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How to host your own virtual Summit or conference with Michael Whitehouse

Have you ever wanted to host your own virtual conference or Summit in 2021?

They are so popular and new – a lot of people are creating these since in person is not happening

But not everyone is successful!

Today we talk to Michael Whitehouse about his first ever conference and what he learned to make it so successful that he is doing it again!

Michael Whitehouse is a coach, author, motivational speaker, and networker.

With over 18 years of experience running businesses and working with a diverse range of people, Michael works with people to gain a clearer vision of their ideal future, develop gratitude to appreciate the life they already have, and build their toolbox of connections and skills to drive towards their vision.

Michael offers a daily motivational message in his Morning Motivation podcast (, and he is the founder and chairman of Conference21 (, a unique virtual conference focusing on authentic connections and powerful learning.

The next Conference21 will feature 48 speakers on a diverse array of topics, May 21-23. Tickets are only $21 and include access to the full event, talk recordings, and networking events before and after the conference.

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Well, all right, all right, all right, everyone. Happy Friday, happy Friday, Coach Loess here. It’s another episode of healthy and wealthy and Wise. And we actually just so you guys know, you’re in for a treat. We have a double header today. I have my standing call right now. If you’re on the live, you know what to do. Go ahead and do hash tag live tune in and let us know where you’re tuning in from.

And then if you’re on the replay hashtag replay and you know the drill, every week I interview experts on health, on wealth and the some kind of amazing wisdom. And I’m super excited today because our guest today is going to be sharing how he started his first virtual conference, what he learned from that experience and what he’s going to turn around and do here again in the month of May. So if you see value in this topic today, please go ahead and hit the share button whether you’re watching on live or the replay.

And since he has had such an amazing experience and it’s kind of a big, big thing now, everyone’s doing a virtual summit. Everyone’s and I’m doing mine and first one this year. So everyone is getting into this opportunity to be on virtual stages. And I spoke on Michael’s last summit. I’m super excited for him to share with us what he learned and maybe what he can inspire you to learn and do. And of course, as always, we have amazing gifts for you guys for attending at the end today.

So I’m going to go ahead and interview Michael Whitehouse, who’s a podcast or a coach and author, a motivational and I might add, funny speaker. I really think you could do stand up comedy, Michael, and he’s a great networker. He’s the guy who knows a guy and a gal. He’s got over 18 years of experience running businesses and working with a diverse range of people. And he actually has a really cool daily motivational message podcast that gets over one hundred downloads.

And Michael, you and I met just late last summer. I think when you were starting your new coaching business, you left your job. You really pivoted thanks to the what we call now the pandemic pivot of twenty twenty. So why don’t you tell your story and share with us a little bit about yourself and your journey into conference twenty one. Sure. Well, thank you so much for having me on the show, it’s always great to to be on here.

And as I was telling you before, watching how you’ve had me promote the show and whatnot as a master class in podcast promotion. And I’m certainly going to be copying a lot of those into mine because it’s just so many, so many great things you’re doing. So I indeed pivoted in July of twenty twenty. Prior to that, I was a local magazine publisher for a great company called Best Virgin Media. Great opportunity to do a wonderful thing. But the way I had been successful was through in-person networking because it’s kind of a needle in a haystack to find the right kind of person who needs specifically what they do and that particular audience and whatnot.

And and they were totally on the ball. They had a virtual presentation ready as soon as things shut down because they saw it coming. And it was great. But my prospecting came from in-person networking. I wasn’t very good at the cold calling. I wasn’t good at anything other than that. And so I kept trying. But I went from two sales a month to one sale a quarter and I said, I got to figure something out. So I was introduced to a website that sold data lists, call lists and email lists and whatnot, and they were partnered with a coach who had a fantastic deal where he unboarded all their new clients.

So it was great for the website because they didn’t have to deal with their new clients, but he got to sift through every new client who came through the site and find out what they needed and if he had services to offer them, he was allowed to offer his services as well. So it was a tremendous serendipitous moment connected with with him. And he taught me some strategies that he uses for coaches building a coaching business. And basically, maybe this will work for your magazine business.

