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How to work from home like a millionaire with Lucas Root

Working From Home – How to Master this like a Millionaire?

Coach Lois has worked from home for 13 years….and yet throwing in home schooling, business growth and pivoting to 100% online was NOT in her plan for 2020!

She has pivoted mostly well, however, always learning from others HOW to be her best self.

She wants that for you too, so today she brought in Lucas Root and his tips and tricks on how to master working from home in this new normal.

Lucas is a speaker, entrepreneur, and startup-success mentor who, over the past 2 decades has led numerous Mergers and Acquisitions teams on Wall Street before launching his own consulting firm. He’s worked with some of the world’s strongest brands, including Wells Fargo, AIG, Bird Rides, and the Pokemon company. He specializes in working with strong brands with a great idea who don’t quite know how to execute.

When the COVID Pandemic hit, Lucas realized that his strength in training, and Working From Home could together help a lot of people! He began with training strong brands and organizations who think they’d like to have their workforce working from home successfully, but despite their best efforts, they don’t quite know how to implement a structure that actually works. As is so often the case with anything of value, this Working From Home framework needs to be shared with a much wider audience. Lucas talks about building the skills, routines, and toolsets into your day to create and sustain productivity in whatever you’re doing. Over the past several months, Lucas has distilled his years of personally testing all of the productivity knowledge he could get his hands on into a video course, which is now ready to be launched to anyone and everyone, not just the corporate clients that Lucas has been working with.

If you want to check out Lucas’ course check out this link below

Work from home with Lucas Root –

Coach Lois is also launching her 2021 Taking Action Planning Class on December 19th – please do sign up for this so you can have your year COMPLETED on paper before the end of 2020.

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