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Do you struggle with writing email content and not really wanting to be a copywriter?

Have no fear!

Do you struggle with writers block when it comes to writing emails?

Do you struggle with writing blog posts or social media posts?

Do you want to know my secret to overcoming that?

The one that helped me in 2020 to never hate writing again?

The one that will allow me to never need to copywriter again (unless I absolutely want to?)

Today I want to share with you what I share with my paying clients

My 5 step secret writer’s formula that always defeats writer’s block

I have an easy formula to help guide you (and I got your back on the copy part too!)

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Say Goodbye To Writer’s Block – powered by Happy Scribe

Hey there, Coach Loess here, I got inspired today by another email that I received from someone else who was talking about writer’s block. So I’m doing a really quick and short video entitled Say Goodbye to Writer’s Block If You’re Like Me. A year ago when the pandemic hit, I was not a normal person. I didn’t understand it. I thought all emails were spam and I really had to pivot quickly and shift that mindset. So I really just want to do a quick and short training on what I teach people when it comes to writing profitable money, making engaging emails, in fact, they don’t even have to be specifically money making.

You just want to keep people engaged. How do you stay visible, credible in this new normal when Facebook, LinkedIn, the algorithms are changing all the time. The rules are changing all of the time. So I want to share with you what I teach in a lot of my classes on how to write engaging emails. And the cool thing is the formula that I’m going to teach you really lightning fast. Here is something that you can use also inside of social media posts.

Anything on your wall, on LinkedIn, on Facebook. In fact, I could even say it could help you write a curriculum for clubhouse if you’re doing the clubhouse thing. So I’m going to share my screen and share with you a slide and a formula that I use to write my initial welcome campaign for my email nurture series, welcoming people in. But I also use it for engaging posts within Facebook and of course, on LinkedIn. Because let’s face it, guys, a lot of people email, Facebook, LinkedIn posts.

It can become like the railroad tracks when you live by the railroad tracks. I grew up by the railroad as a kid. After a while, you just don’t hear or see the train. It’s just kind of goes in one ear, out the other. You don’t want that to happen. So you want to be able to create profitable, engaging messaging and of course, not ever have to have or suffer from that disease called writer’s block. So here we go.

So this is what I do with the lead generation. When I look when I talk to someone and I want to bring them inside and engage them inside of my email campaign. The first email is always with the letter E in mind education. I want to educate people when they come into my email list. I also educate you guys here inside of my Facebook community podcasts and YouTube channel. Education is welcome. It’s giving value, giving value, giving values.

So in that first email you want and I’m going to give you some examples, I’m going to show you my welcome campaign. But you’re basically just saying rolling out the red carpet saying, hey, here I am. This is what I’m all about. This is what you’re going to receive. You can also use that as educational posts on Facebook and LinkedIn as giving value. What can you educate people on? Don’t overthink it. What is that something that you could talk about all day long?

Focus on one thing even, and you could probably have a paragraph or two emails. Don’t have to be long. Posts don’t have to be long. It’ll do really, really well. Then the I actually go to the next slide really quickly. Oops, that’s not what I want to do. So you want to get them into your e-mail campaign and you want to have them follow up with you, which is fantastic. And you want to follow up with them with value.

So it is for educate. You’re walking vulfpeck, welcoming them. Then the second E can also be an educator or an engagement email. You might have a survey, you might have a did you know, fun fact email or post. You can also have just an engaging question. Like one of my favorite ones is what is your biggest challenge with time management or what is your favorite way to generate leads? Even most recently, just for fun, I did a fun post about, hey, what was the scariest movie you watched as a kid that traumatized you?

And I still have people posting and commenting on that. And there’s been almost a week old and there’s probably over three hundred comments on there.

So educate or engage, that’s what the is oftentimes an email you can do a survey, you can ask questions. People love to talk about themselves and give data feedback, take a poll. Any of those kinds of things would be engage. Life is for inspiration, creating intrigue, imagination, helping them with their imagination, helping other people dream, the interesting also in these, because you want to be able to capture their attention, so inspire intrigue, tickle their imagination, interest.

So that’s the first I and then of course, the second eye is also invite you can invite them to a webinar and invite them to a sales call, invite them to a networking event that you might be doing. And then the O for IO is an offer, an offer of some kind. Usually it’s a lower ticket offer. It can be a lower ticket course that you have. It could be a special deal with a promo code. It could be all sorts of things.