Not sure, but let’s try it out. And they didn’t they did not work at all for the magazine business, not even a little bit, but they worked great for a coaching business. So I said I’ve been helping people informally give me advice on the person people come to when they have problems, relationship issues or business problems or whatever for decades since high school. And what the heck? They always I’ve never been a coach. I don’t know how to sell it.

So I said, well, I’ve got the strategy, let’s try it out. And I signed up a client a week for 10 weeks and I said, aha, I’m not making more as a coach than I was the magazine publisher. The path is clear. It’s time to go. So I’m going to separate from the magazine company and launch on into the coaching business and the sky’s the limit. And then they had the stress of my coaching business having to carry everything for me.

And then I realized I was getting clients because I needed them, not because I could help them. And I have a great moral issue with that. So that would then get in my head as I was trying to bring on clients, because they wouldn’t I couldn’t close them and I went to. Uh. So so I’ve been building through that, and so I finally said, OK, that will start back over, let’s take some actual coaching courses, coaching, training, learn the techniques and the strategies and how to really be a coach to make sure I can serve these people.

And the meantime, what I did was I started doing great work so so that my coaching business so I didn’t leave on the coaching business. So that way I could make sure I was focused on my clients as I was helping them and not and I was for them and not for me. And I’d make the money from them when I was ready to give value to them. And that’s been great. But during this time I came up with conference twenty one and I and and it came up, it started to joke almost.

So you may remember. Do you remember way back in twenty twenty most remember twenty twenty at all. Way back then, months ago, very clear, very, very clear, back in twenty twenty, we all had this shared delusion. The twenty twenty one would make everything better. And so back in October, November, I had this idea that this is basically a joke and I was like, what if we had a convention that celebrated twenty twenty one and all of his twenty twenty one because everything’s going to be better in twenty twenty one.

So so make it all twenty maybe twenty one dollars. Have twenty one speakers be February 20th and 21st of twenty. Twenty one’s twenty one’s all around. And the person I was talking to was like yeah that sounds pretty cool, you should do it. I said no, no, no, no, no, no, no, you should actually do that. And I said, oh OK. Yeah I should actually do that, I should. So I made up a an application for speakers and I tossed it out.

There wasn’t really trying that hard. As I went through networking events, I’d say, hey, I’m looking for speakers. You sound interesting. Some people show it around and within two weeks I had twenty eight speakers lined up. Out of the 21 one I was shooting for, and I realize this is a bigger thing than I thought it was, is actually this isn’t a joke because I think this is like really a thing. So I stumbled across a great platform called Slingo.

I think I shot on Facebook ad for them and connected. And it’s it was perfectly designed for what I want to do and people start getting into it. And the biggest, most exciting thing was that the speakers are networking with each other because I’d have some calls for the speakers and other things like that and the speakers that work with each other and get feedback to me know this is a month after the convention started. The conference happened. They say, I’m so glad I’m here because I met so-and-so and we’re now collaborating on this and we’re doing that.

We have had the conference yet and value was occurring. And and what I what I wanted to create for the attendees was being in the middle of that, I found that between starting planning that conference and running the first one, I became a different person. Because you’re the average of the five people you spend your time with was spending time with mindset speakers, motivational speakers, business speakers, people who have launched million dollar businesses, you know, all these amazing, positive, successful people.

And I’m talking to them all the time because I’m running a conference with them and and a bunch of them actually stepped up and said, hey, yeah, can we do a one to one and yell one to one? When when you have a coach coaching or you have a call with a coach and a one to one about a project you’re working on, it’s a coaching session. So I got to have all these coaching sessions with all these brilliant coaches who were guiding me and helping me and teaching me and helping out whatever they could is very stone soup.

