because of emotion seemed like it was beyond our control.

Well, if we were to back it up, go slow motion and look at what happened. What really happened probably was is you had your window down, just a hair. And as you’re driving along, there was a song playing on the radio that had a certain note and that note why you didn’t really consciously aware of it. It reminded you of a certain song. It wasn’t the same song, but was a certain song that played 15 years ago. And at that same time, you passed by McDonald’s, for example, and you got a whiff of the French fries and that combination of that note, auditory stimulus and that smell, that all factory stimulus.

The French tries came together in your mind in recesses of the unconscious, in your mind. If any of you have ever seen the movie Inside Out, there’s a beautiful scene in it when they go into the memory bank and they’re going and assessing all the memories. So imagine your yeah, I love that movie. And so imagine your mind’s like that. We go in there and our mind looks and says, oh, my gosh, these stimuluses remind me most of this. And at that moment, whether it’s childhood or maybe it was a time that you had a break up conversation with a past lover.

Maybe it’s a time you’re on the phone and a business deal. I’d gone bad because your mind goes, this is most similar to this that gets triggered and brought up, and you start to feel an emotion is associated with that in the past. So how do we start to move past the trigger? Because often what’s trigger us in the moment is not the moment, but it’s actually the information from the past. We first have to be conscious enough just to allow ourselves to be present to the fact that we’re being triggered and to ask ourselves that question, what do I want to believe to be true?

And I have the opportunity to feel and experience anything this moment. So what do I want to feel? An experience? Because, again, our emotions feelings are not facts. Her feelings. We don’t have to turn them into the modern day gospel. But if we take that feeling, we turn into a fact and we run with it and use that to create our immediate reality, it will become exactly that. Now, I’ll give you an example in you and I both live in Southern California, so we can appreciate this in Southern California.

It’s interesting, to say the least, to drive on freeways. And while not all the drivers are respectful to the rules of the road and they have their own agendas when they’re driving. And so what happens is very often when you’re on the freeway, people will cut you off, they will make dangerous moves. And it is not uncommon for us to return what we call a Southern California salute. And if you’re listening to this, you can use your imagination of what that gesture is. And the meaning we will often make of it is that film The Blank didn’t take care of.

They almost killed me. And then we go to work and we sit there and we tell our coworker you wouldn’t believe what just happened. This jerk on the freeway. Dadada, it’s ruin my whole morning. Yes. When I was in grade, I was in Mr. Seton fourth grade class. And Mister Sudan had this. This coin collection. And this is a point collection that if you did well in school, you pass some spelling tests. Whateve you get a chance to sit in class, why other people are doing work and go through the points.

And at some point during the school year, he told a story about the coins. One day he was at work a few years prior, and he got a phone call that his house was on fire. He ran out of the classroom, jumped in his car, and he was saying how he drove 100 miles an hour to get home. The only thing he could think about was getting home in time to save his wife and his dogs. Race is home 100 miles an hour. And where I grew up, it’s a very small town.

There’s some freeway, but mostly country roads. So driving 100 miles an hour, freeways at safe, driving 100 miles an hour, and some of those roads, it’s a suicide mission. He got to home and his wife was okay. His dogs are okay. And he got there just in time to watch his house, the foundation crumble and go up in flames. When the fire Department finally told him that it was okay, that the fire was gone, they could go back and sit through the rubble. They began going through their home looking for any remains.

And one of the things they found under some charged bricks and boards is that coin collection. The coin collection you share with the class. You know, it’s so easy for us to believe when we’re triggered that jerk who cut us off in traffic was doing it intentionally to try to ruin our day because what we do is we take their action. We personalize to justify our feeling right lowest cut me off in traffic. It’s Lois is fault I’m having a bad day because she made me feel angry.

But if we think about that logically, would Lois really be planning her whole life around anticipating where I’m coming from on the freeway to time, the physics of it to swerve in front of me just at that exact moment while traveling 70 miles an hour to do that? What’s probably more likely and realistic is Lois. Maybe she’s got a phone call that her house is on prior and she’s trying to race home to save her home and her dogs and her family. Maybe what’s more realistic is we just found out that a level when we have as a disease or we’re running late to work, and we’re terrified of what would happen if we lost our job, because that would mean we wouldn’t be able to pay for our kids tuition or we wouldn’t be able to provide treatment for our sick mother.

The thing is, the truth of it is, most of the stuff that triggers us oftentimes has nothing to do with us in the present and has everything to do with how we’re interpreting someone else’s behavior or how we’re having a stimulus from our past. If it’s something for our past, it’s an opportunity for us to release and heal. If it’s something in the present that involves into the person, it’s an opportunity for us to extend Grace and compassion to them. Because most of the worst case scenarios are against.