The cool thing is once you get through the e e i o the first time in your email series, you can actually just rinse and repeat. And if you were really feeling like inspired, you could create a bunch of emails all at once under each category, the e i o and thank them, schedule them and you could be done for, for six weeks, even six months if you are really, really good. And if you don’t want to write all of these things yourself, guess what, you can absolutely have someone else do it for you.

Go through fiber, dot, dotcom, you can find that on my resources page and have a very, very affordable less than one hundred bucks option for you. So just always remember to remember, you’re going to have to follow up anywhere from five to 12 times, 80 percent of the sales happen on those contacts. So that’s why you want to be able to have those those five emails. So really quickly, I’m going to actually share with you my nurture series.

So let me show you my slides on this so you get a more tangible example. And if you stay till the end, you’re going to get a coupon code.

You can actually purchase these for super, super, super cheap. I made it super affordable. So here’s the image of my five done for you emails that you can use today, plus two bonus emails you’ll see here. This is the welcome email. This is immediately after the opt in to my landing page. Not training on landing pages today, but I do train on that. That’s the educational welcome. So, hi, my name is Coach Lois.

I’m excited that you’re here. Here’s what’s coming your way over the next few weeks. Then I share with them and I also share them. I won’t be spamming them and all sorts of things. I’m not going to sell their information and I give them education on how to find me. So if they’re not in spam and then of course I actually do give them a gift. As part of this op ed page, I offered a few secrets to selling success option for them.

So now they’re actually getting it delivered to them. And then the second email is the I this is considered a actually sorry. This is a bonus to the follow up to just make sure they got the first email. Did you get it? So this is six hours after I sent the original one and also make sure they got the free gift because oftentimes they may have missed the first email. Now, the second email, this is considered the inspirational story, send it two days later, and this helps me share how I help people, but it also inspires them.

So I gave a testimonial of a client and I actually did an interview with the client so they can click on that interview. Third one is engage could also be entertained. In this case. I have a funny video or a story that I’m choosing to engage with them. So I do that. And actually also but in this one, an engaging survey asking them what they would like to see in more of my email, as well as on my podcast.

Then I invite them, I’m going to invite them to attend the training so that they can be able to see what I have to do and how I help. In teaching and then, of course, the offer this is the final email, the oh, and this is where I’m telling them, hey, here’s a three part training series. Normally it’s thirty seven dollars, but you can get it for twenty seven if you use.

And then, of course, I have another email as a gift to you, just to have another example inside of that series. So, again, you don’t have to have writer’s block if you follow the marketing philosophy for both email and social media. Life can be so, so good. And as for being here, whether you were watching this live or down the road, if you go to Loess coffee, dot com forward slash resources, you’re going to find I have my five point two column five point to done for you emails, so I’ll share that with you right now.

If you go to those cofee that come forward slash resources, it’s it’s right here. Get the five done for you. Email templates. And the really cool thing is if you click on that. And normally it’s ninety seven dollars, but if you type in the promo code special and hit the appli, I’ve already done that. It’s only forty eight dollars and fifty cents. So those are my done for you e-mail campaigns that you can keep edit and be able to have for the rest of your life.

So again, if you go to lowest CofI that come forward slash resources, you can use that promo code, all caps special and get 50 percent off. And then I do have a master class coming up on May 19. Save the date. That is my list billed to Freedom Master Class. So you’ll be able to get more training, more ideas. We’re going to roll up our sleeves and I’m going to actually take you for free and a two hour class, take you through the process of writing some of your own e i e i o emails because as you know, as I teach very passionate about this.

Your list is your asset. It’s your gold mine, you’ve heard of the book, Three Feet from Gold or Acres of Diamonds. Relationships are where it’s at. And if you give value, can you get permission and get these people on your list? You’ll have friends for life and an asset that will keep on giving you give the deposits, you’ll get the withdrawals both in spiritual energy fans, a tribe that loves you, referrals. And of course, last but certainly probably not the least money and income that’ll feed you and your family forever.

So if you have any questions, comment below. Again, this is Lois Cofee with Healthy Families with a bonus inspired episode talking to you about how to say goodbye to writer’s block. Have a great day.


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