I was very much like, I’ve got a conference, it’s going to be great. And then someone say, Hey, can I help you do this? Oh, you should do that. Oh, here’s a suggestion. And so I cannot claim credit for our great conference. Any one is at all. I came up with an idea. I attracted great people. I let them make it amazing. And and and then what’s great about it is the attendees really get to be in there with these great people, with a lot of the virtual platform, a lot of the virtual conferences.

I see they’re not so much conferences as more of like a panel discussion. So the audience is down there in the audience and the the panels up here up on the stage. And you get to look up at their greatness, but you don’t actually get to connect with them. I mean, you might sign up for the email list or join the program, but you’re not part of it. And I wanted something where the audience could really have the same experience I had of connecting with these people and being part of a community.

It makes them better by being part of it. And I can’t say it zestful, at least during the weekend. It certainly creates that vibe for people who really get involved in it. Well, I love it, I first of all, I want to unpack all of what you just said, and I know there’s a lot of people out there who could be inspired by what you shared. And you were you’re very transparent about your journey, which I love about you, Michael.

And it’s really important to connect and relate with people with your truth and your authenticity. And you you’ve got this idea. Someone said, hey, go for it, because sometimes our craziest ideas, guys, they seem crazy. Right? But if someone says, oh, my gosh, that sounds amazing, you should do it. And you went for it without any experience and just drove in. And I can say I got amazing value. I was one of your speakers, so I got to see you in action.

You really built a community. Most summits don’t do that. Most conferences don’t do that. So you really, truly created this amazing community. And I made some great connections and had a had a blast and also learned a lot from the high caliber, high quality speakers. So I know I have a couple of clients out there that are thinking about doing their own summit. I know I’m doing mine. I actually hired a company to do it just because.

Oh, my gosh, it’s a lot and you know how much work it takes. So if someone wanted to do their own virtual conference and by the way, guys, the best way to consider doing one is attending Michaels and learning from someone who who’s maybe a few miles ahead of you or a few steps ahead of you. Wouldn’t you agree, Michael? I think they’ll learn a lot more from even attending. So the link is on the screen already.

It’s a bit like forward slash virtual can’t. Twenty one. I’ll put it in the show notes to and in the comments later. If you guys want me to just do a hyperlink. But what would your first steps be now that you’ve been through it and you’re doing it again and oh by the way, he’s doing it again in August. I know I’m going to apply to speak for that one, but where would someone start?

Well, is the first thing I do is hire me. But I am available to help with running events and to be the actual running, the event itself is the easy part. It’s the promotion, the marketing, all that. So and I think for a lot people running events, they know how to market. They’ve already got their list. They’ve already got the speakers. It’s just how do we then make it engaging, which to me is the easy part.

So I am available to be hired for that so people can reach out to me. And and but if they want to do it themselves, the most important thing, the secret sauce, the thing that made conversation different from other conferences is the engagement. And I recommend using it. I think those are great platforms. What I use I know there’s others that do something similar. I don’t know what they are, but they exist. But something that gives you that that sense of the hallway.

The first thought I had actually been before I came up with conference when he won, I said if I ever won a virtual event, it’ll have a virtual hallway. And the time I was thinking Zoom, because that’s kind of the language of virtual virtual interactions we have. And so I thought we’d have a zoom room for the the speakers and then a zoom room called the hallway. And it would just be an open room because when you go to a conference, you go there to see the speakers.

Of course, you know, if that’s if someone says, why are you going there? I’m going to see the speakers. But afterwards, when somebody says so. So what are the five best things you got out of it? One of them is probably going to be a business card. You hold up from someone you bumped into in the hallway or sitting next to you or at breakfast or at the bar. And I wanted to make sure almost more important than who was on the stage.

I want to make sure the hallway existed because doesn’t actually exist in a virtual space. So make sure you have a hallway, some sort of space to interact with in enflames show. They have tables which are basically breakout rooms where you can click on a table and pop over the next one and move freely, just like if you’re if you’re at a cocktail party. Zoome now actually has a self directed breakout rooms. So you can you set that mode and the the users can go from room to room on their own.