A few of those feelings have absolutely zero truth to them. And what’s much more likely is there, just like Don SOUTHERNland was in the fourth grade, they’re trying to trying to get home because something in their life has gone a muck and has nothing to do with you. And I know we don’t like to think that we’re that small and insignificant to everyone else, but we really are, because their life is so consumed with what’s going on for them, just like ours our lives are with for us, but they don’t have time to think about us because they’re trying to navigate what’s going on for them.

I love that. That’s a powerful note to end on. I know we’re running out of time, but I still agree with you because we just went through I did a five day live challenge with over 400 people about permission based social selling. You never know what’s going on the other side of that Facebook Messenger thread or that LinkedIn message, or even when you send someone a text and you’re like, gosh, why aren’t they responding to me? The, you know, enheimer whatever in their mind, and we just got to have that great income passion for others, especially all the time.

However, like right now, I think that’s what I’ve learned through the pandemic or was reminded because we get some busy in that success run for light and the hustle and bustle juggling all the things that we also got to give ourselves Grace and compassion and forgive ourselves so long the way. So thank you for such a great heart warming message. And I know you have an amazing podcast. I know you have a consultation or a gift for our listeners today. Can you explain where they can find you and how they can get that gift from you?

Yeah. Everything online going back to online at Jesse Prison nine. You’ll find me on there Jesse Prison com website. Feel free to message me. If you want to chat about what’s going on, you you think that you want to run something that’s going on for you personally, professionally, and I might be able to support or give you some ideas and sights. Please reach out. I’d love to be able to chat with you about it.

I love it. Thank you so much for all those Nuggets. So you guys, I’ll put this in the show notes, but his website link is on the banner right now, and Jesse Prison in just as it’s spelled, also in the title. Please reach out to him. I’m so grateful to have met you and have gotten to know someone here right in my backyard through this pandemic in the online world. So I do have one more question for you, Jesse. So don’t go anywhere. But I just want to have a couple of quick notes for you guys as my tribe, my family, my viewers.

Just gonna remind you next Tuesday, one of my most recent guests from last week, Jake Valentine, is going to be doing a webinar on how he basically breaking down how he made $10,000 a month in three months time only through a Facebook group. So if you guys are looking to build your own Facebook group, want to be able to monetize that with excellence and integrity, go to groups for coaches, com training, and then for all of you coaches, consultants, transformational leaders and podcasters out there, I’m putting this out early.

This is going to be something you’re going to hear about a ton over the next 60 days. October 7 through the 10th. We’re going to be having my first virtual summit and just you’re invited to it’s, manifest and Monetize. So if you guys go to Manifest, Monetize com it’s free. And we’re going to give early access to those people who sign up early. So please sign up. Invite all of your friends and connections out there in the world again, designed to help you be inspired to manifest and monetize your best life.

So, Jesse, I always pose with this question because the title of the show has a lot of meaning to me, healthy and wealthy and wise. And yet I always love learning from my guess when you hear that phrase healthy and wealthy and wise, what does that mean for you?

You know, I think the thing that pops up for me, Lois, is love. And the reason I say that is I love that you pair wealth with wisdom and health. I think oftentimes we’re taught to the pursuit of wealth, not so much wealth, but success. It comes down to quantifiable the amount of money in our bank account. We’ve all heard the stories about people who have a lot of money in there unhappy or we’ve heard about the lottery winners, the statistic. It’s something crazy, like of the people when the lottery end up financially worse off and depressed after they have it, after they want it.

And so I like the combination because I think the true definition of wealth is when we have the wisdom and the health to go with it so that we can leverage wealth to really enjoy our life. But we can leverage in a way that is impactful for others. And I think that if we all do that collaboratively, there’s so many incredible opportunities for all of us to do so much good in the world and to support and put one another up. And I think that comes when we can leverage resources in a way that is for the greater good, for all concerned.

So that’s what comes up for me.

I love it. I love love. And it’s the only true emotion, right? If we really want to go deeper, we could probably go for another hour. But I had a spiritual mentor who said that he’s like, there’s no such thing as fear, even though society and media is very addicted to it, right? There’s only love. And so I love that that’s part of your perception of that. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks, guys. Please. Again, we covered a lot today, and it was so deep. I really love for you to hit the Share button because there’s a lot of people out there that could benefit from this message.

And next week to a same time same channel, invite your friends here to the healthy and Melanias Facebook community. We have to reset Pentel. She’s actually Facebook ads is person I’ve ever had that’s going to be talking about Facebook ads and really seeing how that can help you boost your business and your wealth and your wisdom with excellent. So we’ll see you guys next week. Until then, here’s your best health, your best wealth, and your best friend.

Hey, guys, thank you so much for listening to this episode.

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Until next time.

Be healthy, wealthy, and wise.


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