Healthy N Wealthy N Wise

with Lois Koffi

I choose the end result of health and vitality

Have you ever heard the phrase “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired?”

Well, the root cause of that is that people have been taught the wrong structure Most people don’t have the life of their dreams because they are coming from a problem solving structure versus CREATION

True choice is what is missing While most of us have been taught to be led by our EGO mind or subconscious mind and NOT our superconscious (which is our TRUE choice zone of genius)

Our superconscious is our heart brain – the part of us that is intuitive and loving and compassionate and wants the best for the world and ourselves (collective consciousness)

And NOT following that is the root cause of dis-ease – any illness can be 100% created by our EGO/subconscious ruling our lives.

Today I share my story of how I stopped following the yo-yo dieting model to lose 30 lbs in the last 8 months, as well as create true health and vitality without a diet or a “quick fix” magic pill or abstinence model (that was hurting me more than helping!)

Today’s technique can help you overcome fear and self sabotage

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