So if you’re doing it on Zoome, you can do that. And it can be as simple as if you have, let’s say, a summit, you’re going to have four speakers speaking in between. Each have a segment long enough to actually mingle 10 minutes, 15 minutes and use those self directed breakout rooms, because instead of saying here’s a five minute break, go to the bathroom, which is basically please disengage with us for five minutes and then come back instead.

You have these networking sessions, these these open mingling sessions. And yeah, you can go to the bathroom or get another cup of coffee at that time, or you can mix and mingle or find, you know, the speaker or whoever just spoke should be in one of those rooms. So it just like at the end of the end of a talk, you walk up to the stage and say, hey, hey, Lois, I have a question for you about what you said or could I get your card or whatever you want to engage me?

It makes the person who was on the stage more of a real person and makes it also more likely you’re going to want to join their email list and go to their next their next event and participate in their virtual webinar or whatever. But it also it it gives your brain a chance to change gears from passive reception to accepting, you know, the to engagement, because if you’re just passively receiving for too long, you start to tune out and zone out and wander off.

But if you know that after that 40 minute talk, you’re going to have fifteen minutes of re-engagement, well, I need to pull your keyboard out and start typing again and pay attention and listen and actually be ready to respond to it. Wakes you up. You know, you you one runs nine hours and most of you hear nine hours of virtual conference in your life. Isn’t that band of the Geneva Convention night? Our virtual conference room people were on for nine hours from when I opened the network room early to when I closed it late.

So they were probably all three people who did that whole stretch. I was one of them. The actual core of it is about five hours, but I was on for nine hours and at the end of nine hours I did not feel like had been on a nine hour virtual conference. And it’s because I could engage with people every hour for fifteen minutes. There was engagement and so my brain woke up, came out of sleep mode, had to connect with people and you need to give you that engagement.

If you do, you can run a nine hour, nine hour virtual conference if you have good enough content and that engagement. But if you don’t, you try to push past two hours and people already start go and start climbing the walls and and they’re over here on Facebook while you’re while you’re talking because you haven’t haven’t held them. So those engagements are the biggest thing that I recommend, whatever platform it is you’re using. I got a I got a yeah, one hundred percent, what he’s saying, guys, is so true because I’ll be I’ll be honest, as a parent whose home schooling, as a business owner who has a lot of clients now and juggling health and life and time off, going to a three day summit or a two day summit can be exhausting.

And the thing that makes Michael’s conference so unique and definitely you want to check it out, it’s probably the best. Twenty one dollars you can invest in in great content, great value and great connections. Is those those those rooms? At first I was kind of like, whoa, what is this like? I was so blown away by it, it was just like, whoa. And then you’re right to have those hallways or the happy hour connections with bumping into people.

Right. It really did kind of bring me back to the quote unquote, old school in-person conferences. So I. I think that’s that’s really cool. How did you maybe speak about the other thing of like is there an ideal theme? Like, obviously you came up with conference twenty one, so how does someone come up with a theme? And then I see you have sponsors, so talk about picking your theme and your sponsors. I’d love to hear your thoughts or advice on that.

Sure. So so our theme, we don’t really have a theme. The theme that started with the and so I’m probably not the best expert to be on on theming from a marketing perspective, which is really the purpose. But I had some suggestions early on to to say go narrow. You know, you should make this you should do a conference on marketing and converse twenty one mindset and whatever and. And I just had to go the opposite direction very intentionally, I went very broad.

So, you know, when you have a marketing conference, the people you got are people who want marketing right now, the speakers, you got our marketing speakers and we’re going to talk about marketing and it’s going to be marketing, marketing, marketing, marketing, marketing. However, there’s people who need marketing and don’t know they need it or if it was in front of them, they might absorb the content, but they’re not going to go looking for it.

