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On Holy Week, I discuss the Religion wound

Here it is holy week, and while I don’t normally talk religion and politics on my show, religion and spirituality do cause wounds and traumas in our lives that can really hold us back

I know it did for me and I’ve seen people die over this one

Or live a very limited life in fear and shame and guilt

This “wound” can cause weight gain, toxicity and negatively impact both our health and our wealth and many relationships

Especially causing us to feel alone/separate, less than or just plain weird

First off, I wanna say if you do celebrate Holy Week, Happy Holy-week and sending you lots of love and light.  This is one of the biggest times/seasons of the year and I honor that.

This message is really for those that suffer in silence during this season

I felt called to have this conversation and be a safe space to conversate about this inside my community, especially those hurting as a result (often at a young age)

I believe, there is a huge population that suffers in silence during this week and isn’t celebrating

For many, many reasons

I have experienced personally the religion/masculine wound and it was very very painful

I will share more of my own personal story later this Spring on a webinar

AND I am including this as a healing session inside of my 4 week Spring Cleanse

Whether it be Holy Wars, World Trade Towers coming down or someone committing suicide because they left the church and were treated/judged harshly…..the list could go on and on….

A lot of this energy is wounded masculine – a need to be “right” or in power or control over someone else.

I know I came out of the spiritual closet last year and it was liberating – however, for the prior 14 years, it was (pardon the expression) Hell for me.

I was in pain and chose numbing behaviors due to the fact that I struggled with faith and knowing exactly what/who I believed in for my own health.

Forward to those you know who are hurting with this time of year (or anytime really)

I believe this wound is foundational for many mental health issues and suicides, as well as family “wars” or disagreements and addiction issues.

It’s truly time, as Jesus (and many great teachers) taught, for us to love one another

And it first starts with loving yourself!

if you wanna join my free info session next week on mind/body/spirit, where I will talk about this wound in more detail as part of my 4 week cleanse that is like no other cleanse around

Go to this site to register for that session


We will explore the root case of any disease or weight issues, which is usually the wounds and traumas that hold us back, causing self sabotaging addictive behaviors and limiting beliefs

The answers all lie within

Wherever you go there you are!!!

For things to change in your external world you get to look at those roots deeply planted within

If you have been feeling depressed or stuck or simply lost in your health or business or finances or relationships, that is a sign

To wake up to who you truly are and why you are here is not a path to be on alone


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