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Are you living your true nature and purpose?

Are you living your true nature and purpose? #purpose

How does that question land with you??

If I am honest with myself (and you) that answer one year ago was Hell No!!!

Something was gnawing at me deep inside and I was told to go looking deep within myself to find that truth

But I was terrified what I might see (again being totally transparent and real here)

I saw shame and guilt and anger and fear

Saw some imposter syndrome too #imposter

I hated myself #honesty

But here’s the best part

I got to lose myself

To find myself

And to awaken

I found that little Lois within that said “Come on out and play with me!

Let’s go get dirty and put our feet and face in the dirt!”

Let’s cry deep deep tears together

“I wanna be loved by you!”

“You’ve got this!” She said

“You were never alone! I’ve always been here!”

“Let’s release the pain, let’s change our perception of shame and guilt and judgments of ourself and others” she said

Wow! She was wise and smart and I wondered, how the hell did I Not wanna stay connected to that???

She told me more

“It’s normal! “You were judged and your ego was shattered and you were hurt and your subconscious said let’s protect you!”

So you worked too much, drank too much and had your priorities a bit out of whack because of a problem solving structure that said you were broken!”

“And you just woke up and needed to remember that you aren’t!”

“You got to experience self compassion and self love all over again so you could come back to YOUR truth, not someone else’s”

What a wise wise little inner girl (aka Superconscious) #innerchild #superconsciousness

You are the predominant creator of your life and all the signs and teachers came and went to remind you of that

Sometimes we need to forget our truth so we can just love ourselves that much more on the other side of fear and shame and shadows that lurked in the dark we didn’t want to look at

Are you tired of not living your true nature and purpose?

Are you tired possibly of wearing a mask that isn’t you?

I will talk about this on my next podcast episode #podcast #healthy #wealthy #wise AND on my next magnetic mind class this Thursday

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