They wouldn’t go to marketing conference or maybe they think, oh, I’m a sales guy, I don’t need a marketing conference. So the annual conference. Twenty one is the theme is. Smart people who know stuff and want to talk about it, basically, I know marketing is not as much my thing as I thought it was the beginning of this year. But it’s the idea is bringing people together have all these exciting ideas, almost kind of like more of an interactive TED experience.

And we have a number of TED speakers actually. So bringing together all kinds of different different people. So we’ve got marketing about mindset. We’ve got wellness. We got people in tech stuff. We we’re partnering with an organization called Wealth Building Nation, which is a networking group for real estate investors. And they’ve got five, five speakers, I think, coming. And so the concept is you come for one thing. So let’s say your wealth donation member and you say, oh, five of these five of these people are speaking.

I’m interested in learning about that stuff. And and their topics are fairly like in the weeds, wonky real estate topics. Now, ten, thirty one exchanges and tax code stuff and whatnot. But then while you’re there, you look at who else is speaking. You say, oh, oh, this guy is, you know, policy about hypnosis. That’s interesting. I’m curious about that. I’d never intentionally go to a hypnosis workshop, but no one else is speaking during that time.

Maybe I’ll go see him or. Oh, this guy talk about marketing, I, I think I got my marketing, but I’m interested in that aspect of it. Let me go, let me go. Take a look at that or or you know, what was speaking about email. This building which is quite good at and I hadn’t really thought about that was part of my mix but maybe I should have heard. That’s something I’ll I’ll go to that.

So the idea that it creates a lot serendipitous connections and in some ways that’s sort of me leading into my ADHD that I’m not good at picking a track and following it. However, I find that my life is richer because I don’t. So I kind of go over here and over there and over there and things come together. And that’s that’s how I became a networker. I meet people all over the place and they can come to me and ask for connection from anything from, you know, a rental apartment to a chiropractor to, you know, a sex therapist.

I’ve probably got someone I can introduce them to who can solve that. And that’s kind of the idea of conference. I want to bring a lot of different people together and then see what ideas develops you, what connections happen. And that’s where the magic happens. People from different fields coming together, you know, people with the right mindset in the right values, people who are there to share and give and collaborate, put them together, shake gently and see what happens.

Well, I love it because it goes with your theme, right, the guy who knows a guy or a gal, it’s so, so smart and there is so much value because you and I actually met indirectly through being board members. We met inside of a Facebook community that was full of thousands and thousands of Vinni members. You took my list filled course and then we just stayed connected because you’re such a great connector. And when I came into that conference oh, my gosh, guys, there was so many go givers, as I like to call them, high quality, high caliber people.

And just just so you know, also, I want to make sure you saw we have people tuning in from Minnesota. Hey, Sean, we got people from Nigeria, Chex brand new. We got Sandy Murray from Canada. We have Elizabeth, obviously one.

Also this hour, if you’re global, yeah, and that’s a good point, right? Anyone from anywhere in the world could attend your your conference, right? Absolutely. As long as they have good, decent, decent, low latency Internet. Yes, so anyone go to that and we are supposed to speak, your application is actually open for for the August event, so we close obviously close the May events because that’s coming up in 21 days. And I need time to put the schedule on the website together.

But if people go to speaker conference twenty one dotcom, they will find the application to be a speaker for the August event. So so that’s or certainly looking for speaker went from 28 speakers in February to 48 in May and I expect we’ll probably continue continue growing. And the great thing is the speakers are also part of the community. So it’s it’s not like how do we divide the audience among the speakers? The speakers are part of the audience. They’re all from different fields.

So the speakers go to each other’s talks because the marketing guy wants to hear about the wellness stuff. The wellness guy wants to hear about the tech stuff, you know, so it it’s great there. But, yeah, we’re certainly that’s a great way to, I’d say, get freebies on twenty one dollars. So it’s it’s not like I can’t say you’re saving that much money by being speaker. Where you’re getting you’re getting a lot of value, guys, and I can encourage you guys enough, and there’s also something that you you said ties in really well with your conference.

You have these five powerful exercises that that maybe could be of inspiration to to my community as well. Can you speak more about what that is? Absolutely.

So back in November or so, I took this great list building course with a coach. You may have heard of those COFI and she talked about the way the structuring offers. And and at the time, you know, sometimes you learn something and say, well, that seems really good. I wish I was in a place to use it. And I kind of try and I wasn’t quite sure what my offer was and I kept me like, so but what’s the offer?

And you’re like, oh, you’ll figure that out. But here’s I wrote, I’m like, cool, but what’s the offer? So here we are months later and and nothing’s finally clicked. I’m like, oh, I have finally found what I am offering. So a few short months after taking loads, of course I have taken her advice and built a a a low cost powerful offer. And and that’s a crazy thing about this is is it’s really inexpensive and it’s basically enough tools that used properly.

You could conceivably use them to coach yourself. It’s five exercises that I have learned from my coaching certification and training and whatnot that I’ve used for myself that are very helpful. A couple of visualization visualizing your best future gratitude, because I definitely found gratitude and and visualization work really well together, because if you visualize just the future, you can lose track of how great things are right now. And if you do too much, if you focus too much on how great things are right now, you don’t visualize a better future.

So those pair really nicely. And of course, since I am the author of The Guy Who Knows a guy, I do have a networking exercise there as well, because who would I be if I wasn’t doing that? But so so when someone signs up for that for five dollars, they get a trying to copy the book, the revised edition of the book, just to see if they get the A PDF with an explanation of the five exercises.

And the next week I do a daily Zoome call, so thirty minutes every day one focusing on each of the exercises, actually taking people through it and you know, a couple of people there will actually run them personally through the exercise, show everyone how it works and because sometimes you read it and you think you get it and then you see it happen, you’re like oh oh that’s totally different. So I want to do it live and to engage.

And and the other is I want to do it that way. Is it it’s great to sell something online and people get it and they value it. But I’m a people person. I like to to meet people face to face. I believe belly to belly has lozes term for this. I like to really connect directly with folks and and have that human connection. And so those those like those doom calls give you the chance to really connect with the folks who get involved with it and and make sure that they’re getting the most value and really helping them.

And the reason, just so you guys know and we’re almost done, guys, we got less than four minutes left, so I probably have time for one question. If someone out there has a question for Michael and his conference, the reason I wanted him to share his five dollar, also known as tripwire tiny offer, depending on who you are, I love the tiny offer concept. And that’s what got me started in my coaching business and the online space because I had no clue.

I had no clue. I was like Michael again, face to face, relatability, kneecap to kneecap, business card exchange, shaking hands, kissing babies, all of that. Right, the three foot rule, not this online space. So when you go and you’re a speaker, if you especially if you apply to be on my podcast or on Mychal’s speaking stages, you definitely don’t want to go as as one of my coaches would always say, don’t go empty handed.

You want to have a tiny offer, something that gives value for really, really low cost, that brings people into your funnel. So something to also think about. You can hire Michael to host your conference. You can work with me on creating that offer. And Michael, I’m so excited that that you have that because that’s a way to get people to really value what they’re getting. Everyone has something for free. Right. But even your summit, again, Tidey offer twenty one dollars has that point of entry where people are saying, yes, I want to spend a little bit of money with you because I see value and in exchange now they’re in your tribe, your email list, your community.

So I think you’re doing awesome, amazing things. And do you have one more nugget since I don’t see any questions from the audience, you have one more nugget nugget before we wrap it up. So one of the big things I’ve learned lately is the power of gratitude, which I’ve I’ve heard a lot, you hear you those high power gratitude and be grateful and whatever. And it never really clicked until fairly recently just how powerful it is. And what drove it home was I recently bought a house because with all the stimulus is able to get me over the hump to get the down payment.

It’s it’s been it’s been pretty good, but things are challenging. I’m building a business and I do the vision exercise of people and how they describe their ideal future. You know, we really go in detail. What’s it sound like? Smell like how do you wake up in the morning, whatever. And I had two different people who both had the common theme of in the morning, I get up, I make my coffee, I go out on my deck and I look out over the I think one was the lake, one was the mountains.

But I look out over the whatever from the deck, drinking my coffee, enjoying, you know, starting my day. And I realized that the way I write now in real life start my day is I make my coffee, I go out on my deck and I look out over the woods behind my house, listening to the birds, clearing my mind and starting my day. And when I realized that my real life showed up twice in the ideal future vision of clients, so, you know, my real life pretty good.

And then I started kind of diving into other things and like what else is pretty good? And and the technique that I sort of developed without even realizing it is we’re used to comparing the best of what we don’t have to the worst of what we have. So, you know, with your house, for example, you know, everything’s broken in it. You know, every every wall that needs to be painted and you drive by someone else’s house, you’re like, wow, that’s such a nice house.

You know, it’s huge, beautiful. But if you flip that and you make sure you compare the best of what you have to the worst of what you assume you don’t have. So instead, I might I might drive by a big house and say that that house is nice looking, I guess, but it looks pretty big and hard to maintain and pretty expensive. And, you know, in my house, I don’t need to put that much time and energy into it and doesn’t cost that much.

So I have more money for other things. So yeah, I guess the house would be OK, but not as nice as my house. And yeah, when I compare my very nice car, the twenty sixteen Honda Civic, that takes me around and compare it to someone else’s very demanding and somewhat hard to drive BMW three series I say I guess if I had a BMW three series like I drive until I paid it off and get a better car.

Because, you know, BMW have kind of weird interfaces is a little hard to use, but fortunately I have my civic, which is comfortable. I’m used to it. It’s reliable, very inexpensive to maintain. Don’t need to put a lot of money into it. So, like, I guess, you know, good for you having a BMW. You’ve got a car. That’s nice. But, you know, I’m not going to rub it in that I have a nicer car than you, but I know I do.

So when you think about things that way and frame, you know, you make the unfair comparison, but you make it the other way. Suddenly you are living your best life now because you have told yourself you are and your mind believed it. And it changes, changes everything by changing nothing. That was awesome. That was perfect because I don’t I didn’t tell you this, Michael, because as you guys may or may not know, Michael’s been on my show before, so I wasn’t planning on asking him my normal closing question because he’s already answered it before.

But you actually sort of actually answered it again in a different way by sharing that last golden nugget. So thank you, Michael, so much for being here. That’s OK. It was perfect, it was perfect, so thank you for being a repeat guest. I wanted to make sure people out there who have been talking about summits, who also have had really not great success with this to to please check out virtual conference. Twenty one of the link will be again in the show notes and reach out to Michael.

And I just wanted to close with a couple of announcements. Again, reminder today at Twelve Thirty Pacific, we have the affiliate guy himself, Matt McWilliams, who inspired me to create over one hundred affiliates to create a resources affiliate page with help me make affiliate income since the pandemic. So if you or someone you know is looking to learn how to start your own affiliate program, how to build income, most of my business comes through referral, 80 percent of it comes through my affiliates and I get to pay out money to people who love me, are in my tribe, want to refer me anyway and they get paid.

So if you want to learn how to do that, tune in. Tune out today. And again, thank you so much for tuning in to this first of a doubleheader today with Michael White House, the guy who knows a guy if you want to join. Am I a healthy, wealthy and wise Facebook community? So you can meet Michael firsthand and all of my guests please join us there today. So until next time, which is like two hours from now, here’s to your best health, your best wealth and your best wisdom.

See you guys. See you next time.

Hey, guys, thank you so much for listening to this episode. If you enjoyed this, please subscribe, refer a friend and please drop me a rating or a review. If you do that, I’ll reward you with a free 20 minute free coaching session on crafting your journey to your best self. Reach out to me at Loess at LoweII CofI dot com to claim your twenty minute slot until next time the healthy, wealthy and wise.


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